Science Alert

Thursday th 16th of October 2014

New treatment uses altered blood cells to attack leukaemia - 22:00

FEATURE: WATCH: How simple ideas lead to scientific discoveries - 22:00

FEATURE: WATCH: Which Came First - The Chicken or the Egg? - 22:00

This jelly-filled human tank could help people with pacemakers have life-saving MRI scans - 22:00

FEATURE: WATCH: Your Brain On MDMA - 22:00

FEATURE: WATCH: The Secrets of Sleep - 22:00

No, a spider (probably) didn't crawl through a man's body for several days - 21:30

WATCH: A hawk attack a drone mid-air - 19:00

Honeysuckle tea can treat Influenza A viruses, and possibly Ebola - 04:30

This giant 3D printer can build houses from mud in the poorest regions - 03:00

Study suggests 21-day Ebola quarantine period is not enough - 02:30

Wednesday th 15th of October 2014

This new nuclear reactor could bring carbon-free power to 80,000 homes, and fit in the back of a truck - 23:00

Research shows the rats of NYC are infected with at least 18 new viruses - 03:00

Earth’s magnetic field could flip much faster than previously predicted - 02:30

Tuesday th 14th of October 2014

This new umbrella creates a force-field of air to protect you from the rain - 23:00

FEATURE: WATCH: The Structure of Earth - 22:00

School replaces all of its desks with exercise bikes - 22:00

A solar car built by Australian students has broken the electric vehicle world speed record - 22:00

FEATURE: WATCH: The chemical reactions that make pizza taste so good - 20:00

Study shows that a compound found in broccoli can improve autism symptoms - 04:00

Rare burial in Italy attributed to a 'witch girl' - 03:01

This new battery charges to 70% in two minutes, and lasts for 20 years - 03:01

Monday th 13th of October 2014

Physicists are creating the coldest cubic metre in the Universe - 22:00

WATCH: Huge squid attacking a Greenpeace submarine - 20:00

FEATURE: WATCH: Praying mantis eats the face out of a living fly - 18:00

A capsule containing poo can treat chronic intestinal infections - 03:30

This new device can detect several cancer types using a single blood sample - 02:00

Sunday th 12th of October 2014

New 'bionic eye' returns blind man's sight to him for the first time in 30 years - 22:30

Australian researchers have created the most accurate quantum computing technology to date - 22:30

Saturday th 11th of October 2014

Diabetics could soon produce their own insulin - 07:30

Small marine animals are shaping the ocean’s chemistry with their urine - 06:30

Friday th 10th of October 2014

FEATURE: WATCH: This is what it looks like when you mix sand with Silly Putty - 20:30

There's half as much dark matter in the Milky Way as we thought, new research suggestz - 19:01

Blind people have four times more nightmares than those who can see - 03:30

FEATURE: WATCH: Could telepathy exist? - 03:30

Scientists have captured the first images of the ever-changing "spikes" that HIV uses to infect cells - 03:30

This new vege burger bleeds like meat - 01:30

Thursday th 9th of October 2014

FEATURE: WATCH: What's new in archaeology? - 23:00

FEATURE: WATCH: Why Do Clouds Stay Up? - 22:00

The first implanted mind-controlled prosthetic arm has restored a patient's sense of touch - 02:00

FEATURE: WATCH: The Animal That Wouldn't Die - 01:00

How infectious is Ebola? - 01:00

FEATURE: WATCH: Five Crazy Bridges for Animals - 01:00

2014 Nobel Prizes for chemistry and physics awarded - 01:00

Wednesday th 8th of October 2014

One of the rarest cloud formations in the world is about to appear in Australia - 21:00

WATCH: Two kangaroos box in suburban Australia - 21:00

Tuesday th 7th of October 2014

Viruses can turn their DNA from a solid to a liquid to infect your cells - 23:00

Scientists have found six genes that determine how much coffee you drink - 23:00

FEATURE: GALLERY: This is how scientists REALLY feel about climate change - 21:30

Super-effective cancer-fighting berry discovered growing in Australia - 21:30