Science Daily

Monday th 15th of September 2008

Ovarian Cancer Drug Trial Reveals Promising New Treatment - 09:28

'1-hit' Event Provides New Opportunity For Colon Cancer Prevention, Say Researchers - 09:28

New Mechanism To Produce Energy From Biomass - 09:28

Intravenous Iron Improves Treatment Response In Cancer-related Anemia - 09:28

Investigational Drug Shows Promise In Ovarian Cancer - 09:28

Bovine Colostrum And Fermented Cabbage Can Help Restrict Infections - 09:28

Newer Antipsychotics No Better Than Older Drug In Treating Child And Adolescent Schizophrenia, Study Finds - 08:21

Ship-induced Waves Affect Snails, Crabs And Insect Larvae In Sandy Lakes And Rivers - 08:21

Automated System Provides Early Warning Of Natural Disasters - 08:21

Pervasive Games Promise To Spice Up Daily Life - 08:21

Sunday th 14th of September 2008

Zebra Finches Vary Immune Response According To Age, Sex And Costs - 22:28

Women Who Binge Drink At Greater Risk Of Unsafe Sex And Sexually Transmitted Disease - 22:28

Colorectal Cancer Screening Should Start At Age 50, Study Confirms - 22:28

Better Health Through Your Cell Phone - 22:28

The 'Satellite Navigation' In Our Brains - 22:28

Future Nanoelectronics May Face Obstacles - 22:28

NASA's Phoenix Lander Sees, Feels Martian Whirlwinds In Action - 22:28

Chest Surgeons Propose Measures For Indicating Quality Of Lung Surgery - 21:21

Giant Honeybees Use Shimmering 'Mexican Waves' To Repel Predatory Wasps - 21:21

Gap Junction Protein Vital To Successful Pregnancy, Researchers Find - 21:21

New Pathway For Malaria Infection Discovered - 21:21

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Common Among Injured Patients - 21:21

Hotline To The Cowshed - 21:21

Scientists Point To Forests For Carbon Storage Solutions - 21:21

Nanoscale Silver: No Silver Lining? - 21:21

Automated Bus Uses Magnets To Steer Through City Streets - 21:21

Superconductivity Can Induce Magnetism - 21:21

Brightest Stellar Explosion Heralds New Type Of Long-distance Astronomy - 21:21

Scientists Watch As Listener's Brain Predicts Speaker's Words - 21:21

New Cancer-causing Gene In Many Colon Cancers Identified - 18:21

Faster, Cheaper Way Of Analyzing The Human Genome Developed - 18:21

Newly Found Gene Variants Account For Kidney Diseases Among African-Americans, Studies Show - 18:21

Saturday th 13th of September 2008

Making Snack Food Choices: Are Bad Intentions Stronger Than Good Intentions? - 18:21

Photo Reveals Rare Okapi Survived Poaching Onslaught - 18:21

Illusion Vs. Reality: Age-related Differences In Expectations For Future Happiness - 18:21

Photos Reveal Myanmar's Large And Small Predators - 18:21

Old Growth Forests Are Valuable Carbon Sinks - 18:21

Immunity Traits May Be Involved In Mate Choice In Some Human Populations - 18:21

Physicists Harness Effects Of Disorder In Magnetic Sensors - 18:21

How Not To Gain The Dreaded 'Freshman Fifteen' - 18:21

Accurate Speedometer For Astronomy: Determining Velocities Of Stars And Other Celestial Bodies - 18:21

Friday th 12th of September 2008

Study Links Primary Care Shortage With Salary Disparities - 23:14

Math Model Helps Unravel Relationship Between Nutrients And Biodiversity - 23:14

Early Stage Colon Cancer Characterized By Inactivation Of Gatekeeper Gene - 23:14

Computational Biochemist Uncovers A Molecular Clue To Evolution - 23:14

Untapped Potential Of Antidepressants For Cancer - 23:14

Curbing Coal Emissions Alone Might Avert Climate Danger, Say Researchers - 23:14

Amount Of Work For Medical Residents -- Not Just Hours -- Need Review, Study Finds - 23:14

New Method For Creating Inducible Stem Cells Is Remarkably Efficient - 23:14

New Marker For Raised Intracranial Pressure - 23:14