Science Daily

Tuesday th 16th of September 2008

Photosynthesizing Bacteria With A Day-night Cycle Contain Rare Chromosome - 10:30

Massage Therapy May Have Immediate Positive Effect On Pain And Mood For Advanced Cancer Patients - 10:30

Biological Selenium Removal: Solution To Pollution? - 10:29

Role For Gefitinib In Asian Nonsmokers With Lung Cancer Established - 10:29

Drinking Chamomile Tea May Help Fight Complications Of Diabetes - 10:29

Genetic Mutation That May Predict Organ Rejection Identified - 10:29

New Clues To Oxygen At The Origin Of The Solar System - 10:29

Monday th 15th of September 2008

New Ant Species Discovered In The Amazon Likely Represents Oldest Living Lineage Of Ants - 23:14

Dark Matter Disk In Our Galaxy, Supercomputer Simulation Shows - 23:14

Criminals Who Eat Processed Foods More Likely To Be Discovered, Through Fingerprint Sweat Corroding Metal - 21:21

Steady Work And Mental Health: Is There A Connection? - 19:28

New Geomorphological Index Created For Studying Active Tectonics Of Mountains - 19:28

Impulsive Eater? Remembering Failures May Help Curb Eating - 19:28

Adding Taxotere To Chemotherapy Regimen Improves Survival In Early Breast Cancer, Study Suggests - 19:28

How Memories Are Made, And Recalled - 19:28

Help For Shopaholics: New Test Determines Who's At Risk For Compulsive Buying - 19:28

New Technique Allows Certain Objects To Be Invisible To Human Eye - 19:28

Slicing Solar Power Costs: New Method Cuts Waste In Making Most Efficient Solar Cells - 19:28

New Treatment For Prostate Cancer Pioneered - 19:28

Arctic Sea Ice At Lowest Recorded Level Ever - 19:28

Newest Interventional Radiology Treatment Used To Bust Blood Clots In Legs - 19:28

Two Beta Blockers Also Protect Heart Tissue, Study Finds - 19:28

Magic Can Conjure Up Confidence And Social Skills - 19:28

Flower-shaped Nanoparticles May Lead To Better Batteries For Portable Electronics - 19:28

Prosthetic Ears Appear To Improve Hearing And Speech Recognition In Noisy Environments - 19:28

Fuel Emissions From Marine Vessels Remain A Global Concern - 19:28

Childhood Brain Cancer Genes Identified - 19:28

Immigrant Sun: Our Star Could Be Far From Where It Started In Milky Way - 19:28

First Picture Of Likely Planet Around Sun-like Star - 16:21

Ice Core Studies Confirm Accuracy Of Climate Models - 13:36

Turn It Off To Turn It On: Neuroscientists Discover Critical Early Step Of Memory Formation - 13:36

Mother's Stress Linked To Her Child Becoming Overweight - 13:35

Viruses Collectively Decide Bacterial Cell's Fate - 13:35

Global Shortages Of Radio Isotopes For Cancer Diagnosis May Be A Thing Of The Past - 13:35

Significant Benefits In Non-small-cell Lung Cancer From Customizing Erlotinib Treatment - 13:35

Key To Keeping Older People Fit For Longer - 13:35

Oil Palm Plantations Are No Substitute For Tropical Rainforests, A New Study Shows - 12:29

Small Glaciers -- Not Large -- Account For Most Of Greenland's Recent Loss Of Ice, Study Shows - 12:28

Gene Therapy For Chronic Pain Gets First Test In People - 12:28

Giant Grass Offers Clues To Growing Corn In Cooler Climes, Researchers Report - 12:28

More Findings On Gene Involved In Childhood Asthma - 12:28

Embryonic Stem Cells Might Help Reduce Transplantation Rejection - 12:28

Economic Value Of Insect Pollination Worldwide Estimated At U.S. $217 Billion - 12:28

Genetic Profile Reveals Susceptibility To Cleft Palate - 12:28

Cold And Lonely: Does Social Exclusion Literally Feel Cold? - 12:28

Putting A 'Korset' On The Spread Of Computer Viruses: Invention Stays One Step Ahead Of Anti-virus Software - 11:21

Aerobic Exercise For The Wheelchair-bound - 11:21

Making Snack Food Choices: Are Bad Intentions Stronger Than Good Intentions? - 10:58

Closest Look Ever At Graphene: Stunning Images Of Individual Carbon Atoms From TEAM 0.5 Microscope - 10:58

Osteoporosis: Calcium And Exercise To Strengthen The Bones -- Do You Get Enough? - 10:58