NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Tuesday the 15th of April 2014

New Study Outlines 'Water World' Theory of Life's Origins - 16:40

Building Better Soybeans for a Hot, Dry, Hungry World - 12:01

NASA Hosts Media Teleconference to Announce Latest Kepler Discovery - 11:08

Monday the 14th of April 2014

NASA Cassini Images May Reveal Birth of a Saturn Moon - 16:30

Friday the 11th of April 2014

International Space Station to Beam Video via Laser Back to Earth - 18:31

Thursday the 10th of April 2014

Join in the Cassini Name Game - 18:20

Faraway Moon or Faint Star? Possible Exomoon Found - 13:20

Tuesday the 8th of April 2014

Images From NASA Mars Rover Include Bright Spots - 17:30

Thursday the 3rd of April 2014

NASA Mars Rover Curiosity Scoping Out Next Study Area - 16:31

NASA Space Assets Detect Ocean inside Saturn Moon - 14:30

NASA Space Assets Detect Ocean inside Saturn Moon - 14:00

Wednesday the 2nd of April 2014

NASA Celebrates Earth Day with 'Global Selfie' Event - 15:30

NASA Selects 2014 Carl Sagan Fellows - 13:31

NASA's OCO-2 Brings Sharp Focus on Global Carbon - 12:31

Tuesday the 1st of April 2014

NASA Radar Watches Over California's Aging Levees - 11:01

Monday the 31st of March 2014

NASA Model Provides a 3-D Look at L.A.-area Quake - 19:30

Satellite Shows High Productivity from U.S. Corn Belt - 14:00

Friday the 28th of March 2014

Dawn Wins National Air and Space Museum Trophy - 12:00

Thursday the 27th of March 2014

Cleaner NASA Rover Sees Its Shadow in Martian Spring - 16:31

Rosetta Sets Sights on Destination Comet - 16:31

Wednesday the 26th of March 2014

The Search for Seeds of Black Holes - 14:00

Tuesday the 25th of March 2014

Student Robotics Teams Head to World Championships - 19:00

NASA Hosts Deep Space Network Social Media Event - 19:00

Monday the 24th of March 2014

NASA Mars Rover's Next Stop Has Sandstone Variations - 13:31

NASA's Spitzer Telescope Brings 360-Degree View of Galaxy to Our Fingertips - 13:31

Space Sunflower May Help Snap Pictures of Planets - 13:31

Wednesday the 19th of March 2014

NASA Orbiter Finds New Gully Channel on Mars - 12:32

Tuesday the 18th of March 2014

NASA Historic Earth Images Still Hold Research Value - 14:01

Amazon Inhales More Carbon than It Emits, NASA Finds - 10:31

Monday the 17th of March 2014

Arcadia High School Surfs Over Competition at JPL - 16:10

NASA Technology Views Birth of the Universe - 11:01

Friday the 14th of March 2014

Your 15 Minutes of 'Frame' - from NASA's Cassini - 14:00

Celebrate Pi Day with the JPL Education Office - 13:30

Thursday the 13th of March 2014

How Did Life Arise? Fuel Cells May Have Answers - 10:30

Tuesday the 11th of March 2014

NASA Orbiter Safe After Unplanned Computer Swap - 10:32

Friday the 7th of March 2014

Kepler Team Marks Five Years in Space - 14:30

NASA's WISE Survey Finds Thousands of New Stars, But No 'Planet X' - 14:30

Thursday the 6th of March 2014

That Sinking Feeling - 15:00

Small Asteroid Will Pass Earth Safely on Thursday - 14:00

Cassini Nears 100th Titan Flyby with a Look Back - 12:30

Mystery of Planet-forming Disks Explained by Magnetism - 12:30

Wednesday the 5th of March 2014

NASA: Warm Rivers Play Role in Arctic Sea Ice Melt - 12:10

Tuesday the 4th of March 2014

Asteroid Will Safely Pass Closer Than Moon Wednesday - 21:00

Friday the 28th of February 2014

NEOWISE Spies Its First Comet - 17:00

Relay Radio on Mars-Bound NASA Craft Passes Checkout - 15:00

Thursday the 27th of February 2014

NASA-JAXA Launch Mission to Measure Global Rain, Snow - 18:30

NASA Scientists Find Evidence of Water in Meteorite, Reviving Debate Over Life on Mars - 18:30

NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover Views Striated Ground - 11:31

Wednesday the 26th of February 2014

Spitzer Stares into the Heart of New Supernova in M82 - 12:21

Tuesday the 25th of February 2014

NASA Hosts Media Teleconference to Announce Latest Kepler Discoveries - 14:30