CBC: Health

Thursday th 21st of May 2009

Japan, San Marino top WHO's life expectancy report - 11:21

Top N.B. candidate to lead trauma system backs out - 09:28

Faster, cheaper cell testing proposed to pinpoint toxic effects on humans - 06:28

Wednesday th 20th of May 2009

Spreading serious message, giant colon travels north of 60 - 17:21

Safe to wait for angiogram for most heart attacks, Canadian doctors find - 16:14

Extra genes in Down syndrome might suppress tumours - 14:21

Sask. radiologist suspended after concerns raised about exam results - 13:35

Plastics industry warns of health risks of reusable bags - 12:49

10,000 cases of swine flu reported worldwide: WHO - 11:42

Tentative deal reached in N.L. nurses dispute - 04:56

Tuesday th 19th of May 2009

Treadmill tests could help predict heart disease risk, review suggests - 18:07

New swine flu cases push Alberta total to 84 - 15:49

Self-referral methadone clinic to open in Saint John - 15:49

Therapy helps insomnia sufferers over long term: study - 15:49

'Patients will suffer' from Chalk River shutdown: medical imaging industry - 14:14

No difference in pain intensity from penetrating acupuncture needles: study - 13:28

Global supply under pressure - 13:07

Creation of swine flu vaccine will take longer than anticipated - 06:35

Talks break off, pickets inevitable, N.L. nurses say - 04:42

Monday th 18th of May 2009

Nations urge WHO to change pandemic assessment - 09:42

Scott Walker's wife has cervical cancer - 07:07

Friday th 15th of May 2009

Women with chest pain less likely than men to get early treatment from paramedics: study - 17:35

Marathons hard on heart, but damage reverses within week: Study - 16:07

3 bottles of antibiotic Rofact might contain epilepsy drug - 16:07

Scores of surgeries scrubbed as N.L. nursing strike looms - 15:42

Texas records 3rd swine flu-related death - 14:56

Ginger quells nausea from chemotherapy - 14:35

Virus triggered high blood pressure in mice - 13:07

N.B. health minister 'not entirely comfortable' enforcing abortion laws - 08:35

Support grows for proposed N.B. 'safe haven' law to protect newborns - 08:35

Expect picket lines next Wednesday, N.L. nurses say - 04:49

Thursday th 14th of May 2009

Depressed, anxious first graders at risk of being bullied later: study - 23:14

Judge acquits HIV-positive Quebec man of sexually assaulting woman - 17:14

N.L. Eastern and Central Health authorities cancel surgeries - 17:14

Quebec keen to sue big tobacco for health care costs - 17:14

BlackBerry being used by Winnipeg paramedics to help save lives - 17:14

Some in North skeptical about link between suicide, long summer days - 16:28

Network of multiple sclerosis research centres launches in Canada - 15:42

Physical therapy beneficial for critically ill patients in ICU - 13:49

Pfizer offers 70 free drugs like Lipitor, Viagra to jobless Americans - 12:21

Swine flu blamed as sports clubs cancel North American visits - 11:56

Fredericton man battles colon cancer and government over drug coverage - 04:49

Wednesday th 13th of May 2009

Health effects of climate change will affect billions: report - 17:56

Children can recover quickly from scorpion stings, doctors say - 17:14

Chemotherapy combo works better for older women than pill - 16:07

Winnipeg's fortress of deadly disease - 14:14

Canada's Live-In Caregiver Program - 14:14

Saving Lucas: Parents at wit's end amid therapy shortage - 13:07

'Bring your own book' to doctor's office to avoid spreading germs - 13:07

Williams raises ante in dispute with nurses - 11:14