Science Alert

Monday th 17th of November 2014

This man can hear Wi-Fi wherever he goes. Here's what it sounds like. - 01:30

WATCH: Japan’s built a maglev passenger train that travels 500 km/h - 01:30

Kisses transfer 80 million bacteria, new study reveals - 01:30

This molecule could be the key to unlocking super-memory in our brains - 01:30

Sunday th 16th of November 2014

WATCH: Why Isn't The Sky Purple? - 16:00

This app promises to read your DNA and give you personalised health advice - 05:00

Saturday th 15th of November 2014

This single protein influences how your brain copes with stress - 20:30

WATCH: Match burning in slow motion - 20:00

WATCH: Neurosurgeon completes full 'subdural haematoma' surgical procedure - 03:30

Study finds six toxic flame-retardants in humans - 03:00

Australian students have invented a cheap nanosensor to detect Ebola - 03:00

Friday th 14th of November 2014

Cannabis has been used to shrink one of the most aggressive brain cancers in the lab - 20:30

WATCH: Moving house? Join the hermit crab conga line - 19:30

Scientists have finally climbed to the bottom of one of Siberia’s mysterious holes - 05:30

Analysis of world's oldest people reveals there's no gene for long life - 04:32

This is how many tasks your brain is processing at once when you're being challenged - 02:30

Habitual baby-killing is being thwarted by promiscuous females and big balls - 02:03

Study suggests action video games can help you learn faster - 00:31

WATCH: How did walking and breathing first evolve? - 00:31

Thursday th 13th of November 2014

Scientists have identified the gene that makes mosquitoes crave human blood - 23:00

WATCH: Young elephant fights off 14 lions - 19:30

World first: scientists have sent images across Vienna using "twisted light" - 03:20

Here's how learning a new language changes your brain - at any age - 00:40

Wednesday th 12th of November 2014

New smartphone device zaps your nerves to relax or energise you - 22:50

Why 'watermelon snow' doesn't taste nearly as good as it sounds - 21:50

A piece of Australia is trapped beneath Vanuatu - and scientists don't know how it got there - 21:20

Dolphin-like robots help scientists explore melting polar ice - 03:00

Can't dance? There might be a scientific explanation - 03:00

WATCH LIVE: A spacecraft is about to land on a comet for the first time in history - 03:00

Tuesday th 11th of November 2014

Scientists have discovered that monster chromosomes are fuelling cancer growth - 22:30

New technology could power battery-free electric cars within five years - 22:30

New mind-control device allows scientists to edit mouse genes with their thoughts - 22:30

WATCH: Lyrebird perfectly imitates laser gun sounds - 19:30

WATCH: Astronauts grow a water orb in space and stick a camera inside - 16:32

A purpose in life is linked to a longer lifespan - 04:00

Heavy marijuana use shrinks your brain but compensates by making more connections - 03:30

Computers that use light instead of electricity will apparently be here within 10 years - 02:30

Monday th 10th of November 2014

New study suggests cats become domesticated for treats - 23:00

Scientists have unlocked a state of child-like fast learning in the adult brain - 22:30

Scientists make diamonds out of peanut butter - 21:30

WATCH: Why Do We Like Our Own Farts? - 16:31

This inflatable incubator could save premature babies - 04:00

Stem cell transplant reverses Parkinson’s disease symptoms in rats - 04:00

New headset uses sound to guide the blind - 03:30

World-first evidence suggests that meditation alters cancer survivors’ cells - 03:00

New study reveals why it's impossible to put down a Harry Potter book - 03:00

Common blood-pressure drug cures diabetes in mice - human trials begin in 2015 - 01:00

Saturday th 8th of November 2014

New wearable device can track your diet - 04:30

Young entrepreneur gains backing from Intel for his braille printer - 04:30

WATCH: Here's what it looks like when a giant insect breathes - 04:30