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Tracking a solar eruption through the solar system

2 days ago from Science Daily

Ten spacecraft, from ESA's Venus Express to NASA's Voyager-2, felt the effect of a solar eruption as it washed through the solar system while three other satellites watched, providing a...

Miami Marlins' Giancarlo Stanton gets beer shower after mashing 43rd homer

2 days ago from UPI

Giancarlo Stanton hit his league-leading 43rd home run of the season Monday and was rewarded with a beer shower from the Miami Marlins.

Aaron Hicks' go-ahead homer guides New York Yankees past New York Mets

2 days ago from UPI

Three fastballs were in similar locations for the New York Yankees.

What can we learn about Mercury’s surface during the eclipse?

3 days ago from

A spectrometer aboard twin research jets will take advantage of the total solar eclipse to make the first thermal map of Mercury.

Dallas Cowboys prepared to play without RB Ezekiel Elliott following suspension

4 days ago from UPI

The Dallas Cowboys support Ezekiel Elliott but the team is prepared to play without their star running back due to his six-game suspension by the NFL.

How Benjamin Franklin Spread Science on 'Supernatural' Solar Eclipses

4 days ago from Live Science

Franklin advanced a scientific – not supernatural – understanding of astronomical events such as eclipses. His satirical character 'Poor Richard' mocked those who bought into astrological predictions.

New Solar Eclipse Flyer Made for All Language Speakers

4 days ago from

A new flyer aimed at non-English speakers was released by the American Astronomical Society (AAS) and improves access to important safety information for the cross-country eclipse on Aug. 21.

NASA 'Cribs': Tour an Astronaut Habitat for Mock Space Missions (Video)

4 days ago from

Take a tour of the  Human Exploration Research Analog (HERA) at NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

Experience A Zero Gravity Flight

5 days ago from NY Times Science

Experience zero gravity in 360. If you ever wished to become an astronaut, this is your first step.

Arizona Diamondbacks ride Brandon Drury past Chicago Cubs

5 days ago from UPI

PHOENIX -- Brandon Drury's two-run double keyed a four-run sixth inning that broke up Chicago Cubs starter Jon Lester's pitching duel with Patrick Corbin, and the Arizona Diamondbacks ended a...

Detroit Tigers: Justin Upton walk-off stuns Minnesota Twins

5 days ago from UPI

DETROIT -- Justin Upton drilled a walk-off, two-run homer with nobody out in the bottom of the ninth inning Saturday night to give the Detroit Tigers a 12-11 comeback victory...

NASCAR notebook: Dale Earnhardt Jr. reminisces about time at Michigan

5 days ago from UPI

By Matt Crossman, NASCAR Wire Service

Japan GPS satellite launch postponed due to glitch

5 days ago from Reuters:Science

TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan on Saturday postponed the planned launch of an H-2A rocket tasked to put a geo-positioning satellite into orbit due to possible helium gas leakage, Mitsubishi Heavy...

Libra Constellation: Facts About the Scales

6 days ago from

This faint constellation is the only one named for an inanimate object.

Texas Rangers ride Cole Hamels to win over sliding Houston Astros

6 days ago from UPI

ARLINGTON, Texas --The Texas Rangers rode a strong start from Cole Hamels and held off the Houston Astros late for a 6-4 win on Friday night at Globe Life Park.

New mission going to the space station to explore mysteries of 'cosmic rain'

6 days ago from Science Daily

A new experiment set for launch to the International Space Station will provide an unprecedented look at a rain of particles from deep space, called cosmic rays, that constantly showers...

2017 PGA Championship: Rory McIlroy makes par after skipping ball on cart path

6 days ago from UPI

Rory McIlroy was very pleased with his shot Friday when he skipped the golf ball off of the cart path on hole No. 10 at the 2017 PGA Championship.

NASA TV to broadcast six-hour space walk outside ISS

6 days ago from UPI

NASA's own TV channel is scheduled to broadcast a six-hour spacewalk outside the International Space Station.

An NJIT researcher throws a global ham radio 'party' to study the eclipse

6 days ago from Physorg

When a solar eclipse plunges the country into darkness Aug. 21, Nathaniel Frissell will be stationed directly along the shadow's path, leading one of the largest ionospheric experiments in the...

Man on a Mission: CSU San Bernardino Professor Chosen for Special NASA Mission

6 days ago from Newswise - Scinews

Dr. Richard Addante is five days into a 45-day stay in a simulated space shuttle that will allow researchers to measure the psychological effects of extended isolation in space.

TRAPPIST-1 twice as old as our solar system

6 days ago from UPI

Astronomers have narrowed in on a more precise estimate of the TRAPPIST-1 system. Scientists believe the system is between 5.4 and 9.8 billion years old.

Can’t Let Go of ‘S-Town’? Here’s What to Read Next

6 days ago from NY Times Health

Mercury poisoning, poetry, tattoos and sundials: These are the stories that explore the podcast’s most remarkable moments.

Fredrik Eklund of 'Million Dollar Listing' expecting twins

6 days ago from UPI

"Million Dollar Listing New York" star Fredrik Eklund announced he's expecting a son and daughter with husband Derek Kaplan.

Notes from Mars 160: Why on 'Mars' Are We Doing This?

6 days ago from

Mars 160 crewmember Paul Knightly is chronicling life and science on The Mars Society's Twin Desert-Arctic Analog simulation. Here's his fourth post from the Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station, in...

Messages from the world's smallest space probe

6 days ago from Physorg

The world's smallest space probe, conceived at Menlo Park's visionary Breakthrough Starshot, has phoned home.

Star Trek's Sulu says "BE SAFE" for August 21 eclipse

6 days ago from Science @ NASA

Are you ready for the eclipse?  Learn more here! News Article Type: Homepage ArticlesPublished: Friday, August 11, 2017 - 11:26

ViaSat, Data Link receive $123.4M for MIDS JRTS radios

6 days ago from UPI

ViaSat and Data Link Solutions have contracted for development of the Multifunctional Information Distribution System Joint Tactical Radio System terminals.

UPI Horse Racing Weekend Preview

6 days ago from UPI

The Arlington Million headlines a weekend of Thoroughbred racing heavy on the turf.