Science Blog

Monday the 18th of August 2014

DNA methylation involved in Alzheimer’s disease - 07:30

New home for an ‘evolutionary misfit’ - 07:30

FDA-approved drug restores hair in patients with alopecia areata - 07:30

8,000-year-old mutation key to human life at high altitudes - 07:30

Law to combat ‘club drugs’ has done more harm than good - 07:30

Virginity pledges for men can lead to sexual confusion — even after wedding - 07:30

Middle-aged women missing passion (and sex) seek affairs, not divorce - 07:30

Study identifies factors that contribute to food trucks’ fast spread - 07:30

Recycling old batteries into solar cells - 07:00

Visual control of big data - 07:00

RNA therapy adcance - 07:00

JPL: Snow Cover on Arctic Sea Ice Has Thinned 30 to 50 Percent - 07:00

Saturday the 16th of August 2014

Looking for origins of Alzheimer’s disease to find a treatment - 08:00

Do Gut Bacteria Rule Our Minds? - 08:00

Friday the 15th of August 2014

Bigger Government Makes for More Satisfied People - 10:20

Experts nearly perfect in determining truth in interrogations using active question methods - 07:00

Seven tiny grains captured by Stardust likely visitors from interstellar space - 06:30

Study helps prevent rhino deaths during relocation - 06:30

New tool makes a single picture worth a thousand – and more – images - 06:30

Correlated novelties: How one thing leads to another - 06:30

Science of origin stories of Captain America and the Incredible Hulk - 06:30

Scientists use lasers to control mouse brain switchboard - 06:30

Excessive Running or Walking May Eliminate Health Gains in Heart Attack Survivors - 06:30

Still a Lot to Learn About India’s Deadly Air Pollution - 06:30

Acoustic Beams Hold Promise for Imaging, Cloaking, Levitation - 06:30

Scientific misconduct: Calculating the personal, public costs - 06:30

Thursday the 14th of August 2014

New method of detecting bone loss could help predict disease progression - 10:30

That pain and itch may be signs of skin cancer - 10:30

Study reveals how Ebola blocks immune system - 10:30

Bypass commands from the brain to legs through a computer - 10:00

New frontiers of fecal microbiota transplantation - 10:00

Scientists make major breakthrough in understanding leukemia   - 10:00

Three Radars are Better than One: Field Campaign Demonstrates Two New Instruments - 10:00

Workaholism: the addiction of this century - 09:30

New Irish research sheds light on how aspirin works to reduce cancer deaths - 09:30

PTSD Can Develop Even Without Memory of the Trauma   - 09:30

People act fake to look real on social media - 09:30

Wednesday the 13th of August 2014

Is math hard because we’re teaching it wrong? - 11:00

Running on waste heat - 11:00

MRSA colonization common in groin and rectal areas - 10:00

Bacteria growing less susceptible to common antiseptic - 10:00

Snow has thinned on Arctic sea ice - 10:00

‘Shape-shifting’ material could help reconstruct faces - 10:00

Rooting out skin creams that contain toxic mercury   - 10:00

Tattoo biobatteries produce power from sweat (video) - 10:00

A new look at what’s in ‘fracking’ fluids raises red flags - 10:00

Giant Amazon fish becoming extinct in many fishing communities, saved in others - 10:00

Neck manipulation may be associated with stroke   - 10:00

Tuesday the 12th of August 2014

Want to kill creativity of women in teams? Fire up the competition - 08:00

NIH: Bioengineers create functional 3D brain-like tissue - 08:00