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Sky-High Solar Eclipse? Here's What You Might See from an Airplane

3 days ago from

If you’re on an airplane flying across the U.S. during the Aug. 21 eclipse, what might you see from midair?

Expert: Guam image in Kim Jong Un photo from 6 years ago

4 days ago from UPI

A satellite image of Guam seen in a recent photograph of Kim Jong Un may have been taken six years ago, Voice of America reported.

Manufacturing in Space Just Took a Big Step Forward

4 days ago from MSNBC: Science

For the first time ever, large-scale objects have been 3-D printed in a space-like environment.

Michigan Wolverines football 2017 season preview, schedule, players to watch

4 days ago from UPI

Michigan finds itself in rebuilding mode in Year 3 of the Jim Harbaugh era.

Circular formation

5 days ago from European Space Agency

Human spaceflight and robotic exploration image of the week: Expedition 52/53 crew on the International Space Station

David Tennant, Michael Sheen to co-star in 'Good Omens'

5 days ago from UPI

"Masters of Sex" actor Michael Sheen and "Doctor Who" icon David Tennant are to star in "Good Omens."

Disney Relaunches Mission: SPACE Ride at Epcot with Revised NASA Cameos

5 days ago from

Next-generation NASA spacecraft have new cameos as part of the relaunched Mission: SPACE ride at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, but the refreshed attraction jettisons reference to the space...

MTSU Preps 150-Plus City, County Teachers for Solar Eclipse

5 days ago from Newswise - Scinews

Murfreesboro City and Rutherford County Schools' teachers are receiving free tutoring from MTSU physics and astronomy faculty on a "dark" but sizzling subject -- the looming total solar eclipse.

Ancient Greeks Built an Eclipse-Predicting 'Computer' 2,000 Years Ago

5 days ago from Live Science

An ancient astronomical calculator known as the Antikythera mechanism was used to predict both solar and lunar eclipses, research shows.

Ali Wong, Randall Park to star in upcoming Netflix comedy feature

5 days ago from UPI

Ali Wong and Randall Park are set to star together in an upcoming, untitled Netflix comedy feature.

NASA, ESA Spacecraft Track Solar Storm Through Space

5 days ago from Science @ NASA

Portal origin URL: NASA, ESA Spacecraft Track Solar Storm Through SpacePortal origin nid: 407535Published: Tuesday, August 15, 2017 - 12:08Featured (stick to top of list): noPortal text teaser: Using seven spacecraft, along with computer models,...

It's raining frogs: a brief look at the planet's weirdest weather ever

5 days ago from PopSci

Science From falling frogs to giant hailstones. The same natural patterns that cause normal weather can also result in bizarre, terrifying, and downright mythical...

Cosmic velocity web: Motions of thousands of galaxies mapped

5 days ago from Science Daily

The cosmic web -- the distribution of matter on the largest scales in the universe -- has usually been defined through the distribution of galaxies. Now, a new study by...

NASA studies CubeSat mission to solve Venusian mystery

5 days ago from Physorg

Venus looks bland and featureless in visible light, but change the filter to ultraviolet, and Earth's twin suddenly looks like a different planet. Dark and light areas stripe the sphere,...

Tidally locked exoplanets may be more common than previously thought

5 days ago from Science Daily

Many exoplanets to be found by coming high-powered telescopes will probably be tidally locked -- with one side permanently facing their host star -- according to new research.

Video: Dark matter hunt with LUX-ZEPLIN

5 days ago from Physorg

Researchers at the Department of Energy's SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory are on a quest to solve one of physics' biggest mysteries: What exactly is dark matter – the invisible substance...

New thruster design increases efficiency for future spaceflight

5 days ago from Physorg

Hall thrusters (HTs) are used in earth-orbiting satellites, and also show promise to propel robotic spacecraft long distances, such as from Earth to Mars. The propellant in a HT, usually...

Record-sized data centre planned inside Arctic Circle

The facility in the north of Norway will take advantage of cheap energy and the cool air.

Record-Breaking Astronaut Peggy Whitson Talks About Space Travel & a Solar Eclipse

6 days ago from

NASA's astronaut Peggy Whitson will return to Earth next month after a momentous extended visit to the International Space Station. Whitson phoned from the ISS to discuss the highlights...

9-Year-Old 'Guardian of the Galaxy' Applies to Be NASA Planetary Protection Officer

6 days ago from

NASA's recent job posting for planetary protection officer inspired a fourth-grader to become the next real-life guardian of Earth.

Can the eclipse tell us if Einstein right about general relativity?

6 days ago from

During the eclipse, astronomers will reproduce the 1919 experiment that confirmed Einstein’s general theory of relativity.

How to stay safe when lightning hits

6 days ago from Physorg

Here are some lightning safety tips from the National Weather Service.

Stardust hitches a ride on meteorites more often than previously thought

6 days ago from Physorg

Even tiny dust particles have stories to tell − especially when they come from outer space. Meteorites contain tiny amounts of what is popularly known as stardust, matter originating from...

Sports hype of platelet-rich plasma 'powerful marketing tool' but distorts the science

When injured elite athletes talk about using platelet-rich plasma, the coverage rarely discusses the limitations or efficacy of the technique, a new study suggests.

Nanomaterials help spiders spin the toughest stuff

6 days ago from Physorg

Spiders' silk is already tough stuff—just ask your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman.

Earth in Suspension

6 days ago from NY Times Science

A total solar eclipse is not just the momentary theft of day. It is a profound interruption of the world as we know it.

Summer Triangle: Asterism of 3 Stars From 3 Constellations

6 days ago from

The Summer Triangle is a Northern Hemisphere asterism (star pattern) that is actually an amalgamation of stars from three separate constellations.

Khloe Kardashian wants kids with Tristan Thompson 'when the time is right'

6 days ago from UPI

Khloe Kardashian discussed her future with NBA star Tristan Thompson in the Aug. 13 issue of You magazine.