CBC: Health

Thursday th 18th of May 2017

Homeopathic remedies in legal hot water in U.S. but face scant Canadian pushback - 08:32

Future of MUN internal medicine program at stake following Royal College review - 06:21

Consequences of pot program cuts 'should be alarming,' says veteran with PTSD - 06:21

Wednesday th 17th of May 2017

More than half of world's deaths still have no recorded cause, WHO says - 14:51

Elderly patients in hospital need adequate long-term care plans before discharge, say families - 13:51

Women in 30s now having more babies than younger moms in U.S. - 10:32

'I wanted my son to live': Inuk lawyer leaves Nunavut to treat teenage son's PTSD and depression - 10:32

Quebec psychiatrists call for new approach for radicalized, mentally ill patients - 08:31

Ontarians filled 9.2 million opioid prescriptions in 2015-2016, new data shows - 08:31

Tuesday th 16th of May 2017

Abortion pills accessed online are as safe, effective as clinics: study - 20:31

Health Minister launches high drug price consultations - 13:21

Health minister discusses high cost of pharmaceuticals LIVE - 11:31

Coroner says South Carolina teenager died after drinking several high-caffeine drinks - 09:01

Monday th 15th of May 2017

Cholera death toll in Yemen reaches at least 180, Red Cross says - 12:41

Could your doctor give you the pink slip? - 06:01

Sunday th 14th of May 2017

'Embrace the cold:' Gestational diabetes risk may be lower with cooler temperatures - 23:32

'Catch-up' sleep spoils attention and creativity, study suggests - 04:11

'All they have to manage pain is their prescription pad': Doctors on front line of opioid crisis - 04:11

Saturday th 13th of May 2017

SECOND OPINION | The secret world of drug prices, and more of this week's health news - 08:31

Rise of the veggie snack pack: How marketers are selling fresh produce to kids - 04:12

Antibiotic-resistant microbes date back 450 million years, study finds - 04:11

Friday th 12th of May 2017

Government OK with changes to bill on supervised drug-injection sites - 11:32

British hospitals hit by suspected national cyberattack - 10:12

Ebola death reported in Democratic Republic of Congo - 09:41

Brazil declares end to Zika emergency after fall in cases - 09:11

In defence of Fentanyl: Patient speaks out against new prescribing guidelines - 08:11

Seniors who volunteer less likely to develop dementia, study suggests - 08:11

'Poor man's methadone': Imodium is a potentially fatal high - 04:01

Thursday th 11th of May 2017

More Indigenous nurses needed to change health-care system, practitioners say - 22:01

Why Canada is wasting millions on useless knee surgeries - 18:41

Number of prison workers suffering from PTSD much higher than official stats, union says - 08:11

Strident opponent of assisted dying won't chair advance request review - 06:51

Ground meat products recalled in Ontario over E. coli fears - 04:31

Wednesday th 10th of May 2017

Watch: St. Joe's live streams kidney transplant - 10:01

Maple Leaf breaded chicken products recalled over bacteria risk - 06:11

Millions of Ontario workers get no sick pay, but that could change - 04:21

Tuesday th 9th of May 2017

'In the face of insurmountable challenges': Woman completes PhD despite terminal cancer diagnosis - 18:31

Heart attack risks from common painkillers may start early, study finds - 18:01

Ardene necklaces recalled after lead found in popular 'best friends' pendants - 17:11

Fast-food chain Freshii agrees to comply with calorie counts on menu boards - 17:11

Side-effects emerge after approval for many U.S. drugs - 13:52

Cree health officials urge hunters to switch to steel shot, abandon lead - 12:52

Cree health officials urge hunters to switch to steel bullets, abandon lead - 11:51

Bacteria appears to be behind mysterious outbreak in Liberia - 09:22

Back on TV, Jimmy Kimmel zings critics of his health care plea - 08:52

Refugees once again have full health benefits, but some practitioners still don't know that - 04:32

Unproven homeopathic remedies for kids still promising relief despite new label rules - 04:31

Monday th 8th of May 2017

Patients with colds get inappropriate antibiotics in nearly half of visits to doctors, study suggests - 18:21

Senate wants changes to Liberals' plans for new drug injection sites - 15:21

Police need a different kind of backup as psychological injuries increase - 13:21