CBC: Health

Friday th 7th of September 2018

Canadian military to severely curtail use of recreational marijuana - 09:40

Thursday th 6th of September 2018

Health minister announces $71.7M in emergency funding for drug treatment in B.C. - 18:00

Goop settles over advertising claims for its vaginal eggs - 11:30

Federal lawyer asks B.C. judge to toss experts' reports on medical marijuana - 08:52

Ottawa hopes Ontario will make 'informed decision' on overdose prevention sites - 08:52

'A large grain of salt': Why journalists should avoid reporting on most food studies - 06:40

Why these university students love living with seniors - 06:14

Wednesday th 5th of September 2018

Panel appointed to improve long-term care in N.S. after woman's death - 14:40

Eastern Congo has new Ebola case in city of 1.4 million - 13:20

About 100 people fall ill on Emirates flight to New York, CDC says - 12:20

​A quarter of adults are too inactive, putting health at risk - 11:50

Why this rare childhood brain cancer is so difficult to fight - 03:13

Tuesday th 4th of September 2018

Canada's children have high rates of suicide, abuse, infant mortality: report - 17:00

Parents expecting 'rainbow babies' find support with PALS - 16:00

The controversial anti-abortion pregnancy centre in the heart of a N.S. university - 16:00

​Negative memories of gym class may last into adulthood - 14:30

This 18-year-old student has had 6 concussions. How will Rowan's Law help her? - 08:50

Monday th 3rd of September 2018

Congo Ebola survivors returning home to fear and stigma of the unknown - 14:10

London researchers revamping jawbone surgery with 3D printing technology - 12:13

Sunday th 2nd of September 2018

New virtual reality program teaches children about road safety - 14:30

Health Canada spending $100M on cannabis education over 6 years - 13:40

Saturday th 1st of September 2018

Alberta gov't announces universal coverage for HIV-prevention drug PrEP - 17:10

355 Albertans died from accidental opioid overdoses in the first half of 2018 - 09:35

Big Vape comes to Canada and the effects won't be known for decades - 08:15

Emergency EpiPen alternative priced for Canadian market at $170 each - 03:56

Friday th 31st of August 2018

Drug users want government to end review of overdose prevention sites - 17:30

Truant patients waste 41½ hours of appointments at Halifax doctors clinic - 17:30

Ebola control measures seem to be working in Congo, WHO says - 15:10

Thursday th 30th of August 2018

OPP launching internal review of officer suicides - 20:20

Vancouver Coastal Health cancels contract surgeries, opens up more public operating space - 20:20

'We live with a cloud over our heads': Quebecers say home care services fall short - 20:20

Why to keep an eye on pharmaceuticals in NAFTA talks - 18:50

Netflix knocked for film portrayal of character who suffers seizure - 14:00

'Treatment' to remove metals from children with autism unproven and risky, but no clear regulations - 03:24

Wednesday th 29th of August 2018

EpiPen alternative to be imported from U.S. amid shortage, health minister says - 18:00

Prescriptions led to 1 in 3 opioid deaths in Ontario in 2016, study says - 18:00

Opioids harming older patients at 'alarming' rate, study shows - 16:30

Health most important issue for Quebec voters, Vote Compass survey says - 16:00

Congo's Ebola outbreak not yet stabilized, ​WHO chief says - 15:30

B.C. expected to sue pharma companies for opioid overdose treatment costs - 10:00

Tuesday th 28th of August 2018

'I'm not laying on my couch and dying': Six Nations woman with cancer guiding others - 15:50

OPP overhauling mental supports in wake of suicides - 15:20

Student-led mental health initiatives shift supports on campus - 15:20

Saudi medical trainees allowed to stay in Canada for now - 11:50

A button is supposed to help the visually impaired. Here's why it doesn't - 10:00

A button is supposed to help the visually impaired. Here's why it doesn't - 09:00

Spike in cannabis overdoses blamed on potent edibles, poor public education - 04:00

Monday th 27th of August 2018

Mind-altering breast milk? New pot study poses that question - 13:10

Why does Europe suddenly have measles? - 09:40

Goop has exploited the medical establishment's failures on women's health - 03:20