Science Alert

Monday th 27th of October 2014

Cocoa could reverse age-related memory decline - 00:00

Sunday th 26th of October 2014

New CT scans reveal strange, frail visage of Tutankhamun - 22:30

Here's why curious people are better at learning - 22:30

Saturday th 25th of October 2014

Scientists have built a sound-powered medical device - 04:30

There's no evidence heavy marijuana use causes a drop in IQ - 04:30

Scientists now know what a comet smells like - 01:00

Friday th 24th of October 2014

World first: “dead heart” successfully transplanted at Australian hospital - 03:00

FEATURE: These fuzzy algal balls are way cooler than aliens - 00:30

The highest altitude archaeological site in the world is also the earliest inhabited by humans - 00:00

Thursday th 23rd of October 2014

Cane toads accelerated their hostile takeover by evolving to march in straight lines - 23:30

Plants can "hear" themselves being eaten - 22:00

Ancient Europeans were lactose intolerant for 4,000 years after they started making cheese - 22:00

FEATURE: WATCH: Why our brains like everything to be personalised - 22:00

FEATURE: WATCH: How to make electrical sparks just using running water - 20:30

Whisky waste could be the fuel of the future - 20:30

FEATURE: WATCH: 4D printing creates structures that self-assemble - 20:30

The Sun is unleashing powerful solar flares from a sunspot the size of Jupiter - 05:30

Black holes can block new stars from forming, research has revealed - 04:00

FEATURE: WATCH: Artificial atoms can produce any colour in the world - 04:00

Scientists have detected a single atom using MRI - 04:00

Wednesday th 22nd of October 2014

Three cups of coffee a day could benefit your liver - 21:30

Scientists have opened the blood-brain barrier for the first time - 21:30

FEATURE: WATCH: How to build your own particle detector for $30 and see time travel - 21:00

FEATURE: WATCH: Why is the Sun yellow and the sky blue? - 07:30

Scientists have worked out how to desalinate and reuse the wastewater from fracking - 02:30

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has joined an Australian university - 01:30

Tuesday th 21st of October 2014

WATCH: Australian bees wage brutal hive wars that last for MONTHS - 21:00

Our brains have an internal calorie counter, research suggests - 20:30

A cell transplant has enabled a paralysed man to walk again - 07:00

Australian scientists have created a tractor beam that can move particles up to 20 centimetres - 02:30

Miniature human intestines have been grown inside mice for the first time - 02:30

Monday th 20th of October 2014

The season you were born in can affect your mood - 23:30

Action video games can boost your ability to learn motor skills - 19:01

WATCH: A drone has captured world-first footage of killer whales - 16:30

Researchers are farming seaweed and turning it into fuel and food - 04:00

Ancient fish were the first animals ever to have sex - 03:30

Scientists have built the world’s thinnest electric generator - and it’s only one atom wide - 03:30

Sunday th 19th of October 2014

Australia’s “safe” pollution levels are so high they could cause thousands of deaths if met - 19:01

FEATURE: WATCH: Why positive thinking can be bad for you - 19:00

Friday th 17th of October 2014

Robots could soon perform brain surgery through your cheek - 21:30

Astronomers may have detected the first direct evidence of dark matter - 21:30

This Sunday an ancient comet will narrowly miss Mars, and put on a spectacular show - 21:30

FEATURE: WATCH: The quantum mechanical force that happens every time you turn off the light - 19:30

Scientists recreate 172-year-old shipwrecked beer - 17:00

Cigarette ash can clean arsenic from water - 02:30

Reheating your pasta makes it significantly better for you - 02:30

Scientists have found “hidden” brain activity that can indicate if a vegetative patient is aware - 02:30

FEATURE: WATCH: Deep-sea spookfish is one of the world's most eerily beautiful animals - 01:00

Thursday th 16th of October 2014

FEATURE: WATCH: Where Does the Smell of Rain Come From? - 22:00

FEATURE: WATCH: Mother spider explodes with babies during a fatal attack - 22:00