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Researchers observe rarest event in history of the universe

3 days ago from Science Blog

Around 1,500 meters deep in the Italian Gran Sasso mountains is the underground laboratory LNGS (Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso), in which scientists search for dark matter particles in a...

Japan creates first artificial crater on asteroid

3 days ago from Physorg

Japanese scientists have succeeded in creating what they called the first-ever artificial crater on an asteroid, a step towards shedding light on how the solar system evolved, the country's space...

Image: Testing satellite marker designs

3 days ago from Physorg

Akin to landing lights for aircraft, ESA is developing infrared and phosphorescent markers for satellites, to help future space servicing vehicles rendezvous and dock with their targets.

Science of sweeping: Champion curler teams up with U of Sask. to find out how to do it right

Eugene Hritzuk teamed up with the University of Saskatchewan to get a handle on sweeping.

Netflix: What's coming and going in May 2019

3 days ago from UPI

The "Still Laugh-In" tribute, "Extremely Wicked" with Zac Efron as Ted Bundy and "Wine Country" starring Amy Poehler are headed to Netflix.

There's Basically 'No Chance' for Earth-Like Planets to Form an Atmosphere Around Hot Young Stars

3 days ago from Live Science

The odds of an atmosphere forming around an Earth-like exoplanet are even slimmer than previously thought, a new study suggests.

One of Stephen Hawking's Most Famous Theories About Black Holes Just Suffered a Huge Blow

3 days ago from Live Science

A groundbreaking search for Hawking's ancient black holes comes back empty-handed.

Physicists Closer to Solving Mystery of Weird Glowing Ring Around Milky Way's Black Hole

3 days ago from

Astronomers watched a high-speed gas cloud slam into the atmosphere of the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way.

RIP Pikachu: Ashes of Beloved Cat Will Launch to Space in Cosmic Burial

3 days ago from

A cat lover and space fan is about to make history by launching the remains of a cat named Pikachu into orbit around the Earth.

Life May Have Evolved Before Earth Finished Forming

3 days ago from

Life may have arisen in our solar system before Earth even finished forming.

NASA to Seek Iron-Spewing Volcanoes at Psyche

3 days ago from Scientific American

New research suggests the large metallic asteroid may harbor signs of past “ferrovolcanism” that could help rewrite early chapters of the solar system’s history -- Read more on

Pro Bowl pass rusher Ezekial Ansah visits Baltimore Ravens

3 days ago from UPI

Free-agent defensive end and Pro Bowler Ezekial Ansah visited the Baltimore Ravens, the team announced Wednesday.

NASA, FEMA, international partners plan asteroid impact exercise

3 days ago from Science Daily

NASA and other U.S. agencies and space science institutions, along with international partners, will participate in a 'tabletop exercise' that will play out a realistic -- but fictional -- scenario...

New 'Star Trek: Discovery' Comic Book Miniseries Will Go Boldly Into Spock's Past

3 days ago from

A new comic book miniseries from IDW Publishing will warp Spock back into the final frontier!\

You Can See the Moon Occult Saturn Thursday! Here's How.

3 days ago from

On Thursday (April 25) the moon will make a close approach to Saturn in the predawn sky. For lucky skywatchers in part of the globe, the moon will actually pass...

Arboretum goes solar in massive Harvard sustainability initiative

3 days ago from Harvard Science

The living landscape of the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University thrives — for nearly 150 years the extensive collection of woody plants has been harnessing the energy of the sun, pulling in...

Lessons of Apollo Can Help NASA Ace Return to the Moon, Experts Say

3 days ago from

As NASA prepares for the ambitious goal of landing a person on the moon within five years, a conference from the USRA discussed how the past will inform future lunar...

The Emergency Launch Abort Systems of SpaceX and Boeing Explained

3 days ago from

If anything goes wrong when a crew of astronauts launches into space, their spacecraft always has a built-in abort system to help them return to Earth safely. But not all...

Podcast: Scientists share what it takes to make a superheavy element

3 days ago from C&EN

Inspired by a recent periodic table–themed pub trivia event, Stereo Chemistry explores the stories behind isolating some of the heaviest elements known

Landslides on Mars Spotted from Space in Amazing NASA Photo

3 days ago from

On Mars, just as on Earth, gravity can send material tumbling down steep slopes — and the results can be stunningly pretty, as shown in this photograph NASA released today.

NASA, FEMA, international partners to hold asteroid impact exercise

3 days ago from UPI

NASA, FEMA and several other international partners will participate in an asteroid impact exercise at the 2019 Planetary Defense Conference.

The Best Hubble Space Telescope Images of All Time!

3 days ago from

Celebrate 29 years of the Hubble Space Telescope with this gallery of our favorite views from the iconic observatory.

You Can Now Build Boeing's Starliner Capsule With Cobi Toy Blocks

3 days ago from

With work underway to return astronauts to space from U.S. soil, you can now piece together one of NASA's new commercial crew spacecraft using a toy kit from Poland.

Dark matter detector records extremely rare decay of xenon-124

4 days ago from UPI

With the help of a dark matter detector, scientists have observed the decay of xenon-124 -- the "rarest thing ever recorded."

NASA, FEMA, International Partners Plan Asteroid Impact Exercise

Next week, NASA will participate in a "tabletop exercise" that will play out a realistic - but fictional - scenario of an asteroid on an impact trajectory with Earth.

China Plans to Build a Base near the Moon's South Pole

4 days ago from Live Science

China plans to build a scientific research station on the moon in 'about 10 years' according to a state news agency.

Dark matter detector observes rarest event ever recorded

4 days ago from Physorg

How do you observe a process that takes more than one trillion times longer than the age of the universe? The XENON Collaboration research team did it with an instrument...

NASA's Aqua Satellite catches Tropical Cyclone Lorna organizing

4 days ago from Physorg

Visible satellite imagery from NASA's Aqua satellite revealed the recently formed Tropical Storm Lorna was getting organized in the Southeastern Indian Ocean.