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What Does the Milky Way Galaxy Look Like?

6 years ago from

Our Milky Way galaxy looks like a huge milky haze in the night sky, which is where its name comes from.

Observatory: Moths Traveled Far for Taste of Italian Grapevines

6 years ago from NY Times Science

A new study reports that a moth that recently began infesting the leaves of grapevines in Italy originated in North America.

Best Space Photos of the Week - Feb. 25, 2012

6 years ago from

See amazing views of auroras, galaxies, rocket launches and more in our top space photos for the week of Feb. 25, 2012.

Zero-Gravity Roller Coaster Could Bring Weightless Thrills to Earth

6 years ago from Live Science

A proposed roller coaster will give passengers the sensation of about eight seconds of microgravity.

Astronaut Builds LEGO Space Station Inside Real-Life Space Station

6 years ago from

It took one astronaut two hours to build the LEGO space toy in space.

The Many Moods of Titan

6 years ago from Science Daily

A set of recent papers, many of which draw on data from NASA's Cassini spacecraft, reveal new details in the emerging picture of how Saturn's moon Titan shifts with the...

Extending the habitable zone for red dwarf stars

6 years ago from Physorg

Scientists have long thought that planets had to orbit very close to small and dim red dwarf stars in order to be warm enough for life. New research challenges that...

Watch 'Rügen on the rocks' on the Earth from Space programme

6 years ago from European Space Agency

Discover more about our planet with the Earth from Space video programme. Join us every Friday at 10:00 CET for an 800 km-high tour with spectacular images from Earth-observing satellites. Watch...

Chemical clues on formation of planetary systems: Earth 'siblings' can be different

6 years ago from Science Daily

Astronomers have discovered that the chemical structure of Earth-like planets can be very different from the bulk composition of Earth. This may have a dramatic effect on the existence and...

Fireball February! Large Space Rocks Slamming Atmosphere

6 years ago from

On February 13th, 2012, NASA's All-Sky camera in Georgia captured this meteor burning up in the night sky. There have multiple sighting of these slow moving space rocks this month,...

Scientists Decry Cuts That Would Doom ExoMars Missions

6 years ago from Science NOW

Next week, planetary scientists building instruments for a 2016 Mars mission called Trace Gas...

The Blueprint Of Cosmic Structure

6 years ago from

Previously undiscovered islands of cold gas and a mysterious haze of microwaves could bring us closer to revealing the blueprint of cosmic structure.The results include the first map of carbon...

Interview with lead spacewalker on Endeavour's final mission

6 years ago from Physorg

In an exclusive interview with Physics World, astronaut Drew Feustel gives a vivid account of his two missions into space and recalls his determination to make his childhood ambition –...

Tiny 'Soccer Ball' Space Molecules Could Equal 10,000 Mount Everests

6 years ago from Live Science

The carbon buckyballs circle a pair of stars 6,500 light-years from Earth.

Malta signs Cooperation Agreement

6 years ago from European Space Agency

Malta signed a Cooperation Agreement with ESA on 20 February 2012. The objective of this agreement is to allow Malta and ESA to create the framework for more-intensive cooperation in...

The Dragon clash

6 years ago from Physorg

NGC 5907 is a spiral galaxy lying in the Dragon constellation, showing extraordinary large loops and currents of stars in its surrounding halo. According to researchers, it could have been...

Space image: Expedition 30 cosmonauts perform spacewalk

6 years ago from Physorg

( -- This image of Russian cosmonauts Oleg Kononenko and Anton Shkaplerov, both Expedition 30 flight engineers, was taken during a spacewalk on Thursday, Feb. 16, 2012.

Space image: Dawn on Vesta

6 years ago from Physorg

( -- This Dawn FC (framing camera) image shows the sun illuminating the landscape of Vesta during a Vestan ‘sunrise’. When this image was obtained the sun had a low...

From V-2 rocket to moon landing

6 years ago from Physorg

He was a handsome, charismatic, brilliant, onetime member of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party and SS paramilitary force. He also was a hero in the United States hailed for helping to...

Flaw found in fast neutrino story

Researchers who reported surprising finding faster-than-light neutrinos in 2011 now say they have found two potential sources of error in their experiment.

AUDIO: Can science see into the future?

Simon Ings, editor of Arc and science fiction writer, and a former Tomorrow's World presenter and BBC science presenter Maggie Philbin discuss the science of futurology.

New Ultradense Planet Found; Astronomers Baffled

6 years ago from National Geographic

An odd Jupiter-like world is so compact that it defies established theory—and may even represent a new class of planet, astronomers say.

Skywatcher Photos Catch Stunning Northern Lights Display

6 years ago from

Skywatcher Shawn Malone snapped some stunning views of a weekend northern lights show on Feb. 18.

Shifting Ocean Current Made Earth Spin Faster?

6 years ago from National Geographic

A slower Antarctic current, possibly linked to El Niño, made our planet spin slightly faster in November 2009, a new study suggests.

FOR KIDS: Worlds beyond the solar system

6 years ago from

Planet hunters have found hundreds of exoplanets, but none just like Earth

Extreme Scientific Imaging: Best of 2011 Named

6 years ago from National Geographic

An underwater city in 3-D and the sharpest picture of an atom yet are among winners of the 2011 Australian Extreme Imaging competition.

NASA video flies you through cracking glacier

6 years ago from MSNBC: Science

A new video takes viewers on a stunning ride through a giant and ever-growing canyon of Antarctic ice that marks the birth of an enormous iceberg.

Pluto Stamp Watch: Stamp Petition Gains Nearly 6,000 Signatures

6 years ago from

NASA's New Horizons Pluto mission team is hoping for 100,000 signatures by March 13.