Science Daily

Friday th 13th of June 2008

Threatened Or Invasive? Species' Fates Identified - 09:35

Life's Raw Materials May Have Come From The Stars, Scientists Confirm - 09:35

Physical Activity: Not Just A 'Walk In The Park' - 07:21

Keeping The Seductive, Shiny Brown Surface Of Fresh Chocolate As It Ages - 07:21

Source Of Drug-tolerant Tuberculosis Possibly Behind TB Relapses, Intensity Of Treatment - 07:21

For Hurricanes, Storms, Raindrop Size Makes All The Difference - 07:21

NASA Finds New Type Of Comet Dust Mineral - 07:21

Thursday th 12th of June 2008

Phoenix Mars Lander Delivers Soil Sample To Microscope - 20:28

Computer Climate Models Need Updated Forest Dynamics Data - 19:21

Hox Genes Control Path Of Neurons Responsible For Nervous System Development - 19:21

Drugs Being Tested For Alzheimer's Disease Work In Unexpected And Beneficial Ways - 19:21

Vitamin Supplement Little More Than 'Snake Oil,' Researcher Claims - 19:21

New Way To Reduce Neuronal Loss In Brain Of A Person With Alzheimer's Disease - 19:21

Closing Ozone Hole Will Have Major Impact On Global Warming, And Probably Not For The Better - 19:21

Boon To Drug Discovery: Interactions Within Membrane Complexes Can Be Maintained In Vacuum Of Mass Spectrometer - 19:21

Mechanism Explains Link Between Apolipoprotein E And Alzheimer's Disease - 19:21

New Insights Into Hidden World Of Protein Folding - 19:21

Mysterious Mountain Dinosaur May Be New Species - 19:21

Ace Perceptual Skills Of Tennis Pros - 19:21

CT Lung Cancer Screening No Cure-all For Smokers - 19:21

Three-month-old Infants Are Sensitive To Emotional Cues Referring To Objects In The World - 19:21

Physicists Produce Quantum-entangled Images - 19:21

Statistics Phenomenon On The Pitch: Often Two Players With The Same Birthday At The World Cup - 13:21

'Faulty' Brain Connections May Be Responsible For Social Impairments In Autism - 13:21

Women, Mexican-Americans At Higher Risk Of Ruptured Brain Aneurysm - 13:21

Has Global Warming Research Misinterpreted Cloud Behavior? - 13:21

Unique Drug Combination May Hold The Key To Reversing Type I Diabetes - 13:21

Detective Astronomers Unearth Hidden Celestial Gem - 13:21

Doritos Makes History With World's First Extra Terrestrial Advertisement - 12:35

Cell Surface Receptors Are All 'Talk' In T Cell Stimulation - 12:35

On The Evolutionary Trail Of Molecules That Cause Lou Gehrig's Disease - 12:35

Primary Tumors Can Drive The Growth Of Distant Cancers - 12:35

International Mission Studying Sun To Conclude - 12:35

Patients Must Re-learn Going From Sitting To Standing After Total Knee Replacement - 11:28

Excessive Drinking And Relapse Rapidly Cut In New Approach - 11:28

How Cocaine Impairs Fetal Brain Development - 11:28

Hubble’s Sweeping View Of The Coma Galaxy Cluster - 11:28

Smoking And Body Mass Index Linked To Hearing Loss, But Alcohol Has Protective Effect - 11:28

Ovarian Function And Fertility Preserved In Women With Severe Systemic Lupus Erythematosus - 10:21

Tests Check Out Rescue Robots' Life-saving Vision - 10:21

'Nanoglassblowing' Seen As Boon To Study Of Individual Molecules - 10:21

Field Project Seeks Clues To Climate Change In Remote Atmospheric Region - 10:21

Stroke: Tsunami In The Human Brain - 10:21

Golfers And Golf Courses Benefit From The Use Of Native Grasses In Roughs - 10:21

Are HIV Prevention Gels Safe For Pregnant Women, Their Babies? - 09:35

Freshwater Runoff From Greenland Ice Sheet Will More Than Double By End Of Century - 09:35

New Self-management Program Offers Significant Benefits For Arthritis Patients With Chronic Pain - 09:35

University Experts Dispute Hawk-eye's Wimbledon Line Call - 09:35

Prevalence Of US Osteoprotic Hip Fracture Hospitalizations Declines Despite An Aging Population - 09:35

Adalimumab Therapy Effective In AS, RA And PsA Patients Refractory To Other Anti-TNF Therapies - 09:35