CBC: Health

Wednesday th 3rd of April 2019

Documentary about first responders and trauma to screen in Windsor - 08:00

Advisory committee kept out of the loop on veterans' controversial new PTSD form - 08:00

Tuesday th 2nd of April 2019

MPs learning lessons from Winnipeg addictions treatment facility - 14:40

Ontario to consult parents of children with autism following months of controversy - 14:40

Nova Scotia set to become 1st in North America with automatic consent for organ donation - 12:10

Paralyzing illness in children may grow more common, U.S. officials worry - 10:40

Province cut some injection sites because area residents 'upset,' Ford says - 09:10

Toronto needs help to combat 'false information' about vaccines, public health officials say - 09:10

New federal questionnaire making it harder for PTSD veterans to get help, critics warn - 03:10

Group calls for national autism program - 03:10

The staggering cost of Type 1 diabetes: It's not just about insulin - 03:10

Monday th 1st of April 2019

Fentanyl 'loopholes' target of Chinese crackdown on drug's exporters - 17:10

More people with measles in the U.S. this year than all of 2018 - 16:10

As an autistic parent to an autistic child, I implore you: accept us - 14:30

Data has become a 'game changer' in helping London's homeless - 14:30

Low-income women lose out if Lachine gynecology clinic closes, doctor argues - 14:00

A massage therapist faces 9 counts of sex assault. In N.S., he can keep practising - 14:00

Suffocating summers new normal for asthmatic children in Alberta - 14:00

Laced with fear: why some Ontario First Nations don't trust tap water or eat the fish - 08:40

Here are the changes the Ford government has put in place for April 1 - 08:40

Sunday th 31st of March 2019

'What we used to learn': Mental health treatment for Indigenous youth must draw on tradition, advocates say - 08:50

Sweden has figured out how to keep food free of salmonella. Why can't Canada? - 08:20

Saturday th 30th of March 2019

Nurse fired after allegedly inducing labour without consent - 15:50

Doug Ford's health-care bill provokes avalanche of public response - 11:20

Public health officials warn of measles exposure at Vaughan Mills mall - 11:20

Frozen breaded chicken: the health risk that lurks in your freezer - 08:30

Friday th 29th of March 2019

Congo registers record 15 new Ebola cases in a day - 15:30

Emails show FDA worried after romaine outbreaks - 15:00

New York sues billionaire Sackler family behind maker of OxyContin - 10:30

CBD oil shortage continues as marijuana producers scramble to meet demand - 09:00

Why millions of dollars in federal grocery subsidies haven't lessened food insecurity in the North - 09:00

B.C. health minister looking into funding for charity spreading anti-vaccine claims - 09:00

Thursday th 28th of March 2019

Neskantaga FN still waiting to end 25-year boil water advisory as Trudeau promises 2021 - 17:30

Organ transplants from living donors who have HIV begin in U.S. - 17:00

'We're a miracle': How a Sask. woman went from medical write-off to national powerlifting champion - 15:40

Woman who feels no pain has genetic mutation, scientists discover - 15:10

How to tell if you have a meningococcal infection, as explained by a doctor - 13:22

'I want to keep my daughter at home,' says mother of 22-year-old with epilepsy - 13:22

More than just cramps: Benton woman tells her story of living with endometriosis - 10:40

B.C. patients wait longer for key medical procedures than other Canadians, report suggests - 09:20

B.C. government granted $428K to group that spreads anti-vaccine claims - 06:10

This English same-sex couple fathered twins who are half-siblings — and a Canadian surrogate helped them - 03:20

Why doctors may need to connect cancer patients with psychological counselling, therapies - 03:20

Wednesday th 27th of March 2019

Diabetes in pregnancy tied to future heart disease risk - 18:40

WRHA head acknowledges 'valley of despair' for employees struggling with health-care changes - 16:30

U.S. proposes letters telling women dense breasts make it harder to find cancer - 15:30

'They're not candy': Father of dead teen backs coroner's call for tighter rules for drinks like FCKD UP - 12:30

Coroner concludes Quebec teen died after drinking large quantities of sugary alcoholic drinks - 11:00

Coroner concludes Athéna Gervais died after drinking large quantities of sugary alcoholic drinks - 10:00

'It's one of the most rewarding jobs': A ride-along with an overnight paramedic - 09:10