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Finding faces in a crowd: Context is key when looking for small things in images

9 min ago from Physorg

Spotting a face in a crowd, or recognizing any small or distant object within a large image, is a major challenge for computer vision systems. The trick to finding tiny...

Philadelphia 76ers fan gets 'fresh' Ben Simmons haircut

10 min ago from UPI

Senior vice president of sales and service for the Philadelphia 76ers Jake Reynolds really loves his team.

Oil prices set for furthers in higher U.S. GDP figures

10 min ago from UPI

Crude oil prices were on pace for another day of solid gains Thursday after a report showed fourth quarter gains in the United States were better than expected.

UF Helps Residents Save at Least 65 Million Gallons in Outdoor Irrigation Annually

40 min ago from Newswise - Scinews

"UF/IFAS is making a difference with our limited water resources," said Laura Warner, a UF/IFAS assistant professor of agricultural education and communication. "Seemingly small drops in the bucket really add...

Team develops accurate contactless 3-D fingerprint identification system

40 min ago from Physorg

The research team of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) has developed a system for three-dimensional (3D) fingerprint identification by adopting ground breaking 3D fingerprint minutiae recovery and matching technology,...

Confused by data visualisation? Here's how to cope in a world of many features

1 hour ago from Physorg

The late data visionary Hans Rosling mesmerised the world with his work, contributing to a more informed society. Rosling used global health data to paint a stunning picture of how...

The importance of crop genetic diversity

1 hour ago from Physorg

In North Carolina, the seventh most-productive blueberry state in the U.S., blueberries ripen between June and August. But North Carolina shoppers can buy blueberries throughout the year. That's because most...

Mobile phones are not always a cure for poverty in remote regions

1 hour ago from Physorg

A mobile phone is typically the first and only modern information communication technology for inhabitants of the most remote rural areas around world.

To really help U.S. workers, we should invest in robots

1 hour ago from Physorg

America's manufacturing heyday is gone, and so are millions of jobs, lost to modernization. Despite what Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin might think, the National Bureau of Economic Research and Silicon...

Texas oil production down year-over-year

1 hour ago from UPI

Though recovery is expected to evolve through 2017, data on oil production from Texas show volumes declined year-over-year, based on preliminary figures.

Increase in gas prices associated with increase in child maltreatment

2 hours ago from Physorg

Increases in gasoline prices are associated with increases in child maltreatment referral rates, finds a new study from the Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis.

Fewer malfunctions and lower costs thanks to smarter maintenance model

2 hours ago from Physorg

Researchers at the University of Twente have developed a mathematical model for improving the maintenance schedule for trains, rails, aircraft, self-driving cars, robots and nuclear power plants.

Even short-duration heat waves could lead to failure of coffee crops

2 hours ago from Physorg

"Hot coffee" is not a good thing for java enthusiasts when it refers to plants beset by the high-temperature stress that this century is likely to bring, research at Oregon...

Who gains most from high-skilled foreign workers?

2 hours ago from Physorg

Foreign computer scientists granted H-1B visas to work in the United States during the IT boom of the 1990s had a significant impact on workers, consumers and tech companies.

Cuts to sole parent benefits are human rights violations

2 hours ago from Physorg

Sole parents in Australia are economically vulnerable and are experiencing ongoing cuts to their social security. Legislation limiting welfare benefits that was rushed through the Senate last week will make...

Improved variety of guayule plant as a natural source of tire rubber

3 hours ago from Physorg

Rubber is a substance usually made from petroleum or from the Asian rubber tree plant. But rubber can also be produced from a domestic plant called "guayule." Guayule is a...

Ghost in the Sell: Hollywood's Mischievous Vision of AI

3 hours ago from Scientific American

With the new sci-fi flick Ghost in the Shell hitting theaters this week, Scientific American asks artificial intelligence experts which movies, if any, have gotten AI right -- Read more on...

N.C. leaders reach deal to repeal transgender bathroom bill

3 hours ago from UPI

North Carolina lawmakers reached a deal to repeal the state's controversial "bathroom bill" that restricted the bathrooms transgender individuals can use.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill to perform duet at Academy of Country Music Awards

3 hours ago from UPI

Married superstars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are to perform a duet at Sunday's Academy of Country Music Awards show in Las Vegas, CBS announced.

Trump the Dealmaker Projects Bravado, but Behind the Scenes, Faces Rare Self-Doubt

3 hours ago from NY Times Health

People close to President Trump say he is grappling with bouts of self-doubt as his hopes for a quick health-care victory unravel.

F.D.A. Nominee, Paid Millions by Industry, Says He’ll Recuse Himself if Needed

3 hours ago from NY Times Health

Scott Gottlieb made millions of dollars doing work for more than 20 health care companies in the private sector.

A novel method that helps reducing noise problems produced by road traffic

5 hours ago from Physorg

Scientists from the universities of Granada (UGR) and Southampton (United Kingdom) have designed a new method to reduce noise problems caused by road traffic, one of the main environmental impacts...

U.S. internet service providers get OK to sell user data, but what about Canada?

5 hours ago from CBC: Technology & Science

You might be pleased to learn that Canada, which often follows the U.S. lead on technology issues, has taken a different approach on the privacy of user data.

UPI Almanac for Thursday, March 30, 2017

7 hours ago from UPI

On March 30, 1981, John Hinckley Jr. shot U.S. President Ronald Reagan outside a Washington hotel.

J.J. Redick, Chris Paul push Los Angeles Clippers past Washington Wizards

8 hours ago from UPI

LOS ANGELES -- J.J. Redick scored 31 points and Chris Paul contributed 27 points and 13 assists.

When it comes to biological populations, expect the unexpected

10 hours ago from Physorg

Human beings are familiar with the idea of extreme events. Meteorologists keep us up to date on hurricanes, floods and high temperatures. Economists watch the stock market for signs of...

Miami Heat crank up defense, shut down New York Knicks

10 hours ago from UPI

NEW YORK -- On the surface, it appeared the Miami Heat were playing effective defense at halftime. They thought otherwise when the topic was discussed during the break.

Hawaii judge strengthens block of Trump immigration order

10 hours ago from UPI

A federal judge in Hawaii strengthened the court order he issued banning President Donald Trump's executive order on immigration after it was set to expire.