CBC: Health

Wednesday th 22nd of April 2009

Restore coverage for services, Alberta chiropractors say - 15:21

Gaps found in dengue fever's armour - 13:28

Complaint filed against RNC after autistic teen jailed - 12:15

Abuse of prescribed opiate painkillers on rise, research shows - 10:36

New ambulance equipment not enough, say paramedics - 08:21

St. John's smoking ban shows how times have changed: Duff - 08:21

Tougher rules planned for N.L. MDs infected with HIV, hepatitis - 04:56

Tuesday th 21st of April 2009

How requester asks family for organs is key to success, British doctors say - 18:35

Offer more federal assistance for seniors, Senate report urges - 17:07

New type of swine flu found in two children in U.S.: CDC - 15:14

Breast best for mom's heart: study - 14:07

Psoriasis may increase risk of Type 2 diabetes, hypertension: study - 12:35

Brain, spinal cord injury patients in Alberta test devices to restore movement - 11:28

More healthy food choices lead to less healthy eating: study - 11:07

Ontario to mark Earth Day with cosmetic pesticide ban - 09:56

Eastern P.E.I. losing emergency department - 08:28

Saint John doctor shortage forces weekend closure of Sussex ER - 08:28

Food agency chief under fire at listeriosis probe - 06:14

Monday th 20th of April 2009

Fructose worse than glucose when it comes to sweetened drinks: study - 16:42

Deadlier thyroid cancers more common after radiation exposure, study suggests - 15:35

School Violence: What you should know, what you can do - 14:28

Suicide hotline expecting more calls - 14:07

Cut ties between Health Canada, drug companies, grieving MP urges - 14:07

More children treated for kidney stones, doctor says - 11:28

Patients to benefit from lightning-fast mammography gear: official - 09:35

Sunday th 19th of April 2009

Lose weight to help the planet, researchers recommend - 19:35

Saturday th 18th of April 2009

Bruins defenceman Hunwick has spleen removed - 19:35

Friday th 17th of April 2009

N.L. physicians college to hold disciplinary hearing for Buckingham - 16:49

Helmets could become mandatory for skateboarders - 16:49

Alberta sidelines $500 fitness tax credit - 16:49

Store decoys cut underage smoking, study finds - 13:28

Food-borne bacteria cause illness in 1 in 6 annually: T.O. health report - 12:42

Paramedics question how far new ambulance money will go - 10:07

Better action needed on outbreaks like listeriosis: report - 10:07

The price of a life: Halifax couple bankrupt as medical travel costs soar - 08:29

Advocates ecstatic over P.E.I. stroke unit - 05:28

Thursday th 16th of April 2009

Canadians spent nearly $30B on drugs in 2008, report shows - 16:42

Scientists multiply blood stem cells - 15:56

Complaints against doctors jump in Saskatchewan - 15:35

Infection risk 'remote' after Carbonear hospital equipment problem: Eastern Health - 15:35

N.B. pest control companies bitten by bedbug resurgence - 15:14

Former Soviet countries face 'widespread epidemic' of drug-resistant TB - 12:56

New curtain regulations meant to prevent strangulation become law - 12:14

Scientists urge PM to restore research funds - 11:49

More young Canadians surviving cancer: report - 11:07

Transgendered Albertans file human-rights complaints - 08:22

Health coalition slams Murphy for private delivery musings - 08:22

N.B. public health officers investigate active tuberculosis case in Sussex - 04:56

Wednesday th 15th of April 2009

Common mutations linked to stroke risk - 16:56

Exercise reduces falls in seniors: review - 16:35