CBC: Health

Wednesday th 1st of August 2018

Former Sobeys pharmacy manager 'snooped' into drug records of 46 people - 11:30

Sudbury court awards woman ownership of embryo called 'property' in precedent-setting case - 11:00

Veterans Canada has no plans to lift cap on marijuana reimbursement - 03:32

Female soccer players more vulnerable to brain trauma from heading, new study finds - 03:32

EpiPen shortage highlights problem of having just 1 supplier of life-saving medication: experts - 03:32

Tuesday th 31st of July 2018

Nursing student, shot while helping Danforth victim, emerging from coma - 20:31

Chance of fatal overdose triples when offenders don't take methadone, B.C. study says - 20:31

Serial killer's confession prompted immediate nursing home inspections, Wettlaufer inquiry hears - 11:10

Monday th 30th of July 2018

Pharmacies expected to run out of EpiPens in coming weeks: Health Canada - 20:30

130 overdose calls in 1 day match record for B.C. paramedics - 17:50

Federal government won't decriminalize other drugs besides cannabis - 16:50

Numerous lawsuits claim link between baby powder and ovarian cancer, so is it safe or not? - 13:30

Woman uses obituary to advocate against fat shaming in medical profession - 10:30

Director who oversaw nursing home inspectors testifying at Wettlaufer inquiry - 10:30

Sunday th 29th of July 2018

Sit-stand desks can cut more than 1 hour of sitting time at work: Study - 08:47

How 2 Alberta men developed a potentially life-saving coverall modification - 08:47

Violent, anti-social behaviour down sharply among Ontario students, survey finds - 08:47

Dutch medical trial using Viagra stopped after 11 babies die - 08:47

Alberta scientists help identify stillbirth-predicting blood chemicals - 08:47

'Promising' ultrasound pokes holes in brain barrier to let drug treatment through - 08:47

Britain to legalize medicinal use of cannabis - 08:47

New HIV strains in Saskatchewan lead to faster progression of illness - 08:47

81 people possibly exposed to tuberculosis at Calgary-area school - 08:47

Mental illness alone is no predictor of violence, studies and experts agree - 08:46

New scoliosis surgery 'could be revolutionary,' but Halifax surgeon says questions remain - 08:46

Competition Bureau says eyewear shoppers deserve more choice online - 08:46

'It does scare me': New HIV strains highlight need for more testing, less stigma, says man living with virus - 08:46

Federal judge rejects lawsuit of sailor sickened by warship mould - 08:46

Montreal public health backs Toronto call to decriminalize personal drug use - 08:46

Quebec court OK's lawsuit alleging link between hair-loss drugs and erectile dysfunction - 08:46

This woman rushed to the aid of a Danforth shooting victim, and ended up in the line of fire - 08:46

Sunday th 22nd of July 2018

Halifax takes $690K in new false-alarm fee, but it hasn't reduced unwarranted calls - 08:10

Your earliest memory might never have happened - 08:10

Saturday th 21st of July 2018

2 Uncle Ben's rice varieties recalled in eastern Canada - 15:30

Ritz Bits pulled from shelves due to possible salmonella contamination - 13:00

Loblaw recalls No Name chicken nuggets due to possible salmonella contamination - 12:30

Why there's finally a drug for smallpox even though the disease no longer exists - 08:30

Friday th 20th of July 2018

Premiers call for 'voluntary' pharmacare program funded by Ottawa - 15:20

Pet therapy should be more than bonus treatment — it should be standard practice - 03:31

Thursday th 19th of July 2018

More Canadian stroke patients could get clot-grabbing treatment - 21:10

UBC researchers explore use of nanotechnology to predict risk of opioid addiction - 15:00

ER doc who treated serial killer Wettlaufer's victim to testify at inquiry - 13:00

Deaths by alcohol-related liver disease skyrocket among young adults, U.S. study shows - 13:00

Single-sport kids feeling the strain of specialization, experts say - 03:31

Wednesday th 18th of July 2018

Newfoundland and Labrador will be 7th province to fully cover abortion pill - 16:50

UN 'sounding the alarm' on HIV progress - 16:20

Recovering drug addicts and rescued pit bulls: An unlikely therapy brings unexpected results - 15:20

Medicinal marijuana users worry as condos rush to ban pot smoking ahead of legalization - 15:20

Cannabis a cure for morning sickness? Doctors say no way - 12:10

Coroners rely on nurses, doctors to report their own abuse, Wettlaufer inquiry hears - 10:40