Science Alert

Monday th 3rd of November 2014

FEATURE: Does eating cheese before bed give you nightmares? - 22:30

New electric spoon can zap tongue with extra flavour - 22:00

FEATURE: WATCH: A bowling ball and feather fall in world's biggest vacuum chamber - 18:30

US couple invent world's first functional hoverboard - 03:00

Sea sponge drug can give women with breast cancer an extra 5 months of life - 03:00

New study suggests only 8.2% of our DNA is functional - 03:00

Man has life-long fear of spiders 'cut' out of his brain - 02:30

New measurements show hole in ozone layer holds steady - 02:30

Sunday th 2nd of November 2014

New research suggests you make better decisions when you're hungry - 22:30

New wearable technology improves communication between dogs and humans - 22:00

FEATURE: WATCH: The psychology of accents - 19:30

Saturday th 1st of November 2014

FEATURE: WATCH: Thermite vs Dry Ice - 01:30

Friday th 31st of October 2014

New technology shows nurses where your veins are - 23:30

Scientists have invented a brain decoder that could read your inner thoughts - 23:30

DNA barcodes can tell you exactly where your food came from - 23:30

Genes may influence who survives Ebola - 23:30

New solar material converts 90% of captured light into heat - 23:30

Aerial images shed light on the Middle East’s mysterious stone circles - 22:30

An African solar plant could power UK homes by 2018 - 21:30

A new type of brain cell has been discovered - 05:00

Thursday th 30th of October 2014

Scientists now know why scratching makes you more itchy - 22:30

Gladiators drank a post-workout drink made from ash - 20:30

Study suggests milk doesn't strengthen your bones - it ages you instead - 20:30

World's most advanced flying car unveiled in Italy - 20:00

FEATURE: WATCH: The Science of Beer - 20:00

FEATURE: WATCH: Why I'm Scared of Spiders - 18:00

FEATURE: WATCH: This is not a rainbow - 15:00

There's now a vaccine to stop koalas getting Chlamydia - 04:03

The real damage from yesterday’s rocket explosion - 03:01

World's first artificial cow's milk to hit the market next year - 02:30

Wednesday th 29th of October 2014

Algal virus found slowing down the brains of humans - 23:30

This is your brain on magic mushrooms - 23:30

Scientists use stem cells to grow tiny human stomachs - 22:00

Newly explored regions of the human genome reveal fundamental processes of life - 03:30

Ferns can change their neighbour’s sex - 03:30

New sparkling apple variety fizzes in your mouth - 02:00

FEATURE: WATCH: How quantum teleportation works - 02:00

Learning a new word stimulates the same region of the brain as sex, research shows - 02:00

Tuesday th 28th of October 2014

Chefs and scientists have joined forces to perfect Japanese food - 23:00

FEATURE: WATCH: How to make a rocket with sugar and kitty litter - 18:30

FEATURE: WATCH: Ebola - The Full Story - 17:30

Scientists have converted human skin cells into brain cells - 07:00

Musicians are better at multitasking - 07:00

Brain scans have revealed why some people get so depressed in winter - 03:01

Monday th 27th of October 2014

Physicists have finally proved the existence of a new superconductive state, first proposed 50 years ago - 23:00

World's fastest network can transmit 32 terabytes per second - 23:00

New windowless planes set to fly within a decade - 23:00

FEATURE: WATCH: Can you erase bad memories? - 20:10

Erratic rain patterns can change the taste of your tea - 05:30

Scientists have grown a functioning blood vessel in just seven days - 05:30