Science Blog

Wednesday th 21st of November 2018

Sex in a world of fear: Scared rodents produce more offspring - 10:50

Army scientists revolutionize cybersecurity through quantum research - 10:50

Tuesday th 20th of November 2018

A ‘catch’ in carbon catching - 21:00

Year-end roundup, space and astronomy books - 17:00

How to melt gold at room temperature - 09:00

Explaining the plummeting cost of solar power - 09:00

Antarctic Melting Slows Atmospheric Warming and Speeds Sea Level Rise - 09:00

Using electricity and water, a new kind of motor can slide microrobots into motion - 09:00

Volcanoes and glaciers combine as powerful methane producers - 09:00

How to Convert Climate-Changing Carbon Dioxide into Plastics and Other Products - 09:00

Techniques to combat overeating during holiday season - 09:00

Monday th 19th of November 2018

Spinning Up a Solution for Spin Liquids - 09:40

U.S. has less fresh groundwater than previously thought - 09:40

Aquatic insects linked to migratory bird breeding success - 09:40

Study challenges widely held assumption of bee evolution - 09:40

Activating a new understanding of gene regulation - 09:40

How head injuries lead to serious brain diseases - 09:40

Overflowing Crater Lakes Carved Canyons Across Mars - 09:40

Saturday th 17th of November 2018

California high-speed rail: Auditor’s report: Challenges, yes, but not unconquerable - 02:50

Friday th 16th of November 2018

EPA Cleaner Trucks Initiative proposal scheduled for 2020 release - 18:20

Re-thinking gene expression - 10:32

Why your number of romantic partners mirrors your mother - 10:32

Nanofiber carpet could lead to new sticky or insulating surfaces - 10:32

Can segregated neighborhoods change people’s genes? - 10:32

The stress caused by work interrupting life - 10:32

The Deadly Rains - 09:12

Thursday th 15th of November 2018

Year-end gift ideas, books about Earth and life science and evolution - 19:30

Science Shelf reviews will return soon - 19:30

Proposed new leapfrog-style development project in San Diego County challenged - 16:40

Can we produce enough green hydrogen to save the world? - 12:50

Why women rarely reach top positions in government - 12:50

Voters would have forgiven Cameron for failing to hold an EU referendum, study shows - 12:50

Platform helps farmers out of extreme poverty - 09:20

Research Suggests a Better, Cheaper Way to Conduct U.S. Census - 09:20

Research Uncovers the Spontaneous Polarization of Novel Ultrathin Materials - 08:50

Bursting bubbles launch bacteria from water to air - 08:50

Wednesday th 14th of November 2018

Letter to an Incipient Cancer Survivor - 18:30

The video games that improve kids’ social skills - 10:20

Tuesday th 13th of November 2018

Keystone XL pipeline U.S. forward-progress momentum on hold … for now - 14:20

Dopamine primes the brain for enhanced vigilance - 10:02

Black students who have one black teacher are more likely to go to college - 10:02

Novel strategy may reduce breast cancer bone metastasis - 10:02

Stopping the spiny water flea - 10:02

To reduce food waste, scientists are making labels that track produce as it spoils - 10:02

A 1972 solar storm triggered a Vietnam War mystery - 10:02

British Columbia loses $1 billion a year in fossil fuel subsidies - 03:20

Monday th 12th of November 2018

Ancient DNA from Central, South America reveal genetic exchanges, population turnover - 09:32

Healing kidneys with nanotechnology - 09:32

Adaptation to starchy diet, high altitudes helped ancient settlers survive - 09:32

Immunotherapy drug helps patients with metastatic melanoma - 09:32