CBC: Health

Tuesday th 7th of April 2009

Back pain evaluation goes beyond how much it hurts - 14:28

Sask. adopts British program to increase time with patients - 11:28

Ontario doctors urge fast food chains, schools to list calories - 11:28

Obese Sask. residents pay big bucks for weight loss surgery - 10:42

Ontario to target toxic chemicals - 10:42

Wait times for hospital beds afflict Queen Elizabeth II - 08:21

Hope shines on P.E.I. couple waiting in Toronto for daughter's transplant - 08:21

Monday th 6th of April 2009

Swap water for sugary drinks to reduce child obesity, say researchers - 16:59

Poor self-control in early childhood linked to later weight gain: study - 16:59

Prospective infant heart donor unsuitable, doctors say - 13:56

Protest dropped after Calgary confirms breastfeeding allowed in pools - 12:07

Yet more missed cancer patients identified, Eastern Health admits - 12:07

Face, double hand transplant performed on burn victim - 12:07

China aims to expand health care by 2020 - 11:42

Nunavut works to curb health, social service spending: Curley - 10:35

Scientists discover how scratching eases an itch - 10:35

Eastern Health botched release of latest cancer details: patients - 04:56

Friday th 3rd of April 2009

Coffee run: scientists uncover how caffeine boosts athletes' performance - 16:07

38 more breast cancer patients in N.L. needed retesting - 15:42

N.B. says privacy policy violated after health records vanished - 14:56

Grapefruit, Pill interaction spurred dangerous clot, doctors say - 14:14

Heart cells renew themselves throughout life: study - 13:49

Sick teen sticks with fundraising effort for children's hospital - 13:07

Robot scientist comes up with its own new discoveries - 12:21

Patients, doctors meet to solve mystery of women's lung disease - 12:21

Mothers plan breastfeeding protest in Calgary pool - 10:28

Superbug infection returns to P.E.I. hospital nursery - 08:35

Birth parents plead for medical treatment for baby girl in foster care - 01:28

Thursday th 2nd of April 2009

Marketing of medical screening scans misleading: report - 17:35

Opposition could drive methadone clinic out of Calgary - 16:49

Stem cells from malfunctioning freezer safe for transplant: Eastern Health - 15:21

Blood agency seeks aboriginal stem cell donors - 14:56

University of Calgary probes doubts on Type 1 diabetes in mice study - 14:14

Invasive strep outbreak closes ward at Hamilton hospital - 13:49

Autism: Making sense of a confusing world - 12:42

Canadian adults with autism host Halifax conference - 11:14

Dentists warn about dangers of mouth piercing - 10:28

Suspended psychologist asked to be patient's 'bed buddy,' report shows - 09:42

Seniors alarmed as 3rd geriatric specialist leaving Cape Breton - 09:42

N.B. considers coverage for costly cancer drug - 08:35

Wednesday th 1st of April 2009

Distress centres brace for depression-related suicide calls - 17:56

Journal retracts 2000 study of Type 1 diabetes in mice - 17:35

Cancer survivors may fall behind in school: study - 16:49

Auditor general slams soaring costs of Montreal superhospitals - 15:21

Doctors propose stricter limits on drug industry's influence - 15:21

Province takes over ambulance services, changes still to come - 12:21

British patients to rate their doctors under appraisal plan - 12:00

Like helping with a flat tire, N.L. man says after giving kidney to neighbour - 11:36

Toronto pet shop workers checked for illness after parrot dies - 11:14

Good health is good business - 10:07