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Neutrino experiment may hint at why matter rules the universe

1 week ago from

T2K experiment hints at an explanation for what happened to antimatter.

Image: NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory watches a sunspot

2 weeks ago from Physorg

On July 5, 2017, NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory watched an active region—an area of intense and complex magnetic fields—rotate into view on the Sun. The satellite continued to track the...

Will weather cooperate for viewing the solar eclipse?

2 weeks ago from CBSNews - Science

Historical weather data show eclipse watchers have a better chance of clear skies in the Northwest

Boston Red Sox: Drew Pomeranz powers win over Chicago White Sox

2 weeks ago from UPI

BOSTON -- Drew Pomeranz pitched another strong game and Andrew Benintendi and Jackie Bradley Jr. hit two-run homers, powering the Boston Red Sox to their fifth straight win, a 4-1...

After 5 Years on Mars, NASA's Curiosity Rover Is Still Making Big Discoveries

2 weeks ago from

Five years after touching down on Mars, NASA's Curiosity rover mission is still making big discoveries.

Cleveland Indians hammer mistake-prone New York Yankees

2 weeks ago from UPI

CLEVELAND -- Trevor Bauer pitched seven strong innings and the New York Yankees' shoddy defense proved costly for the second consecutive night as the Cleveland Indians rolled to a 7-2...

We Explored NASA's Concept Mars Rover, and It Was Out of This World

2 weeks ago from

Automakers aren't the only ones who make concept cars. NASA does too, but this one is for off-roading on Mars.

Watch Massive Sunspot's Two-Week Trek Across Sun's Face (Video)

2 weeks ago from

A gorgeous new video shows a giant sunspot rotating across the sun's face, firing off flares and an eruption of superhot plasma known as a coronal mass ejection (CME).

Quark–gluon plasmas rotate at record speed

2 weeks ago from Physics World

Spin-polarized Λ hyperons could shed light on the early universe

Primordial black holes may have helped to forge heavy elements

2 weeks ago from Science Daily

Astronomers like to say we are the byproducts of stars, stellar furnaces that long ago fused hydrogen and helium into the elements needed for life through the process of stellar...

ATP Mexico: Top seeds Tomas Berdych, Sam Querrey advance

2 weeks ago from UPI

The top two seeds in the Abierto Mexicano de Tenis Mifel ATP tournament advanced to the semifinals at Los Cabos, Mexico, but they took different paths there Thursday.

Amateur Radio Club Tunes in to Eclipse for Science

2 weeks ago from Newswise - Scinews

The Aug. 21 solar eclipse across the United States promises to provide not only a rare visual experience for Americans, but also a rare listening experience for amateur radio operators...

Notes from Mars 160: Our Home on 'Mars'

2 weeks ago from

Mars 160 crewmember Paul Knightly is chronicling life and science on The Mars Society's Twin Desert-Arctic Analog simulation. Here's his third post from the Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station, in...

Mini-satellite Named After 'God of Dawn' Will Launch This Month

2 weeks ago from

A little satellite named after the mythological Norse god of the dawn will be sent into orbit in August and carry along six technologies — one of which is smaller...

Boeing test flight outlines 787-8 over United States

2 weeks ago from UPI

An 18-hour Boeing test flight created the outline of a 787-8 with its flight path over 22 states.

Chicago Cubs, Arizona Diamondbacks have dance off during rain delay

2 weeks ago from UPI

The Arizona Diamondbacks might have earned a victory Thursday on the field, but the bigger win came in a dance competition against the Chicago Cubs.

Investigators probing source of black sludge near Niagara Falls

2 weeks ago from UPI

Officials are investigating whether the sludge that turned water near the base of Niagara Falls black happened because of a mechanical failure or human error.

New York Knicks: Charles Oakley accepts plea deal to dismiss MSG charges

2 weeks ago from UPI

Former New York Knicks standout Charles Oakley accepted a plea deal on Friday to dismiss misdemeanor charges stemming from a February incident at Madison Square Garden.

Lockheed Martin reveals first images from telescope as thick as a pen cap

2 weeks ago from Physorg

Lockheed Martin today revealed the first images from an experimental, ultra-thin optical instrument, showing it could be possible to shrink space telescopes to a sliver of the size of today's...

Learning new tricks from sea sponges, nature's most unlikely civil engineers

2 weeks ago from Physorg

Imagine a future in which buildings tower miles over the streets below, tourists take day trips to the edge of our atmosphere, and multiple space stations can be spotted drifting...

'We Don't Planet' Episode 15: How Type II Supernovae Are Triggered

2 weeks ago from

The exact mechanisms behind the massive star explosions known as Type II supernovae are still shrouded in mystery, but scientists have some ideas. The 15th episode of the astrophysics-explainer video...

Pluto Probe May Get 2 Objects for Price of 1 During Next Flyby

2 weeks ago from

NASA's New Horizons spacecraft may double its pleasure during its next deep-space flyby 16 months from now.

On This Day: 3 civil rights workers found dead in Mississippi

2 weeks ago from UPI

On August 4, 1964, the remains of three slain civil rights workers were found buried in an earthen dam near Philadelphia, Miss.

International Space Station: By the Numbers

2 weeks ago from

As the largest spacecraft ever built, the International Space Station has been under construction for more than a decade. Here's a look at the ISS by the number.

Cosmic map reveals a not-so-lumpy Universe

2 weeks ago from News @ Nature

Odd results could still be consistent with the 'standard model' of cosmology.Nature News doi: 10.1038/nature.2017.22413

Feature: The Loyal Engineers Steering NASA’s Voyager Probes Across the Universe

2 weeks ago from NY Times Science

As the Voyager mission is winding down, so, too, are the careers of the aging explorers who expanded our sense of home in the galaxy.

Flash Dance: Adventures in Lightning Photography

2 weeks ago from NY Times Science

It was happening behind the clouds, so I didn’t see any bolts, but it lit up the sky for long enough to make a storytelling photo, and to allow me...

'Dancing with the Stars' pro Gleb Savchenko welcomes second child

2 weeks ago from UPI

"Dancing with the Stars" pro Gleb Savchenko announced wife Elena Samodanova gave birth to daughter Zlata on Aug. 1.