Science Alert

Tuesday th 7th of October 2014

Largest study on resuscitated patients hints at consciousness after death - 21:30

FEATURE: WATCH: Amazing Energy Facts To Blow Your Mind - 19:01

FEATURE: WATCH: The quantum force that can make boats crash into each other - 02:50

This 3D-printed heart helped save a baby’s life - 02:20

Our genes determine how well we do in school - 02:20

Monday th 6th of October 2014

Lab-grown penises are ready for human trials - 22:30

WATCH: Nobel Prize for medicine rewarded for brain GPS discovery - 22:30

FEATURE: WATCH: Why does your voice sound so different in recordings? - 20:30

Sunday th 5th of October 2014

WATCH: Giant 3D-printed robot spider undulates for you - 22:31

Swedish woman is first in the world to give birth after womb transplant - 22:30

FEATURE: WATCH: This tiny sea sapphire is a beautiful mystery - 22:30

Short weight-lifting sessions can improve your memory - 22:30

This is the world's largest chemistry textbook - 19:01

FEATURE: WATCH: How to trick your brain into thinking you slept well - 19:01

Saturday th 4th of October 2014

Thousands of mountains have been discovered under the sea - 07:00

This needle-coated capsule could replace injections - 06:00

Friday th 3rd of October 2014

FEATURE: WATCH: The fastest animal in the world vs a skydiver - 20:30

Saturn's moon Titan is wrapped in enormous clouds of cyanide - 20:30

2013 was Australia’s hottest year on record, and research shows human-caused climate change was to blame - 20:00

Scientists have pinpointed where HIV originated - 20:00

Granny Smith apples can help prevent the damage of obesity - 20:00

Your ability to detect five scents in old age can predict how long you'll live - 03:30

This cancer-detecting yoghurt could replace colonoscopies - 03:30

World's smallest microphone is made from a single molecule - 03:30

Thursday th 2nd of October 2014

FEATURE: WATCH: Why does our hair turn grey? - 23:00

Previous sexual partners can influence another mate's offspring - 03:30

Antarctica’s lost so much ice it’s changed Earth’s gravity - 03:30

FEATURE: WATCH: This is what tattooing looks like close-up in slow motion - 03:30

Strange shifts in wind patterns cleared the path to Easter Island - 02:30

Scientists are turning the Moon into a giant particle detector - 02:30

Wednesday th 1st of October 2014

This is why 35,000 walruses have suddenly squeezed themselves onto a single beach in Alaska - 23:02

This new material can suck all the oxygen out of a room - 23:02

FEATURE: WATCH: How to make the most perfect ice sphere - 19:10

Scientists have created next generation data storage devices that mimic the memory of the human brain - 04:20

Scientists have created the most effective “invisibility cloak” so far, and you can make one for $100 - 03:50

Tuesday th 30th of September 2014

Australian scientists solve the mystery of the wedge-tailed eagle’s diet - 23:21

FEATURE: Gallery: Stunning entries in the 2014 National Geographic Photo Competition - 23:21

This wearable device replaces passwords using the unique patterns of your beating heart - 22:20

FEATURE: WATCH: Geckos stick to walls thanks to quantum mechanics - 08:31

FEATURE: The world's loudest sound caused shock waves 100,000 times that of a hydrogen bomb - 04:00

FEATURE: WATCH: Bats - Wonders of the Night - 04:00

Scientists are a step closer to “Holy Grail” of turning carbon dioxide into fuel - 01:30

Physicists have developed an ultra-fast laser that could drastically speed up our internet - 01:00

Pluto's a planet, according to a new public debate - 01:00

Monday th 29th of September 2014

WATCH: Worm-eating leech feeds in world-first footage - 17:20

New solar device converts Sun's energy to hydrogen more efficiently than ever - 04:30

Turbulent sea-like formation could be first new cloud type in 50 years - 04:00

This little Spanish island will run on 100% renewable energy within months - 02:00

A compound found in turmeric encourages brain repair - 01:30

Sunday th 28th of September 2014

FEATURE: WATCH: Do you suffer from sleep drunkenness? - 21:00