Science Blog

Monday th 8th of April 2019

Could eating garlic reduce aging-related memory problems? - 08:50

Study shows dogs can accurately sniff out cancer in blood - 08:50

Dietary supplement creatine boosts cognitive function in vegetarians - 08:50

Study of multiple sclerosis patients shows 18 percent misdiagnosed - 08:50

New Technique Cuts AI Training Time By More Than 60 Percent - 08:50

Critical, informed citizens crucial for the EU to stay relevant - 04:50

Sunday th 7th of April 2019

Gum bacteria implicated in Alzheimer’s and other diseases - 18:20

Food additive may influence how well flu vaccines work - 18:20

Why do new college students need alone time? - 18:20

Heat: A factor or not in ground-level ozone formation? Addressing the uncertainty - 13:50

Friday th 5th of April 2019

Bacterial nanowire mystery solved - 09:00

Microglia, cells thought restricted to central nervous system, are redefined in new study - 09:00

Novel Hawaiian communities operate similarly to native ecosystems - 09:00

New hope for treating childhood brain cancer - 09:00

Compound that kills drug-resistant fungi is isolated from ant microbiota - 09:00

The Death of Titus - 06:40

Gravitational waves helping to expose black holes, dark matter and theoretical particles - 06:40

Thursday th 4th of April 2019

Earth Day 2019: Recycling: ‘The whole nine yards’ - 15:50

UCF researchers develop way to control speed of light, send it backward - 09:50

AI shows best growing conditions to maximize taste, other features - 09:50

Psychedelic drug MDMA may reawaken ‘critical period’ in brain to help treat PTSD - 09:50

Analysis identifies patients most at risk for weight regain after bariatric surgery - 09:20

Climate panel disbanded by Trump, now regrouped, releases its report - 09:20

Stressed? Take a 20-minute nature pill - 09:20

Experimental therapy completely clears HPV in one-third of cervical cancer precursors - 09:20

Deep stimulation improves cognitive control by augmenting theta brain rhythms - 09:20

A ‘million word gap’ for children who aren’t read to at home - 09:20

Sea turtles struggle years after unexplained die-off - 09:20

Wednesday th 3rd of April 2019

Gov’t Lab Discontinues Research with Cats - 09:00

Circadian clock plays unexpected role in neurodegenerative diseases - 09:00

Keeping genetic engineering localized - 09:00

Technique halves energy, space required to store and manage user data - 09:00

Scientists prod immune cells to attack pancreatic cancer - 08:31

Second male birth control pill passes human safety tests - 08:31

Heavy drinking and alcoholism marked by distinct sets of genes - 08:31

Pregnant Women with Long Commutes to Work at Increased Risk for Adverse Birth Outcomes - 08:31

Alzheimer’s Diagnosis, Management Improved by Brain Scans - 08:31

Gene Therapy Shows Initial Promise for Parkinson’s Disease - 08:31

USDA Study Shows Significant Greenhouse Gas Benefits of Ethanol Compared with Gasoline - 08:31

Tuesday th 2nd of April 2019

New plastic films deflect or trap heat with zero energy required - 18:00

Blue light could treat superbug infections - 18:00

Study debunks ‘depression genes’ hypotheses - 18:00

Liver, colon cancer cells thwarted by compounds derived from hops - 18:00

Teaching computers to intelligently design ‘billions’ of possible materials - 17:30

‘Trusting self-driving cars is going to be a big step for people’ - 08:50

The Transpolar Drift is faltering — sea ice is now melting before it can leave the nursery - 08:50

New species of wood-munching clams found at the bottom of the ocean - 08:50

New alternatives may ease demand for scarce rare-earth permanent magnets - 08:50

Wearable sensors mimic skin to help with wound healing process - 08:50

Gut microbiome directs the immune system to fight cancer - 08:20