Science Daily

Thursday th 18th of September 2008

Use Of Non-psychoactive Cannabinoids In The Treatment Of Neurodegenerative Diseases. - 22:14

Mother's Diet Can Affect Genes And Offspring's Risk Of Allergic Asthma, Rodent Studies Suggest - 22:14

Exposure To Family Violence Especially Harmful To Previously Abused Children - 22:14

Inflammatory Response To Infection And Injury May Worsen Dementia - 22:14

Pores Open The Door To Death - 22:14

Cutting Calories Could Limit Muscle Wasting In Later Years - 22:14

'Buckyballs' Have High Potential To Accumulate In Living Tissue - 22:14

Accuracy, Efficacy And Ethics Of Abstinence-only Programs Questioned By Public Health Experts - 22:14

Lighting Research Center Develops Framework For Assessing Light Pollution - 22:14

Prostate Cancer Genes Behave Like Those In Embryo - 22:14

Biologists Identify Genes Controlling Rhythmic Plant Growth - 22:14

Hormone Discovery Points To Benefits Of 'Home Grown' Fat - 22:14

From Sugar To Gasoline: 'Green Gasoline' Crafted From Sugar And Carbohydrates - 22:14

Finger Lengths Linked To Voluntary Exercise - 22:14

New Link To Tropical African Climate Proposed - 22:14

First Dense Gas Of Ultracold 'Polar' Molecules Created - 22:14

'Baby' Fat Cells May Be Key To Treating Obesity, Say Researchers - 22:14

Kids With Obese Friends And Family More Likely To Misperceive Weight - 22:14

Muscle Stem Cell Identity Confirmed By Researchers - 22:14

Smart Desks Make Sci-fi A Reality In The Classroom - 22:14

Genetically Modified Crops Protect Neighbors From Pests, Study Finds - 22:14

Political Views Affect Firms' Corporate Social Responsibility, Study Finds - 22:14

Pictures Of Hot Fudge Sundaes Arouse: Understanding Emotions Improves Our Food Choices - 22:14

Natural Childbirth Linked To Stronger Baby Bonding Than C-sections - 22:14

Explorers Find Hundreds Of Undescribed Corals, Other Species On Familiar Australian Reefs - 22:14

New Pacific Iguana Discovered In Fiji - 21:28

Heart Bypass Surgery: Deadly Delays - 20:21

Cancer-causing Role Of Gene Proteins Discovered - 19:35

Key Advance In Treating Spinal Cord Injuries Found In Manipulating Stem Cells - 19:35

Unique Dark-energy Probe To Measure More Than A Million Galaxies And Quasars - 19:35

Abrupt Climate Change Focus Of U.S. National Laboratories - 19:35

Minimally-invasive Aortic Valve Bypass Benefits High-risk Elderly Patients - 17:21

'Redesigned Hammer' That Forged Evolution Of Pregnancy In Mammals Found - 17:21

Astronomers Discover Most Dark Matter-dominated Galaxy In Universe - 17:21

Houses Made Of Hemp Could Help Combat Climate Change - 16:38

New Drug Substantially Extends Survival In Pancreatic Cancer - 16:38

Roman York Skeleton Could Be Early TB Victim - 16:38

An 'HIV-test' Equivalent For Early Detection Of Lung Cancer - 16:37

Scientists Find Black Hole 'Missing Link' - 16:37

Older Problem Gamblers May Face Greater Suicide Risk Than Younger Counterparts, Study Finds - 16:37

3-D MRI Technique Helps Radiologists Detect High-risk Carotid Disease - 16:37

Old And New Therapies Combine To Tackle Atherosclerosis - 16:37

Giant Grass Offers Clues To Growing Corn In Cooler Climes, Researchers Report - 16:37

Nanomedical Approach Targets Multiple Cancer Genes, Shrinks Tumors More Effectively - 16:37

Fastest Flights In Nature: High-speed Spore Discharge Mechanisms Among Fungi - 16:36

Parents Of Dying Newborns Need Clearer Explanation Of Options - 16:36

High Grain Prices Are Likely Here To Stay - 16:36

Factors Associated With Poor Weight Loss After Gastric Bypass Surgery Identified - 16:36

Drinking Water: The Need For Constant Innovation - 16:36

Migraine Linked To Blood Clots In Veins - 16:35