NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Thursday th 27th of October 2016

Further Clues to Fate of Mars Lander, Seen From Orbit - 11:32

Tuesday th 25th of October 2016

NASA's Juno Mission Exits Safe Mode, Performs Trim Maneuver - 18:31

Studies Offer New Glimpse of Melting Under Antarctic Glaciers - 11:01

Friday th 21st of October 2016

'Heartbeat Stars' Unlocked in New Study - 13:01

Camera on Mars Orbiter Shows Signs of Latest Mars Lander - 12:31

Uranus May Have Two Undiscovered Moons - 11:31

Thursday th 20th of October 2016

The Life Cycle of a Flood Revealed - 18:01

Cassini Sees Dramatic Seasonal Changes on Titan - 16:31

Citizen Scientists Seek South Pole 'Spiders' on Mars - 11:01

Wednesday th 19th of October 2016

Juno Spacecraft in Safe Mode for Latest Jupiter Flyby Scientists Intrigued by Data from First Flyby - 15:31

Tuesday th 18th of October 2016

New Horizons: Possible Clouds on Pluto, Next Target is Reddish - 15:45

Historical Records May Underestimate Sea Level Rise - 13:11

Cloudy Nights, Sunny Days on Distant Hot Jupiters - 11:52

Friday th 14th of October 2016

Mission Prepares for Next Jupiter Pass - 18:51

Thursday th 13th of October 2016

Teleporting toward a quantum Internet - 15:31

Spacecraft 'Nuclear Batteries' Could Get a Boost from New Materials - 11:31

Wednesday th 12th of October 2016

Building Blocks of Life's Building Blocks Come From Starlight - 11:21

Tuesday th 11th of October 2016

Team Evaluates New Data Collection Method After Age-Related Issue - 16:31

Friday th 7th of October 2016

NASA JPL Satellites Dissect Powerful Hurricane Matthew - 19:01

NASA's Opportunity Rover to Explore Mars Gully - 13:01

NASA's Kepler Gets the 'Big Picture' of Comet 67P - 12:31

Thursday th 6th of October 2016

An Infrared Look at Hurricane Matthew from NASA's AIRS - 17:51

Hubble Detects Giant 'Cannonballs' Shooting from Star - 12:51

Wednesday th 5th of October 2016

Study Predicts Next Global Dust Storm on Mars - 18:31

NASA-Produced Maps Help Gauge Italy Earthquake Damage - 16:01

Tuesday th 4th of October 2016

NASA Sees Hurricane Matthew over Haiti Tuesday Morning - 18:31

NASA Flight Program Tests Mars Lander Vision System - 11:21

Monday th 3rd of October 2016

NASA's Curiosity Rover Begins Next Mars Chapter - 13:31

Friday th 30th of September 2016

Final Descent Image from Rosetta Spacecraft - 10:52

Thursday th 29th of September 2016

Farewell Rosetta: ESA Mission to End on Comet Surface - 16:01

Curiosity Finds Evidence of Mars Crust Contributing to Atmosphere - 13:01

Wednesday th 28th of September 2016

Hubble: Possible Water Plumes on Jupiter's Moon Europa - 13:31

The Frontier Fields: Where Primordial Galaxies Lurk - 13:31

NASA TV Coverage of European Mission Comet Touchdown - 13:31

Tuesday th 20th of September 2016

NASA Scientists Find 'Impossible' Cloud on Titan -- Again - 14:01

A Mixed-reality Trip to Mars - 12:31

JPL Seeks Robotic Spacecraft Development for Asteroid Redirect Mission - 12:31

Thursday th 15th of September 2016

Cassini Begins Epic Final Year at Saturn - 16:31

Some Ancient Mars Lakes Came Long After Others - 12:41

Studies Find Echoes of Black Holes Eating Stars - 11:11

Wednesday th 14th of September 2016

Fighting Cancer with Space Research - 12:31

Tuesday th 13th of September 2016

NASA Begins Study of Australia's Great Barrier Reef - 19:11

Friday th 9th of September 2016

Mars Rover Views Spectacular Layered Rock Formations - 18:01

RapidScat Team Investigating Power System Anomaly - 12:31

Thursday th 8th of September 2016

'Enterprise' Nebulae Seen by Spitzer - 12:01

Wednesday th 7th of September 2016

Small Asteroid Flew Safely Past Earth Today - 16:31

Titan's Dunes and Other Features Emerge in New Images - 13:32

Friday th 2nd of September 2016

Jupiter's North Pole Unlike Anything Encountered in Solar System - 12:01

NASA Approves 2018 Launch of Mars InSight Mission - 10:01

Thursday th 1st of September 2016

Ceres' Geological Activity, Ice Revealed in New Research - 13:41