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High-tech meets high-fashion: Ontario company may finally win eyewear technology race

An Ontario tech start-up thinks it has the foresight to succeed where giant international technology companies have stumbled. North Inc., which is a Waterloo technology firm, says it has created...

Microorganisms help production

5 days ago from Physorg

Oil is still the most economically attractive resource for fuels and basic chemicals that can be used to manufacture everyday products such as plastic bottles and detergent. New biotechnological processes...

Report: China bans North Korea financial transactions

5 days ago from UPI

China is enforcing secondary North Korea sanctions that impact domestic firms as North Korea faces a long hard winter, according to a South Korean press report.

Judge orders review of ballots in Georgia governor's race

5 days ago from UPI

Georgia's high-profile race for governor will not be decided until thousands of provisional ballots have been reviewed, a federal judge has ruled.

Bengals hire fired Hue Jackson to assist Marvin Lewis

5 days ago from UPI

The Cincinnati Bengals have added former Cleveland Browns coach Hue Jackson to their coaching staff.

Poorer children priced out of learning instruments but school music programmes benefit the wider community

5 days ago from Physorg

Years of austerity in the UK have bitten away at school budgets, and the arts have suffered heavily. Schools can no longer afford to employ teaching assistants, so it is...

Nets' Caris LeVert stretchered off court

5 days ago from UPI

Brooklyn Nets forward Caris LeVert was stretchered off of the court after suffering a serious leg injury during a game against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Researchers offer solution in fight against fake graphene

5 days ago from Physorg

Ever since the isolation of graphene was first achieved in 2004, there has been an explosion in graphene-related research and development, with hundreds of business opportunists producing graphene to capitalise...

Why Toronto won by losing the bid for Amazon's new headquarters

Toronto’s bid for Amazon’s HQ2 fell short, but some say the city may be better off without the American giant.

Iran's mullahs turn to cyberwar, misinformation to avert looming overthrow

5 days ago from UPI

With the introduction of the final phase of new U.S. sanctions on Iran, targeting oil exports and more, the clerical regime is in blind panic.

After conquering the world, smartphone faces uncertain future

5 days ago from Physorg

What is next for the smartphone, which has become the hottest-selling consumer device around the world in just over a decade?

'How to Live in Space': A Q&A with Author Colin Stuart

5 days ago from

With the space-tourism industry getting ready to take flight, aspiring space adventurers will soon be able to purchase tickets to low Earth orbit and beyond.

Hundreds of Tiny Terracotta Warriors Found Guarding 2,100-Year-Old Chinese Site

5 days ago from Live Science

They look like a miniaturized version of the Terracotta Army guarding the first emperor of China.

Gaza: Hamas threatens to launch rockets deeper into Israel

5 days ago from UPI

Israeli-Palestinian fighting intensified Tuesday with both sides launching counter attacks in Gaza, and Hamas vowing to send rockets deeper into Israeli territory.

Telecom Italia ousts CEO in long-running boardroom battle

5 days ago from Physorg

A long-running board room battle in Italy's legacy telecoms provider, Telecom Italia, has culminated with the ouster of CEO Amos Genish, effective immediately.

To reduce food waste, scientists are making labels that track produce as it spoils

5 days ago from Physorg

A new type of use-by label for milk bottles that decomposes as the liquid inside goes sour could appear on UK supermarket shelves later this year. Labels such as these,...

Seoul plays down media claim on North Korea’s missile base

5 days ago from UPI

South Korea's presidential office said that the South Korean and U.S. governments have been aware of the North Korean missile base, which a U.S. think tank claimed to be active...

'Spyro Reignited Trilogy' brings gaming classic to new generation

5 days ago from UPI

Spyro is flying back onto consoles Tuesday in publisher Activision's remaster of the purple fire breather's first three adventures in "Spyro Reignited Trilogy."

Q&A: Nutrition solutions lie beyond health

5 days ago from SciDev

Nutrition policy needs to target areas where food isn’t the only challenge, says Zulfiqar Bhutta.

Distracted too often by your smartphone? This company thinks it can help

A small Canadian company believes it can succeed where Google failed, and convince consumers they need smartglasses to replace their smartphones. Kitchener, Ont.-based North has invested millions of dollars and...

Paying plasma donors is not 'un-Canadian' — it's practical and necessary

6 days ago from CBC: Health

We shouldn't allow Canadian blood and plasma donors to become a revenue stream for private companies looking to make a profit. But this doesn't mean we can't compensate them.

Vietnam's newest airline Bamboo gets aviation licence

6 days ago from Physorg

Vietnam's newest carrier Bamboo Airways has been granted a licence to fly, officials and the airline said, paving the way for its inaugural flight in a region crowded with competitors.

Bayer confirms forecasts as Monsanto integration grinds on

6 days ago from Physorg

German chemicals and pharmaceuticals giant Bayer confirmed its full-year forecasts Tuesday, after a solid performance in the firm's first full quarter of integrating US seeds and pesticides maker Monsanto.

Internet traffic hijack disrupts Google services

6 days ago from Physorg

An internet traffic diversion rerouted data through Russia and China and disrupted Google services on Monday, including search, cloud-hosting services and its bundle of collaboration tools for businesses.

Amazon picks New York, suburban Washington for new, split HQ: WSJ

6 days ago from Physorg

Amazon has decided to split its new headquarters between New York City and a Washington suburb in Northern Virginia, The Wall Street Journal reported Monday night.

Smartphones: a double-edged sword for terrorists

6 days ago from Physorg

Bombs and guns aside, a smartphone can be a powerful weapon in the hands of a terrorist—but it can also provide intelligence services with the tools to track them down.

Some Google traffic rerouted through Russia, China, Nigeria for hour

6 days ago from UPI

Some users of Google services encountered disruptions for about 1 1/2 hours because traffic was re-routed through other networks in Russia, China and Nigeria.

For sale: Andrés Manuel López Obrador seeks buyers for Mexico's presidential jet

6 days ago from UPI

Andrés Manuel López Obrador wants to sell Mexico's presidential jet when he takes office in less than three weeks.