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Chicago White Sox sign prized Cuban prospect Luis Robert with $26M bonus

9 hours ago from UPI

The Chicago White Sox signed Cuban outfielder Luis Robert to a minor league contract, including a $26-million signing bonus, the team announced Saturday.

Brian Dozier showered by gum after homer leads Minnesota Twins past Tampa Bay Rays

9 hours ago from UPI

Brian Dozier had faced Tampa Bay Rays reliever Tommy Hunter eight times in his career before Saturday's eighth-inning at-bat.

Shakira surprises fans with popup concert in Miami

11 hours ago from UPI

Latin American pop star Shakira surprised about 200 fans with a free popup concert in Miami on Friday night.

Trump declares first foreign trip 'a home run'

16 hours ago from UPI

President Donald Trump wrapped up his first foreign trip, calling it a "home run" to U.S. troops stationed at a naval air base in Sicily, Italy.

Hotspot for Cosmic Rays: Touring the Telescope Array Project in Utah

22 hours ago from

In the Utah desert, hundreds of rusty instruments scour the sky for signs of high-energy particles from space. contributor Nola Taylor Redd took a tour of the Telescope Array...

NASA's Lunar Orbiter Survives 'Speeding Bullet' Meteoroid

22 hours ago from

NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) captured a photograph of the moon at the same moment that the spacecraft was struck by a meteoroid traveling faster than a bullet.

Jed Lowrie leads Oakland A's past New York Yankees

1 day ago from UPI

For most of Friday night, the Oakland Athletics were flailing and missing at Masahiro Tanaka's sliders and split-fingered fastballs.

The Cosmic Scales: Spot Libra Constellation in the Night Sky

1 day ago from

Here's the story behind the zodiac constellation Libra, the Scales, and how to spot it in the night sky.

Construction begins on world's largest telescope in Chilean desert

1 day ago from Reuters:Science

ATACAMA DESERT, Chile (Reuters) - Construction began in Chile on Friday on the European Extremely Large Telescope, which when completed will be the world's largest optical telescope, some five times...

NASA Sun Observatory Sees Partial Solar Eclipse in Space

1 day ago from

NASA's powerful Solar Dynamics Observatory may seem to have a boring job: staring at the sun as a space weather sentinel. But every now and then, the observatory gets a...

NASA shares 3D model of El Nino

1 day ago from UPI

NASA has released a three-dimensional model of El Niño, a climate pattern marked by a mass of warm water in the Pacific Ocean.

Shape shifting pasta, Jupiter's swirling storms, and other amazing images of the week

1 day ago from PopSci

Science Newsworthy eye candy. Our favorite images from this week in science, health, and technology news.

NASA satellites spots flooded Russian city

1 day ago from UPI

This week, NASA's Terra satellite caught a glimpse of the flooding from 440 miles above Earth's surface.

Dark Energy May Lurk in the Nothingness of Space

1 day ago from Live Science

The vacuum of empty space may be roiling with energy that drives the expansion of space itself, a new hypothesis proposes.

Chewbacca to Jabba the Hutt: 10 Real 'Star Wars' Beasts in the Animal Kingdom

1 day ago from Live Science

From Star Wars characters Wookies to the sarlacc in the Pit of Carkoon, here are 10 creatures you might recognize in the here and now.

NICER/SEXTANT Launch Scheduled for June 1, 2017

1 day ago from Science @ NASA

NICER Prepares to launch to the International Space Station on SpaceX-10. News Article Type: Homepage ArticlesPublished: Friday, May 26, 2017 - 13:33

NASA's Juno mission delivers first scientific results

1 day ago from UPI

The first wave of scientific data collected by NASA's Juno probe has been relayed to scientists, revealing a handful of Jovian surprises.

'We Don't Planet' Episode 5: The Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram

1 day ago from

The Hertzsprung-Russell diagram allows astronomers to map out the complete life history of a star. Learn all about this famous diagram in the fifth episode of "We Don't Planet."

Florida Paradise Nabs Top Spot on 2017 Best Beaches List

1 day ago from Live Science

This year's top beach features expanses of fine-grained white-quartz sand and warm, clear waters.

Who Will Build the World's First Commercial Space Station?

1 day ago from Scientific American

A start-up aims to add new construction to the International Space Station to prep for a private sector orbital outpost -- Read more on

Australian satellite in orbit

1 day ago from Physorg

The first Australian satellite in 15 years, UNSW-EC0, was successfully deployed from the International Space Station, and UNSW engineers are working to make contact when it next passes above Sydney.

Magnetism disrupts winds on ‘hot Jupiter’ exoplanet

1 day ago from

Simulations of HAT-P 7b’s magnetic field give clues to why the exoplanet’s winds blow both east and west.

New Horizons deploys global team for rare look at next flyby target

1 day ago from Physorg

On New Year's Day 2019, more than 4 billion miles from home, NASA's New Horizons spacecraft will race past a small Kuiper Belt object known as 2014 MU69 – making...

Atomic-Scale Imaging Improves Dating of Planetary Events

1 day ago from Newswise - Scinews

Research led by the University of Portsmouth has identified a new way to improve how we measure the age of planetary evolution in our solar system.

Reports: Jared Kushner under FBI scrutiny in Russia investigation

2 days ago from UPI

Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump's son-in-law and one of his senior advisers, is under scrutiny in the FBI's Russia investigation, according to reports.

When self-improvement is self-destruction: The 4 warning signs

2 days ago from LA Times - Health

In the age of Instagram, self-help and wellness have never looked more glamorous and appealing, says inspirational speaker Danielle LaPorte. But as she points out in her new book, “White...

Extreme Space Cuisine: Astronaut Whips Up 'Bite-Size Yumiosities'

2 days ago from

NASA astronaut Jack Fischer has taken space cuisine to new heights.

Georgia kicker boots drone out of the sky with football

2 days ago from UPI

A football kicker in Georgia was being filmed by a drone when his first kick of the exhibition video knocked the device out of the sky.