CBC: Health

Thursday th 26th of March 2009

Manitoba spending close to $5.7M on ER improvements - 15:24

Yukon Hospital Corp. takes over Watson Lake hospital - 14:56

Scientists find potential way to create safer stem cells from skin - 14:56

P.E.I. nurses win new contract - 14:14

Indigenous health care lessons unveiled for doctors - 11:12

Coroner considering whether to connect suicides to gambling - 09:56

Wednesday th 25th of March 2009

Saskatoon clinic 'struggling' with explosion of HIV - 20:28

U.S. psychiatrists say no to drug company funded seminars - 17:07

Circumcision protects against 2 common sexually transmitted diseases: studies - 16:21

Consumers slow to return to Maple Leaf food products after recall: study - 14:47

Indian wins $150,000 US water prize - 13:35

U.S. abortion, vasectomy rates rise as economy falters - 12:49

Jaundiced eye: Visual checks unreliable for assessing newborns' risk - 12:07

Drinking water rules 'schizophrenic,' advocacy group says - 10:51

The longer you're homeless, the sicker you get: survey - 09:10

Norwalk virus confirmed at Charlottetown hospital - 08:21

Geriatric specialists plan exit from Cape Breton - 08:21

Baby waiting for heart transplant doing well, say parents - 08:21

CFIA delays implementation of key food-testing requirement - 08:21

Tuesday th 24th of March 2009

Full CT scans improve chances of survival for severely injured: study - 16:35

Patients rally after infectious disease specialist leaves N.L. - 15:50

Canadian women receiving extra ultrasounds: maternity report - 15:03

U.S. senator seeks to ban electronic cigarettes pending more research - 13:49

Doctors rethink aggressive blood sugar control in ICU - 13:28

Drug-resistant TB treated at home in South Africa - 10:50

New standards for ski helmets introduced - 10:28

Nursing home fee hike hits hard for some N.B. families - 09:21

P.E.I. should track gambling-linked suicides: author - 09:21

Monday th 23rd of March 2009

Trust an issue as P.E.I. takes over needle exchange program - 15:49

Vitamin D linked with lower fracture risk - 15:49

Eating quarter pound of red meat a day raises mortality risk: study - 15:07

Nurses union claims another large vote for strike mandate - 12:49

Girls in hospital after suspected drug use at wedding - 12:49

Ontario gambling-linked suicides rise - 12:48

Genes linked to risk of sudden cardiac death - 11:35

Saskatchewan's HIV infection rate a 'crisis': top health doctor - 09:43

Parkinson's disease: FAQs - 08:35

Advocates demand inquiry into Ontario's costly handling of Royal Crest nursing-home failure - 05:14

Friday th 20th of March 2009

Anti-smoking advocates in huff over Halifax paper's cigarette ads - 23:49

Zapping Parkinson's with shocks to spinal cord yields 'dramatic change' - 16:21

Bypass surgery safer than angioplasty for some: study - 14:07

Quebec judge promises quick ruling in listeriosis settlement - 13:42

Maggots no faster than gels at healing wounds, study finds - 12:09

Norovirus hits Halifax seniors home - 10:49

Kidney specialist starts work in Charlottetown - 10:49

Lack of X-ray help putting patients at risk: Twillingate MDs - 10:49

CFIA recalls 2 more meat products from No Frills store in Guelph - 10:07

Thursday th 19th of March 2009

'Clock is truly ticking' for newborn in need of heart transplant - 18:28

Doctors raise concerns over quackery in Google ads - 18:28

Personalized medicines could change prescribing practices - 17:21