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Buzz Aldrin Sees Humans on Mars within Next 20 Years

5 days ago from MSNBC: Science

In a recent interview, the renowned astronaut, engineer, and the second human to ever step foot on the Moon explained why exploration and discovery are so important.

Space Telescope Spies Earth-like Feature on Huge Alien Planet

5 days ago from MSNBC: Science

A warm stratosphere has been found on exoplanet WASP-121b, showing that a trait of most atmospheres in our solar system also can be found on exoplanets.

Night vision for bird- and bat-friendly offshore wind power

1 week ago from Science Daily

ThermalTracker software analyzes video with night vision, the same technology that helps soldiers see in the dark, to help birds and bats near offshore wind turbines.

Approaching Asteroid

1 week ago from European Space Agency

Operations image of the week: an international campaign has revealed that an asteroid will come within 43 000 km of our planet in October, providing a rare opportunity for intensive...

Here's What It's Like to Be the Planetary Protection Officer at NASA

1 week ago from Live Science

John Rummel, a biology professor at East Carolina University, reflects on his experiences as NASA's planetary protection officer, a job that requires a lot of science, but no alien combat.

Scientists discover new clue to sun's hot atmosphere

2 weeks ago from UPI

Scientists have discovered for the first time that the corona of the sun is strongly linked to the 11-year solar magnetic activity cycle.

Twilight observations reveal huge storm on Neptune

2 weeks ago from Science Blog

Spectacular sunsets and sunrises are enough to dazzle most of us, but to astronomers, dusk and dawn are a waste of good observing time. They want a truly dark sky....

Image: Astronaut Paolo Nespoli and the Mares human physiology experiment

2 weeks ago from Physorg

The newest crewmember on the International Space Station, ESA astronaut Paolo Nespoli, has hit the ground running. After arriving in the early hours of 29 July and taking the rest...

Justin Bieber snipes two goals off of penalty shots in ice hockey session

2 weeks ago from UPI

Singer Justin Bieber played ice hockey this week and showed that if he wasn't known for his pipes, he could have a career wristing snipes.

Standard Model of the Universe Withstands Most Precise Test by Dark Energy Survey

2 weeks ago from Newswise - Scinews

Astrophysicists have a fairly accurate understanding of how the universe ages: That's the conclusion of new results from the Dark Energy Survey (DES), a large international science collaboration, including researchers...

'Dukes of Hazzard' star Tom Wopat arrested for indecent assault, battery

2 weeks ago from UPI

"Dukes of Hazzard" star Tom Wopat was arrested for indecent assault, battery and cocaine possession Wednesday in Massachusetts.

Our solar system's 'shocking' origin story

2 weeks ago from Science Daily

According to one longstanding theory, our Solar System's formation was triggered by a shock wave from an exploding supernova. It injected material from the exploding star into a neighboring cloud...

First observation of the hyperfine splitting in antihydrogen

2 weeks ago from Science Daily

Scientists are one step closer to answering the question of why matter exists and illuminating the mysteries of the Big Bang and the birth of the universe.

A Fully Automated Science Lab Could Be Coming to NASA's New Lunar Station

2 weeks ago from

The agency is considering how to conduct science experiments on the Deep Space Gateway station, even while no crew members are on board.

NASA-Developed Technologies Showcased on Dellingr’s Debut Flight

2 weeks ago from Science @ NASA

Portal origin URL: NASA-Developed Technologies Showcased on Dellingr’s Debut FlightPortal origin nid: 406656Published: Wednesday, August 2, 2017 - 09:42Featured (stick to top of list): noPortal text teaser: Along for the ride on Dellingr’s maiden journey...

GOES-S and GOES-T satellites coming together

2 weeks ago from Physorg

Progress continues on the development of NOAA's GOES-S and GOES-T spacecraft that will follow the successful launch of the Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite or GOES-R, renamed GOES-16 upon reaching geostationary...

Researchers brighten perspective of mysterious mini-halos

2 weeks ago from Physorg

The largest gravitationally bound objects in the universe are galaxy clusters that form at the intersection of cosmic web filaments. These entities are shaped and grow through massive collisions as...

Ron Howard shares photo of new droid in Han Solo spinoff

2 weeks ago from UPI

Ron Howard has given "Star Wars" fans a glimpse at a new droid that will be featured in Disney's upcoming film about a young Han Solo.

Brick by brick: satellite images could identify slave labor in India

2 weeks ago from Reuters:Science

LONDON (Reuters) - Researchers in England are hoping to help root out modern day slavery in northern India by using detailed satellite imagery to locate brick kilns - sites that...

E! plans TV special to mark 10 years of 'Keeping up with the Kardashians'

2 weeks ago from UPI

Ryan Seacrest is to host the 90-minute, "Keeping Up with the Kardashians 10 Year Anniversary Special" E! plans to air on Sept. 24.

New York Giants WR Sterling Shepard carted off field with ankle injury

2 weeks ago from UPI

New York Giants wide receiver Sterling Shepard was carted off the practice field Wednesday after sustaining an ankle injury.

Sessions launches opioid abuse task unit at Ohio event

2 weeks ago from UPI

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Wednesday the Justice Department is hiring 12 federal prosecutors to tackle opioid-related healthcare fraud.

New simulations could help in hunt for massive mergers of neutron stars, black holes

2 weeks ago from Physorg

Now that scientists can detect the wiggly distortions in space-time created by the merger of massive black holes, they are setting their sights on the dynamics and aftermath of other...

The Ethics of Mars Exploration: Q&A with Lucianne Walkowicz

2 weeks ago from

Dr. Lucianne Walkowicz often enlightens the public on science and advocates for equal representation for the marginalized in astrophysics, and will soon begin researching the ethics of Mars exploration.

NASA Reschedules TDRS-M Launch for August 20

2 weeks ago from

NASA announced July 26 that the launch of a communications satellite damaged during payload processing activities earlier this month has been rescheduled for Aug. 20.

Louis Tomlinson says he's friends with Zayn Malik again

2 weeks ago from UPI

Louis Tomlinson said he recently "cleared the air" with Zayn Malik following the singer's departure from One Direction.

Aging RB Matt Forte has stumbling start for New York Jets

2 weeks ago from UPI

The New York Jets opened training camp with three 30-somethings penciled -- lightly -- into the starting lineup.