CBC: Health

Thursday th 1st of November 2018

Meet Montreal's crew of Jewish emergency responders - 03:20

How moms and babies rooming together can help combat opioid dependency - 03:20

Wednesday th 31st of October 2018

Medical Council of Canada under fire for banning access to menstrual products for exam takers - 17:40

More teens in Sask. are smokers than in any other province: Health Canada survey - 12:50

A call for hope during a time of pain: Nunavik looks for solutions to suicide crisis - 04:20

'The situation is shocking': Senator leads charge against for-profit blood collection - 03:20

Wait at least a year before having another baby to minimize health risks, new study suggests - 03:20

Tuesday th 30th of October 2018

Young people who give up pot see rapid improvement in memory, ability to learn - 17:30

Trick-or-treating kids at higher risk of traffic deaths, study shows - 13:01

New study associates highly effective blood pressure medication with small risk of cancer - 03:20

Monday th 29th of October 2018

Grassy Narrows hopes to break ground on mercury treatment centre in spring, 2019 - 11:40

Criticism from scientists and doctors doesn't stop Gwyneth Paltrow 'Goopies' from flocking to Vancouver summit - 11:10

Paralyzed Broncos player, parents want seatbelts on buses - 10:40

Mental health issues from Fort McMurray fire linger but human contact helps: study - 10:20

Saturday th 27th of October 2018

Janes Pub Style Chicken Burgers recalled due to possible salmonella contamination - 09:10

Who's rating doctors on RateMDs? The invisible hand of 'reputation management' - 08:10

Friday th 26th of October 2018

Smoke alarms with mom's voice wake kids up faster, study says - 18:20

Liberals pitch new rules on payments for surrogates, sperm donors - 14:50

'Will you admit that Steve was poisoned?' Former Grassy Narrows chief's family asks of governments - 11:00

Thursday th 25th of October 2018

Sick children from Quebec's remote regions now accompanied by parents 'in 98% of cases' - 16:50

Canada to apologize for treatment of Inuit with tuberculosis in mid-20th century - 16:20

Indigenous students rely on up-to-date sex-ed curriculum, lawyer to argue in Ontario court case - 13:30

This team at a children's hospital watches out for kids at risk of abuse and neglect - 13:00

Wednesday th 24th of October 2018

Canadian researchers take scalpel to opioid prescribing for surgical patients - 13:10

Tuesday th 23rd of October 2018

Life expectancy in Canada may be decreasing for first time in decades, and opioid crisis is being blamed - 12:40

Monday th 22nd of October 2018

Ontario to keep funding supervised drug consumption sites, health minister says - 10:00

Seniors left out of cannabis public health information push - 03:10

Sunday th 21st of October 2018

Cases of rare, polio-like paralysis targeting kids appear in Canada - 17:30

Artist Leonardo da Vinci likely had an 'advantageous' eye disorder - 03:30

Saturday th 20th of October 2018

Health officials investigate salmonella outbreak in 5 provinces - 16:30

'I can't do this alone': Kids from Northern Quebec still taking medevac flights without parents - 15:30

Clean your bong, pass it along and other expert tips on cannabis etiquette - 10:30

What exactly are you inhaling when you vape? - 08:21

Friday th 19th of October 2018

Quebec Inuit leaders plea for mental health support in wake of youth suicides - 09:50

Study of U.S. hospital figures links pot use with increased risk of stroke - 09:00

Exercise during pregnancy can reduce risk of major complications, research finds - 08:30

Last year's flu vaccine wasn't very effective. This year's looks more promising - 03:20

Thursday th 18th of October 2018

Low-cost Calgary IVF clinic took advantage of the 'vulnerable and desperate,' woman says - 11:50

Uganda at 'big risk' for Ebola spreading from neighbouring Congo, officials say - 11:20

New federal asbestos ban includes controversial exemptions - 10:00

Wednesday th 17th of October 2018

Rise in cases of rare polio-like illness in U.S. children, officials say - 14:30

Canada's giant public health 'experiment' with legalized cannabis begins - 03:20

Tuesday th 16th of October 2018

Study shows HPV vaccination does not cause riskier sexual behaviour among teens - 10:30

Abbott Nutrition recalls meal replacements including Ensure Plus for possible bacterial contamination - 09:30

Canadian Blood Services mulling shorter wait time for gay donors - 03:20

Monday th 15th of October 2018

Chiropractor crackdown: College gives ultimatum on misleading health claims - 14:51

Young drivers who use cannabis at higher risk of collisions 5 hours later, McGill finds - 11:00

On top of the grief, there's the shame: families of victims frustrated with stigma of opioid use - 01:20

'There's not a day that we go into work feeling safe': Video shows violent attack on Winnipeg hospital staff - 01:20

30 years after Morgentaler ruling, future doctors say medical schools neglect abortion training - 01:20