CBSNews - Science

Monday th 22nd of October 2018

Elon Musk: High-speed, futuristic travel tunnel almost ready - 06:00

Sunday th 21st of October 2018

Japan's World Robot Summit sees a future where humans coexist with machines - 19:30

Saturday th 20th of October 2018

Machines at Japan's World Robot Summit host TV shows and warn about smelly feet - 11:40

Friday th 19th of October 2018

Spacecraft launching on 7-year voyage to Mercury - 16:00

China may launch artificial moon to light up city - 15:30

The amazing rise and fall (and fall) of MoviePass - 15:30

Reporter's Notebook: The true lessons of space exploration - 10:50

Outrage after EPA's "champion for children" abruptly put on leave - 07:10

Thursday th 18th of October 2018

"Tornado Alley" may be moving to the densely-populated Southeast - 20:30

Facebook cybersecurity executive on election "war room," tactics of bad actors - 18:40

Facebook cybersecurity executive talks election "war room" - 13:44

Wednesday th 17th of October 2018

Siri Shortcut lets you secretly record police - 18:20

Mesmerizing images showcase Earth as art - 18:20

"Far from an honest mistake": Facebook accused of inflating ad data - 16:20

In posthumous message, Stephen Hawking warns "what will cripple the Earth" - 12:42

How AI is creating new threats to election security - 10:40

Atlas 5 rocket boosts $1.8 billion military satellite into space - 02:21

Tuesday th 16th of October 2018

YouTube experiencing "access issues" in apparent global outage - 21:10

Facebook working on "unsend" button for messages - 16:00

NASA astronaut unfazed by frightening aborted launch - 14:00

SpaceX rocket debris washes up along Outer Banks beach - 13:00

Uber reportedly worth more than Ford, GM, Tesla--combined - 11:30

Climate Diaries: Antarctica ice melting at an ever quicker rate - 08:00

Monday th 15th of October 2018

"He changed the world": Tech, sports world celebrate Paul Allen's life - 21:40

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen dead at 65 - 20:10

Paul Allen: The 60 Minutes Interview - 20:10

NASA tracking melting ice in Antarctica - 18:20

Jeff Bezos explains decision to work with Pentagon - 16:50

Climate change to double costs of making beer - 14:30

Woman sees uncle's SOS in satellite image after hurricane, calls for help - 13:30

The hottest climate science in the world's coldest place - 08:20

Michael is a Category 4: Here's what hurricane ratings mean - 01:21

Chinese intelligence officer charged in U.S. with economic espionage - 01:21

Two-man Soyuz crew set for space station launch - 01:21

Hurricane Michael is the most powerful storm to hit Florida Panhandle on record - 01:21

Rocket failure forces emergency landing for U.S., Russian astronauts - 01:21

How Hurricane Michael intensified before landfall - 01:21

Rocket failure forces astronauts to make emergency landing - 01:21

First look inside Waymo's self-driving taxis - 01:21

Your first look inside the self-driving taxis poised for public use - 01:21

Day after rocket failure, Russia says it will try again in spring - 01:21

3 companies win major Air Force rocket contracts - 01:21

Robot runs and leaps through obstacle course - 01:21

Facebook hackers accessed 29 million accounts, fewer than previously thought - 01:21

Gay penguin couple given egg to raise - 01:21

Own one of Neil Armstrong's flight suits. Starting bid: $10,000 - 01:21

Sculpture that unravels in space could become most widely viewed artwork of all time - 01:21

Climate change provided high octane fuel for Hurricane Michael - 01:21

The Flat Earth movement: People who ignore science - 01:21

The Flat Earth movement: A society of disbelievers in scientific fact - 01:21