CBSNews - Science

Tuesday th 27th of November 2018

Elon Musk likes 80-hour workweeks -- science says forget it - 15:00

Indiana soybean farmer witnesses effects of climate change in ruined crops - 13:40

Facebook engineer warned in 2014 of Russian intrusion, lawmaker says - 11:20

Chinese researcher faces criticism after claiming 1st gene-edited babies - 08:30

NASA spacecraft takes selfie after supersonic landing on Mars - 07:00

Monday th 26th of November 2018

Facebook exec to be grilled by unprecedented group of lawmakers from 9 countries - 20:30

NASA's Insight lander touches down on Mars - 19:30

Cyber Monday: Shoppers expected to spend record $7.8 billion - 18:10

Soybean farmer says climate change is to blame for bad harvest - 17:40

NASA's InSight Lander set to land on Mars Monday - 17:40

NASA's InSight lander touches down on Mars - 15:40

Rice probes scientist who worked with researcher on gene-editing babies - 14:50

How to watch the Mars InSight landing - 13:50

Illinois soybean farmer witnesses effects of climate change in ruined crops - 13:20

NASA Mars lander on course for Monday touchdown - 09:51

Researcher claims to make world's first gene-edited babies - 09:30

Sunday th 25th of November 2018

NASA prepares to land rover on Mars - 19:30

Black Friday sales break records ahead of Cyber Monday - 19:30

Mass deaths and mayhem: Climate report's most shocking warnings - 18:30

NASA Mars lander on course for Monday touchdown - 17:30

Parliament seizes Facebook docs that American court ordered sealed - 11:00

Saturday th 24th of November 2018

How retail stores are reinventing holiday shopping using technology - 19:30

Friday th 23rd of November 2018

Al Gore says Trump administration seeks to "bury" climate report by releasing it on Black Friday - 19:50

Black Friday on track for record online spending - 14:40

Report reveals staggering economic and health toll of climate change - 14:40

From TVs to iPads, here are some of the best Black Friday deals - 13:10

Retailers use in-store technology to compete with online sales - 08:50

Discovery of ancient elephant-sized creature called "startling" - 08:50

Treatment for climate change surprisingly inexpensive, study finds - 00:50

Thursday th 22nd of November 2018

NASA sets date for critical SpaceX flight - 22:00

How gratitude can improve your health, happiness and relationships - 09:40

Wednesday th 21st of November 2018

Facebook executive defends using PR firm to dig up info on critics - 18:10

Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg under fire as scandals mount - 08:50

NASA reportedly to probe SpaceX safety after Musk's pot-infused interview - 06:20

Tuesday th 20th of November 2018

Facebook's CEO says resigning isn't "the plan," amid series of scandals - 22:30

Fashion companies try to curb carbon footprint - 18:10

Hackers impersonated State Dept. officials, cybersecurity firm says - 14:40

Tumblr disappears from App Store over child porn - 10:10

Monday th 19th of November 2018

Climate change will bring multiple disasters at once, study warns - 22:30

Fight against robocalls intensifies as companies try to stop scammers - 19:10

3 more countries join committee targeting Zuckerberg - 15:30

Instagram to remove fake "likes" and follows - 15:30

NASA selects landing site for Mars 2020 rover - 15:30

Film crew breaks "no interference" rule to rescue penguins - 12:50

How the fight against robocalls has become an escalating "arms race" - 08:20

Sunday th 18th of November 2018

Russian cargo ship reaches space station - 15:30

Feast for the Eyes - 10:30

The last straw: Seattle's drinking straw ban - 10:30

The last straw? - 10:30

Tastemaker: Food designer Sarah Masoni's million-dollar palate - 10:00