CBC: Health

Monday th 7th of January 2019

'A number of people concerned' after faulty cancer treatment at Hamilton hospital - 14:40

Challenge to medically assisted dying laws begins in Quebec court - 14:40

Cannabis can make you sick: Calgary woman diagnosed with rare cannabinoid syndrome - 13:20

Living alone can be a risky business. Here's how to help loved ones plan for the worst - 12:50

Families sue care homes, alleging neglect contributed to death of loved ones - 11:20

The common pill that's killing in the shadow of the opioid crisis - 04:30

Sunday th 6th of January 2019

Food allergies reported by a 'high' rate of U.S. adults - 04:10

Saturday th 5th of January 2019

A study tracked cancer patients using crowd funding to pay for homeopathy. The results are troubling - 09:20

Friday th 4th of January 2019

Higher flu numbers reflect early start to season, says N.B.'s top doctor - 20:50

B.C. removes prescription drug deductibles for low-income residents - 18:10

'It's the dementia, it's not me': How this woman finds resilience in the face of memory loss - 16:40

Nine police officer suicides prompt review from Ontario's chief coroner - 15:10

MS patient in hospital since 2017 finally goes home - 15:10

Halifax's refugee health clinic 'stretching at the seams' due to doctor shortage - 15:10

Robo-doctors? How AI could do jobs we once thought couldn't be automated - 15:10

'Safe supply' program will distribute free opioids to entrenched users - 15:10

The influencers: How Ottawa uses popular online hosts to get its messages out - 15:10

Winnipeg cancer patient spends almost a year documenting chemo pumps with expired safety checks - 13:20

Patient in Sweden being tested for Ebola after visiting Burundi - 10:50

Opioids after wisdom teeth removal should be a last resort, not a routine prescription - 04:20

Thursday th 3rd of January 2019

Chance of surviving an overdose depends on where you live, advocates say - 16:30

Radiation equipment may not have correctly targeted 25 cervical cancer patients - 15:00

Drawing aids memory more than written notes, Canadian researchers find - 07:50

The next frontier in the 'right to die': advance requests, minors and the mentally ill - 04:20

Wednesday th 2nd of January 2019

Feeling fidgety in class? Go stomp, jump or hop down this school's sensory hallway - 17:50

Higher flu numbers due to early peak in season, says Sask. health ministry - 11:50

University of Waterloo looking to put more vegan and vegetarian options on the menu - 10:50

Low-carb or low-fat diet? No clear winner emerges for weight loss - 09:20

$3,000 for a baby crib? Parents with disabilities face expensive options - 08:20

Tuesday th 1st of January 2019

'Social prescriptions' aim to ease patients' depression, loneliness - 15:30

Monday th 31st of December 2018

Taquisha McKitty, woman at centre of life-support battle, has died - 15:10

Taquisha McKitty, woman at centre of life-support battle, has died - 13:50

Love on borrowed time: Cancer patients find romance despite terminal prognosis - 11:10

'We are new Russians': How a hard-drinking nation curbed its alcohol use - 09:00

'I wouldn't trade it for the world': Grandparents increasingly becoming primary caregivers - 09:00

Fitness in your home à la Netflix: On-demand, unlimited subscription classes - 04:10

Sunday th 30th of December 2018

Cattle and dairy farmers fear new food guide could hurt their industries - 22:50

Saturday th 29th of December 2018

B.C. nurse hopeful Ebola outbreak in Congo can be contained soon - 11:50

100 years ago, a train carrying Spanish flu pulled into Calgary. Within weeks, Alberta was in crisis - 11:50

Received a new heart recently? This mom may be looking for you - 11:50

The Big Trip: How psychedelic drugs are changing lives and transforming psychiatry - 09:30

Friday th 28th of December 2018

CHEO confirms 3rd case of rare polio-like illness - 14:00

Listeners offer support to Sask. gynecologic oncologists who feel burned out - 14:00

Automated service calls isolated people to make sure they're OK - 14:00

Former nurse on P.E.I. talks about burnout — and says the province needs to do more - 14:00

Overdose crisis continues in B.C. with 120 deaths last month, coroner says - 13:30

Durex recalls condoms in Canada after failed shelf-life tests - 12:40

Pediatrician pop quiz: When to go to the emergency room during flu season - 12:10

Working in space doesn't seem to shorten astronauts' lives - 11:10

Alleged phoney doctor in Vancouver asking for cash for surgeries, health authority warns - 10:10