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NASA picks Mars landing site

7 years ago from News @ Nature

Curiosity rover will explore Gale Crater, which may hold clues to past habitability.

Giant Space 'Superbubble' Spawned by Exploding Stars

7 years ago from Live Science

A new image from the European Southern Observatory highlights a nebula dominated by a cosmic superbubble.

Twin Space Weather Probes Now Studying Moon's Interior

7 years ago from Live Science

The twin Artemis probes will study the moon from orbit for the next seven to 10 years.

Gus Grissom And Liberty Bell 7 - 50 Years Ago Today

7 years ago from

The 50th anniversary of Alan Shepard's flight, the first American in space, was something of a big deal in pop culture.  The 50th anniversary of John Glenn orbiting the Earth,...

NASA telescopes face budget abyss

7 years ago from News @ Nature

Flagship missions at risk as astrophysics funding shrinks.

Russia Launches Long-Delayed Deep Space Radio Telescope

7 years ago from Live Science

Russia's new Spektr-R radio telescope is designed to study black holes, pulsars and other deep space objects.

News in Brief: Atom & Cosmos

7 years ago from

Runaway planets, the return of Neptune and tricky antineutrinos in this week’s news

NASA's infrared satellite data shows warming cloud tops in Tropical Storm Bret

7 years ago from Physorg

Tropical Storm Bret's cloud tops are getting warmer on NASA infrared satellite imagery. That's an indication that the cloud top heights are dropping and Bret is weakening.

Scientists discover 10 new planets

7 years ago from Physorg

A total of 10 new planets have been unearthed by an international team of scientists, and one of these is orbiting a star just a few tens of millions years...

Could the Big Bang have been a quick conversion of antimatter into matter?

7 years ago from Physorg

( -- Suppose at some point the universe ceases to expand, and instead begins collapsing in on itself (as in the “Big Crunch” scenario), and eventually becomes a supermassive black...

Scientists discover new water waves

7 years ago from Physorg

( -- By precisely shaking a container of shallow water, researchers have observed wave behavior that has never been seen before. In a new study, Jean Rajchenbach, Alphonse Leroux, and...

Stellar eclipse gives glimpse of exoplanet

7 years ago from Physorg

A group of astronomers led by an MIT professor has spotted an exoplanetary eclipse of a star only 40 light years away — right around the corner, astronomically speaking —...

Last shuttle mission bittersweet for space aficionados

7 years ago from CBC: Technology & Science

The 30-year shuttle program delivered some stunning scientific successes, but also some major disappointments, and the general sentiment among those looking back over its history is bittersweet.

NASA inks agreement with maker of Atlas V rocket

7 years ago from Physorg

NASA said Monday that it had reached an agreement with United Launch Alliance (ULA) to try to adopt the Atlas V commercial rocket to send astronauts to the International Space...

Observatory: Insight From Trouble in Recognizing Objects

7 years ago from NY Times Health

There was also abnormal activity in the patient’s intact left hemisphere, in the same small area where the lesion was on the right side.

NASA satellite gets data on Africa fires

7 years ago from UPI

GREENBELT, Md., July 18 (UPI) -- Fires raging in central Africa are generating significant pollution that is showing up in data from NASA's Aura Satellite, the U.S. space agency...

Space shuttle's science brought payoffs to Earth

7 years ago from AP Science

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Science from the space shuttle helped open Earth's eyes to the cosmos and sister planets. It created perhaps the most detailed topographical map...

University of Tennessee scientist helps NASA mission that could determine building blocks of life

7 years ago from Physorg

The plot has the makings of a summer blockbuster: An asteroid on a potential collision course with our planet holds the power to destroy life on Earth but also holds...

Sun Dragon Sprouts Fiery Wings: A Solar Prominence

7 years ago from

Over a 2 hour period the Sun released a massive strand of plasma that split and twisted into what resembles a dragon before falling back to the surface. Captured...

Astronomers Find Brightest Object of Early Universe

7 years ago from Live Science

The super-bright galaxy ULAS J1120+0641 is also the most distant quasar ever seen.

Possibly the most distant object known

7 years ago from Physorg

The most distant objects in the universe are also the oldest -- or at least that is how they appear to us, because their light has had to travel for...

Iowa State physicist to test next-generation neutrino detector for major experiment

7 years ago from Physorg

Hundreds of physicists from around the world are making plans to shoot the world's most intense beam of neutrinos from Illinois, underground through Iowa, all the way to a former...

Moon May Outshine Perseid Meteor Shower in August

7 years ago from

Bad news for fans of the annual Perseids meteor shower.

Whither astronauts? Corps shrinks as shuttles stop

7 years ago from Physorg

(AP) -- NASA's mighty astronaut corps has become a shadow of what it once was. And it's only going to get smaller.

Flag Soared to the Moon, but Not Bids for 3 Scraps

7 years ago from NY Times Science

A NASA engineer who designed the flag planted on the moon by Neil Armstrong got $45,000 for his collector’s item, less than he had sought.

Asteroid Bound: Animated Look at NASA's New Mission

7 years ago from

Take a look at the NASA's new vehicles as they approach a near-Earth asteroid, dock with it, spacewalk it and return to Earth. Vehicles include the Multi-Mission Space Exploration Vehicle...

Vote Now! Best Space Stories of the Week - July 17, 2011

7 years ago from

The last spacewalk of the shuttle era, space-time warps and what happens when a space toilet gets clogged, vote for your favorite space story this week.

India Launches New Communications Satellite

7 years ago from

India launched the new GSAT-12 satellite into space Friday, July 15.