CBSNews - Science

Saturday the 5th of March 2016

Satellite built by Virginia students to be deployed in space - 11:40

Friday the 4th of March 2016

​Prosecutor: iPhone could ID unknown San Bernardino attacker - 22:30

SpaceX finallyl boosts comsat into orbit - 21:00

Sea ice in Arctic Circle melting faster than thought - 20:00

How to see the only total solar eclipse of 2016 - 19:00

Scott Kelly readapts to gravity after year in space - 17:20

Scientists use math to hunt for identity of Banksy - 14:30

Boeing's self-cleaning lavatory zaps germs with UV light - 13:00

Alexa gets company: Amazon adds new virtual assistants - 12:30

Hubble Space Telescope finds most distant galaxy yet - 11:30

What drives Uber CEO's ingenuity? - 07:30

Thursday the 3rd of March 2016

Monkeys with implants control devices with their minds - 19:40

Device lets monkeys control wheelchair with their minds - 19:10

Apple finds out who its friends are in battle with FBI - 18:10

Report: ​Bird poop caused N.Y. nuclear reactor outage - 18:10

New twist in case of Facebook exec jailed in Brazil - 17:10

Feds propose end to Yellowstone grizzly bear protections - 16:40

Apple may let users know if boss is monitoring phone - 15:40

Has El Nino brought much-needed rain to California? - 15:10

Apple launches Twitter account for customer service - 12:40

Astronaut Scott Kelly: "It's great to be back" - 12:10

Online trolls could face charges in Britain - 11:40

Tarantula toxins might work as a painkiller - 08:20

Record-setting astronaut Scott Kelly back in U.S. - 03:40

Wednesday the 2nd of March 2016

Scott Kelly returns to Earth after nearly a year in orbit - 20:00

$25 Apple Watch comes with a major catch - 18:40

"Smart home" owners not always so smart about security - 16:50

Car insurers want to watch you breathe, sweat, swear - 15:20

Alaska bringing in trainloads of snow for Iditarod race - 15:20

Defense Department invites you to "Hack the Pentagon" - 14:20

"Smart" toys, appliances keep getting hacked - 13:20

Scott Kelly feels fit after nearly a year in space - 11:50

Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg betting on small businesses - 08:50

Scott Kelly back on Earth after 340 days in space - 08:20

Lax oversight could lead to crowdfunding fraud - 08:20

Survey raises questions about corporate cybersecurity - 06:20

Tuesday the 1st of March 2016

Facebook executive arrested in Brazil over data access - 17:50

What a year in space means for Scott Kelly's health - 17:20

Astronaut Scott Kelly's Year in Space - 17:20

Apple, FBI fight over locked iPhone moves to Congress - 14:50

Kelly, Kornienko returning to Earth after record flight - 14:20

NASA developing next generation of supersonic planes - 13:50

Attorney General: "Open dialogue" needed with tech leaders - 12:20

In emergencies, people place too much trust in robots - 12:20

New scans of King Tut's tomb may reveal hidden chamber - 10:21

Monday the 29th of February 2016

Apple wins round in NY court over another locked iPhone - 19:30

Michigan's blue ice a stunning natural phenomenon - 18:30

Apple, FBI to face off in Congress over locked iPhone - 16:10

Google self-driving car hits public bus in California - 15:10

Buzz Aldrin calls for human colony on Mars - 14:10