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Tuesday th 23rd of August 2016

Long-term risks of childhood head injury may include winding up on welfare and premature death - 19:01

Berkeley sees a big drop in soda consumption after penny-per-ounce 'soda tax' - 18:31

Monday th 22nd of August 2016

Mold and fungi lurking in instrument blamed for death of bagpipe player - 19:31

How often should you get a mammogram? It depends on whether you have dense breast tissue, experts say - 18:01

Friday th 19th of August 2016

How scientists use satellite data to track poverty in Africa - 10:31

How to track poverty from space - 05:31

Thursday th 18th of August 2016

Scientists unlock a secret to Latinos' longevity, with hopes of slowing aging for everyone - 17:01

Scientists catch a white dwarf star in the act of exploding into a nova - 17:01

How Otzi the Iceman outfitted himself: Fur from brown bears and leather from roe deer - 13:32

Wednesday th 17th of August 2016

Scientists design a drug that relieves pain like an opioid without some dangerous side effects - 12:31

Did physicists discover a previously unknown fifth force of nature? - 06:21

Tuesday th 16th of August 2016

West African Ebola victims were more likely to survive if also infected with malaria, study finds - 18:31

Monday th 15th of August 2016

Acetaminophen use in pregnancy linked to kid's behavioral problems - 16:11

Friday th 12th of August 2016

Liquid methane carved deep canyons into Saturn's moon Titan, Cassini finds - 21:21

The Perseid meteor outburst did not disappoint! Look for more meteors tonight - 14:01

Thursday th 11th of August 2016

Channel Island foxes removed from endangered species list - 15:31

A 400-year-old shark? Greenland shark could be Earth's longest-lived vertebrate - 13:41

Perseid meteor shower 2016: Once in a decade 'outburst' expected - 11:21

Perseid meteor shower 2016: Once in a decade 'outburst' expected - 10:21

Wednesday th 10th of August 2016

Did the earliest Americans pass through ice or cross over water? New study fuels debate - 21:21

In IVF, frozen embryos may lead to more live births than fresh embryos - 18:21

Tuesday th 9th of August 2016

Scientists at Antarctica's IceCube Observatory find no evidence of sterile neutrino particles - 12:51

Sunday th 7th of August 2016

Fishing industry denounces proposal for marine sanctuary off New England - 05:31

Friday th 5th of August 2016

Eco-friendly wines aren't just better for the planet - they taste better too, experts say - 21:01

The average home has more than 100 kinds of bugs living in it, new study finds - 16:01

Thursday th 4th of August 2016

The strange dance of the sunflower, decoded [video] - 21:01

Three vaccines prevent Zika infection in monkeys; vaccine trial in humans gets underway - 14:51

Wednesday th 3rd of August 2016

Amish kids help scientists understand why farm life reduces the risk of asthma - 20:31

Unfortunate dinosaur in New Jersey suffered from horrific case of arthritis - 16:01

Tuesday th 2nd of August 2016

Harmful actions may seem more sinister when viewed in slow motion, study finds - 19:31

Senior citizens rarely consult Dr. Google for medical advice, study says - 13:31

Medical benefits of dental floss unproven - 08:01

Will replacing thirsty lawns with drought-tolerant plants make L.A. hotter? - 06:31

Friday th 29th of July 2016

Martian gully theory doesn't hold water, study finds - 21:51

Florida likely has first U.S. cases of Zika from local mosquitoes, governor says - 13:01

Thursday th 28th of July 2016

Deep space travel might blow your mind, but it could be bad for your heart - 20:01

Wednesday th 27th of July 2016

Scientists find only one true wolf species in North America - 21:01

Why is Jupiter extra-hot over the Great Red Spot? Scientists puzzle over superstorm - 19:31

Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? It helped fund discovery of ALS-related gene - 16:31

New species of tiny endangered fish found only at Camp Pendleton - 14:31

Scientists find microbiotic treasure hidden in the nose - 13:01

Tuesday th 26th of July 2016

Visual checks for melanoma get a shrug - 18:01

Could ice volcanoes explain Ceres' missing craters? Dwarf planet puzzles scientists - 15:01

Cloned animals don't age any faster than conventional ones, study says - 11:31

Monday th 25th of July 2016

The Rio Olympics likely won't increase the spread of Zika across the world, study says - 17:11

Race, ethnicity matters when cops make stops but not when inflicting harm - 15:11

Sunday th 24th of July 2016

Brain training may forestall dementia onset for years, new study says - 17:01

Friday th 22nd of July 2016

AI: NASA's Curiosity rover can now choose its own laser targets on Mars - 20:11

Thursday th 21st of July 2016

Dark matter eludes the world's most sensitive detector: What's next? - 21:21

Our gut microbes have lived with us since before we were human - 17:51