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NASA astronaut setting records and breaking barriers

7 hours ago from CBSNews - Science

Peggy Whitson, 57, is the oldest woman ever in space, and she will set a record for most time in orbit

When the lights went out in the universe

7 hours ago from CBSNews - Science

Astrophysicist Paul Sutter explains what happened when the universe reversed its trajectory and started expanding again 5 billion years ago

David Cassidy Has Dementia: Here's What That Means

7 hours ago from Live Science

Actor and singer David Cassidy recently revealed he has dementia, but what exactly does this term mean?

Strange Andromeda Galaxy Signal May Have Dark Matter Link | Video

8 hours ago from

A gamma-ray signal emanating from the core of galaxy M31 has been detected by the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope. It “could indicate the presence of the mysterious stuff known as...

Make Pluto a planet again, NASA scientists argue

8 hours ago from CBC: Technology & Science

Some people give up on a long-distance relationship. But our guest will never give up on his faraway love: Pluto. He and some NASA colleagues are proposing a new definition...

Flash Physics: Stellar family history, extremely sensitive electron camera, full-body PET scanner planned

10 hours ago from Physics World

Today's selection of need-to-know updates from the world of physics

Brightest neutron star yet has a multipolar magnetic field

10 hours ago from Science Daily

Scientists have identified a neutron star that is consuming material so fast it emits more x-rays than any other. Its extreme brightness can only be explained if the star has...

Orbital ATK reports new orders for Bushmaster guns

11 hours ago from UPI

Richard TomkinsFeb. 21 (UPI) -- Orbital ATK won about $600 million in international orders in the past three months for its medium-caliber cannons and related munitions, the company announced.

When rocket science meets x-ray science

11 hours ago from Science Daily

Researchers are exploring next-generation spacecraft materials at the microscale using an X-ray technique that produces 3-D images. This work could help ensure future spacecraft survive the rigors of otherworldly atmospheres.

Prediction: More gas-giants will be found orbiting Sun-like stars

12 hours ago from Science Daily

New planetary formation models indicate that there may be an undiscovered population of gas giant planets orbiting around Sun-like stars at distances similar to those of Jupiter and Saturn.

Mars Life Could Lurk Within These Salty Streaks

13 hours ago from

So-called "recurring slope lineae" are a tantalizing feature on the slopes of Mars, but how do we go about exploring their potential life-giving qualities without contaminating them with our robots?

'Flip or Flop' star Christina El Moussa on split: 'We went through a lot'

14 hours ago from UPI

Annie MartinFeb. 21 (UPI) -- "Flip or Flop" star Christina El Moussa explained her breakup in the Mar. 6 issue of People following news Tarek El Moussa filed for divorce.

Mapping the family tree of stars

14 hours ago from Science Daily

Astronomers are borrowing principles applied in biology and archaeology to build a family tree of the stars in the galaxy. By studying chemical signatures found in the stars, they are...

'Cosmic shoutout' for Thunder Bay; asteroid now bears name of Ontario city

14 hours ago from CBC: Technology & Science

The city of Thunder Bay, Ont., is getting a "cosmic shoutout" from the International Astronomical Union, which has accepted a proposal to name an asteroid after the city.

'Alien: Covenant' cast assemble for new crew photo

15 hours ago from UPI

Wade SheridanFeb. 21 (UPI) -- The cast of "Alien: Covenant" including Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston and James Franco have joined together for a group photo.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Peta Murgatroyd to return to 'Dancing with the Stars'

15 hours ago from UPI

Annie MartinFeb. 21 (UPI) -- Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Peta Murgatroyd announced they will compete on "Dancing with the Stars" Season 24 after welcoming son Shai in January.

Search For Alien Life - Exploring Saturn's Moon Enceladus Has Major Impact | Video

16 hours ago from Live Science

NASA’s Cassini mission discovered active geysers at the south pole of Saturn’s moon and after several flybys it was determined that an ocean lies beneath its icy surface that has...

NASA's Greeting to Aliens Has Been Floating in Space for 40 Years

16 hours ago from MSNBC: Science

If extraterrestrial life encounters the Voyager space probes, they would be greeted by a series of Golden Records programmed by NASA in 1977 to explain the story of Earth.

Earth from Space

17 hours ago from European Space Agency

Jacqueline McGlade from the UN Environment Programme and Josef Aschbacher from ESA join the Earth from Space video programme to discuss satellite observations for UNEP’s Global Environment Outlook

Origin of spooky meteor noises reappraised by researchers

17 hours ago from Science Daily

Sound travels more slowly than light. Then why do sounds of meteors entering earth's atmosphere precede or accompany the sight of them? Researchers believe they have an answer.

Propelling Orion

18 hours ago from European Space Agency

Human spaceflight image of the week: The Orion spacecraft propulsion system ready for testing

This Is the Air Force Doctor Who Won NASA's Space Poop Challenge

20 hours ago from

Air Force Col. Thatcher Cardon won the agency's "Space Poop Challenge," an effort to design better ways for astronauts to deal with bodily waste than the current super-absorbent diapers.

The brightest, furthest pulsar in the Universe

1 day ago from European Space Agency

ESA’s XMM-Newton has found a pulsar – the spinning remains of a once-massive star – that is a thousand times brighter than previously thought possible.

Pierre Garcon sends free agency plea on Instagram

1 day ago from UPI

Alex ButlerFeb. 20 (UPI) -- Free agent wide receiver Pierre Garcon has plenty of suitors this offseason and it looks like he's enjoying the attention.

Geneseo Planetary Geologist Involved in Determining Next Mars Rover Landing Site

1 day ago from Newswise - Scinews

Nicholas Warner, assistant professor of geology, was among planetary geologists recently presenting evidence to NASA scientists on the best Mars landing sites for the next rover mission, scheduled to launch...

Trilobites: Ancient Jars Hold Clues About Earth’s Fluctuating Magnetic Fields

1 day ago from NY Times Science

By scanning pottery from the Iron Age kingdom of Judah, geoscientists detected a spike and then a decline in the planet’s magnetic field starting in the eighth century B.C.

NASA Looks to Speed Timetable for Putting Astronauts in Deep Space

1 day ago from NY Times Science

The agency’s acting administrator offered the first hints of a notable mission that could lead to a return to the moon in the Trump era.