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Chris Kattan is the first to go on 'Dancing with the Stars' Season 24

1 hour ago from UPI

"Saturday Night Live" alum Chris Kattan was the first celebrity eliminated on Season 24 of "Dancing with the Stars" in Los Angeles Monday night.

Astronomers probe swirling particles in halo of starburst galaxy

3 hours ago from Science Daily

Astronomers have used a radio telescope in outback Western Australia to see the halo of a nearby starburst galaxy in unprecedented detail.

For the birds: New prediction method sheds brighter light on flight

3 hours ago from Science Daily

Researchers have found a new way to precisely measure the vortices -- circular patterns of rotating air -- created by birds' wings during flight. The results shed greater light on...

Dems call for Nunes' removal from Russia-Trump probe amid objectivity concerns

4 hours ago from UPI

A top House Intelligence Committee member said Monday its chairman should remove himself from the probe into Russia and its potential ties to President Trump.

Vector Space Systems Will Launch Microsatellite Rockets from Florida

4 hours ago from

Eyeing a projected boom in demand for microsatellites, startup Vector Space Systems on Saturday (March 25) unveiled plans to fly its small launch vehicle from a Florida-owned launch pad at...

Earth Day Poster

4 hours ago from Science @ NASA

NASA will celebrate Earth Day on April 22 to engage the public in the Agency’s mission to better understand and protect our home planet. Download a high resolution of our...

SpaceX Test-Fires Used Rocket Ahead of Historic Thursday Launch

7 hours ago from

Today (March 27), SpaceX test-fired a Falcon 9 rocket whose first stage has already flown to space once. The booster is on track to loft a communications satellite Thursday (March...

Watch: Max Scherzer strikes out Tim Tebow in 25 seconds

7 hours ago from UPI

Tim Tebow was no match for two-time Cy Young Award winner Max Scherzer Monday at First Date Field in Port St. Lucie.

Large-scale planetary waves found on the sun

7 hours ago from UPI

Scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research have discovered Rossby waves on the sun.

Titan is covered by electrically charged sand grains, experiments suggest

7 hours ago from UPI

New research suggests the sand grains on Titan, Saturn's largest moon, behave similar to the packing peanuts used in shipping boxes.

Quasars Reveal Early Structure of Milky Way-Like Galaxies

8 hours ago from

Astronomers are seeing what Earth's own galaxy looked like in its youth by scanning the skies for some of the oldest objects in the universe.

Timing a space laser with a NASA-style stopwatch

8 hours ago from Science Daily

To time how long it takes a pulse of laser light to travel from space to Earth and back, you need a really good stopwatch -- one that can measure...

From the room next door to the next planet over

8 hours ago from Science Daily

The new Albert Chadwick Research Room inside the Roberts Proton Therapy Center is no ordinary laboratory space. In fact, there’s nothing else quite like it anywhere else in the United...

Honey bees navigate using magnetic abdomens

9 hours ago from Physics World

Bees can be blown off course by applying a magnetic field

NASA probes yield insights into Van Allen radiation belts

9 hours ago from UPI

In the wake of a recent electromagnetic storm, NASA's Van Allen Probes identified unique chemical reactions inside Earth's magnetic field.

Docking Port Relocated at Space Station to Support Commercial Spacecraft

11 hours ago from

A docking port that was once used to attach the space shuttle orbiters to the International Space Station was moved at the complex to support the future arrival of commercial...

Benedict Cumberbatch, Sophie Hunter welcome baby No. 2

11 hours ago from UPI

"Sherlock" star Benedict Cumberbatch and theater director Sophie Hunter welcomed a second son, Hal Auden, on March 3.

WrestleMania 33 predictions: Who will win?

11 hours ago from UPI

WrestleMania is less than a week away from shocking the sports-entertainment world with celebrity guest appearances and the possible crowning of new champions.

Planet Nine: Astronomers want help from amateur stargazers

13 hours ago from BBC News: Science & Nature

An Australian university has asked amateur stargazers to help find a possible ninth planet.

Planet-sized 'waves' spotted in the Sun's atmosphere

13 hours ago from News @ Nature

Long-sought features may help researchers to improve models of solar activity and predict space weather.Nature News doi: 10.1038/nature.2017.21704

The first crowdfunded study in Japan: Micro X-ray observation of a fleshy brittle star

13 hours ago from Physorg

Not only have scientists from Japan performed the first non-destructive morphological observations on the Fleshy brittle star, Asteronyx loveni, using micro X-ray tomography, but they also published their research as...

Colorado Rockies season preview: Expectations are elevated

13 hours ago from UPI

The Colorado Rockies are a talented team that now must turn into a good team, general manager Jeff Bridich said.

Reese Witherspoon celebrates anniversary with 'wonderful' husband

13 hours ago from UPI

"Big Little Lies" star Reese Witherspoon dedicated a sweet photo and message to Jim Toth on their sixth wedding anniversary.

Seattle Seahawks expected to use Thomas Rawls as 'complement' RB

14 hours ago from UPI

Starting tailback duties appear Eddie Lacy's to lose.

Model probes how planetary systems collapse

14 hours ago from SciDev

Short-term signs of stability can give false reassurance before natural or social systems reach a tipping point.

Tracing Aromatic Molecules in the Early Universe

15 hours ago from Science Blog

A molecule found in car engine exhaust fumes that is thought to have contributed to the origin of life on Earth has made astronomers heavily underestimate the amount of stars...

Astronomers investigate the curious case of PDS 11 binary system

15 hours ago from Physorg

(—A team of Indian astronomers has recently studied a peculiar binary system designated PDS 11, revealing new insights into the nature of its stars. The findings, presented Mar. 17 in...

Something big exploded in a galaxy far, far away—what was it?

16 hours ago from Physorg

At 10:49pm Western Australian time on February 2 this year, cosmic gamma rays hit the NASA satellite, Swift, orbiting the Earth.