CBC: Health

Tuesday th 5th of May 2009

Northern school infections boost B.C. swine flu count to 46 - 17:28

Providing housing, care to homeless reduced trips to ER: study - 17:07

1st swine flu case confirmed in Ottawa - 15:14

Alberta drops swine flu briefings as cases reach 26 - 15:14

Time spent sitting increases risk of premature death: study - 14:28

Enlarged brain region found in toddlers with autism: study - 12:35

Calgary company markets 'Pandemic Flu Kit' - 11:49

Bike helmet law needs better enforcement, says MLA - 09:28

Wrongly given chemo, N.L. woman admitted to hospital - 09:28

Medical experts urge diligence in tracking swine flu - 07:35

Monday th 4th of May 2009

Slim odds for viruses to mix in pigs now, experts say - 17:21

Vaccine records may not be accurate for children adopted abroad: study - 16:35

Give less painful vaccine first, pediatricians say - 15:28

Raccoon droppings a hazard, says NYC health official - 13:14

Albertan sick with swine flu in hospital - 12:49

Doing it for mom, B.C. cyclist says at launch of heart-research tour - 11:42

Ontario to announce $100M fund for scientists - 11:21

Top AIDS researcher to leave Montreal for U.S. institute - 11:21

N.L. minister wrongly given chemo for psoriasis - 10:35

How the country's health system works - 07:56

Plane sent to pick up Mexicans quarantined in China - 05:42

Sunday th 3rd of May 2009

Swine flu epidemic in decline: Mexico - 22:14

Saturday th 2nd of May 2009

Alberta pigs likely infected with flu from worker: CFIA official - 20:21

No sustained spread of swine flu virus outside North America: WHO - 20:21

Friday th 1st of May 2009

Did pandemic-watchers miss the signs online? - 17:21

Sharper picture of swine flu virus outbreak begins to emerge - 17:21

Hip implants hardier than previously thought, orthopedic surgeons find - 17:21

Swine flu roots traced to Spanish flu - 16:35

Toronto hospital won't transfer daughter, father says - 15:28

Stop taking Hydroxycut diet pills, U.S. says in recall - 13:14

Can't curb your enthusiasm for food? Blame the brain - 10:14

Public health confirms 1st swine flu case in N.B. - 09:49

Masks, sanitizer disappearing from pharmacy shelves on P.E.I. - 05:42

WHO confirms 331 human cases of swine flu - 05:42

Thursday th 30th of April 2009

Boost warnings on Botox, FDA says - 18:07

Scientists starting to believe swine flu outbreak won't be so bad - 18:07

Routine use of anemia drugs in cancer patients risky: reviews - 18:07

N.B. Health Council raises concerns over government decisions - 14:42

Working while sick could catch up with you later: study - 14:00

Part-time paramedics required to handle demand in Winnipeg - 09:50

Inspection report of Maple Leaf meat plant not altered: food agency - 09:50

Treatment groups slam N.L. for youth clinic location - 08:56

7 swine flu cases confirmed in Ontario - 08:56

N.B. nurses question role of proposed physician assistants - 08:56

EU works to co-ordinate surveillance, testing for swine flu - 05:35

Wednesday th 29th of April 2009

Clinic replaces sterilization fee with new patient charge - 19:07

MRIs showing breast density offer clues to cancer risk in young women - 17:56

Vigilance, containing threats best ways to prepare for pandemic: specialist - 17:14

Human-to-human spread of swine flu confirmed in B.C. - 16:28

3 strikes needed to kill brain cells in Parkinson's disease: study - 15:42