CBC: Health

Tuesday th 17th of March 2009

Science minister's coyness on evolution worries researchers - 14:42

Former minister cleared of misconduct for taking private health job - 11:56

When does the brain start to decline? - 11:56

Nova Scotia's midwifery program exclusionary, longtime midwife says - 10:43

High-risk cancer screening urged for overnight workers - 09:56

Condoms won't stop spread of AIDS, says Pope - 09:28

Monday th 16th of March 2009

Quebec man died of listeriosis, federal health agency says - 21:35

Young miracle survivors share their stories in Ottawa - 16:42

Denmark compensates women who developed cancer on night shift - 16:16

Advice to eat fish hurts environment: scientists - 15:50

Stun gun shock to head may cause seizures, doctors warn - 15:50

Student abortion protesters plead not guilty to trespassing, vow to return - 15:07

Saskatchewan looking to Ireland for health-care workers - 15:07

Nit picking: wet hair best for discovering lice, study finds - 15:07

'We're very proud of Laura,' says family of nurse released in Darfur - 14:42

Doctor proposes suing alcohol companies over FAS damage - 10:49

Friday th 13th of March 2009

Couple suing hospital over decision to keep baby on life support - 23:35

Cornwall doctor and clinic owner charged with fraud - 17:35

Ont. community seeks funds to prosecute solvent abusers - 17:14

Masks in smoggy cities a good idea, study says - 10:49

Quitting smoking before surgery cuts complications, study finds - 09:39

Superbug tests at Charlottetown hospital come back negative - 08:14

Thursday th 12th of March 2009

'Gelatin brain' stars in ThinkFirst safety presentations - 14:14

Pfizer halts clinical trials of cancer drug after positive results - 13:28

Anesthetic may hasten progress of Alzheimer's disease: animal study - 11:28

Welch Allyn defibrillator recalled, face variety of problems - 11:00

Need 8 hours of shuteye? Even 6 can cut diabetes danger, study suggests - 10:14

Despite no confirmed listeriosis cases, Islanders join class action - 07:42

St. John's lawyer donating cash for stories of breast cancer anguish - 07:42

Wednesday th 11th of March 2009

University of Regina says student has TB - 16:36

Breathing smog over long-term can lead to an early grave: study - 16:14

Born to surrogate, child has no legal mother, Quebec judge rules - 15:50

10 nutrition myths: balanced eating tips - 15:28

Model forecasts 'substantial' health benefits from small cut in salt intake - 15:07

Cheaper female condom gets OK in U.S. - 11:07

Massive cancer study launched in Atlantic Canada - 09:07

Births soar in N.L. following years of decline - 08:21

Tuesday th 10th of March 2009

Settlement closer in tainted meat lawsuit - 18:21

Tests may detect ovarian cancer sooner: study - 18:21

Charlottetown medical unit reopens after superbug causes lockdown - 15:21

Virtual waiting room pitched to ease ER loads - 15:21

Folic acid supplements linked to prostate cancer risk - 15:21

Vitamin C may help ward off risk of gout in men: study - 13:22

Maytag recalls refrigerators over fire hazard - 12:29

Public health warning issued over Mississauga tattoo parlour - 11:40

Drug treatment courts' future up in air - 11:40

Canada's scientists hopeful, worried about U.S. stem cell research boost - 10:15

Ban based on politics, not science, say pesticide companies - 08:21

Nursing crunch causing surgery cancellations, Eastern Health admits - 08:21

Passengers deserve better info on in-flight insecticides: Calgary traveller - 08:21