Science Alert

Thursday th 18th of September 2014

FEATURE: WATCH: Paper Towel vs Hand Dryers - 21:30

Baby nemo can make epic journeys to find home - 04:00

FEATURE: Gallery: The otherworldly beauty of microscopic organisms - 03:00

This alarm clock wakes you up with a freshly brewed coffee or tea - 02:30

WATCH: New technology allows phone and computer screens to interact seamlessly - 02:30

Artificial sweeteners trigger changes that can lead to diabetes, weight gain - 00:00

Wednesday th 17th of September 2014

Physicists have created a quantum random number generator from an old Nokia phone - 04:00

Scientists move liquid metals into humanoid shapes (and other more useful things) - 04:00

A human gene turns mice into faster learners, may have triggered the evolution of language - 02:00

FEATURE: WATCH: The inside of a HUGE wasp colony - 00:32

A human gene turns mice into faster learners, may have triggered the evolution of language - 00:32

Tuesday th 16th of September 2014

FEATURE: WATCH: Magnetism only exists because of quantum mechanics - 04:00

WATCH: New Cheetah robot will run silent rings around your nightmares - 03:31

Monday th 15th of September 2014

Australian students invent chip packet water purifying system - 22:30

WATCH: Bizarre purple sea creature caught on film - 22:30

Schizophrenia is actually eight genetically distinct disorders, study reveals - 22:30

Prolonged drought causes air bubbles to “choke” trees - 20:00

FEATURE: WATCH: So this is how a clam swims - 20:00

Researchers have developed an artificial spleen that cleans up blood infections - 05:00

This new radio is the size of an ant, and powers itself - 03:30

Teenager from India invents device that can convert breath to speech - 03:30

FEATURE: WATCH: Did screaming babies accompany our early ancestors into battle? - 03:30

Sunday th 14th of September 2014

WATCH: New jetpack helps soldiers run faster - 19:00

FEATURE: WATCH: How to Build a Better City - 19:00

Saturday th 13th of September 2014

Smoking weed daily as a teen reduces probability of high school completion by 60% - 05:00

FEATURE: Why does this waterfall in Antarctica run blood-red? - 04:00

'Electronic skin' detects breast cancer - 04:00

Scientists find quicker, more sustainable way to produce hydrogen fuel - 01:01

Condom-less male birth control may be available by 2017, early evidence suggests - 00:31

Friday th 12th of September 2014

Australian students have built a driverless boat that thinks for itself in an emergency - 04:11

New wearable robotic exoskeleton gives you superhuman powers - 04:11

Shark populations need healthy coral reefs, decade-long study finds - 04:11

FEATURE: Watch a coin in a block of dry ice start shivering - 03:32

A physicist has calculated the best place to put your router - 03:32

Woman found functioning without a cerebellum in her brain - 03:32

WATCH: Researchers create the first untethered soft robot, test it in snow and fire, and run it over with a car - 03:32

Physicists capture the sound of an atom - 00:00

Thursday th 11th of September 2014

FEATURE: WATCH: What is Ebola? - 23:00

FEATURE: WATCH: Re-engineering Sight - 20:20

Robot captures first images of Great Pyramid's secret chamber - 04:40

BP named "reckless" in oil spill ruling, ordered to pay $17.6 billion - 04:40

Wednesday th 10th of September 2014

Three short walks can reverse the damage of three hours of sitting - 23:30

World-first clinical trials for better prosthetics based on antlers - 23:00

Australian scientists are taking their printable solar cells to the market - 22:30

FEATURE: WATCH: Why Do We Have More Boys Than Girls? - 19:30

Bacteria found in bees show potential as an alternative to antibiotics - 02:00

Floating vertical farms offer food solutions to the densest countries on Earth - 00:30

Doctors 3D print brain replica to save infant's life - 00:30

FEATURE: WATCH: Smartphone-powered robot breaks Rubik's Cube record - 00:30

Tuesday th 9th of September 2014

Activating a specific gene makes fruit flies live 30% longer - 22:00