Science Blog

Tuesday the 14th of March 2017

Low levels of ‘anti-anxiety’ hormone linked to postpartum depression - 12:02

Professor develops statistical model to predict NCAA tournament winners - 09:32

In U.S. in 2016, 3.2 trillion miles driven: Air, roads, feeling the heat - 00:01

Monday the 13th of March 2017

Parity-time symmetry breaking in an electrically injected, room temperature VCSEL array demonstrated for the first time - 19:11

E-cigarettes a gateway to smoking? Not likely, according to new published research - 11:01

Expensive taxi rides for business travelers - 11:01

Yes, she’s smiling: Mona Lisa’s facial expression - 11:01

Simultaneous detection of multiple spin states in a single quantum dot - 11:01

Never before seen images of early stage Alzheimer’s disease - 11:01

Tackling depression by changing the way you think - 11:01

Saturday the 11th of March 2017

Serious but stable: U.S. infrastructure condition: What it means for air - 16:51

Castration-resistant prostate cancer cell growth impeded by endostatin - 10:11

Study: Soils Could Release Much More Carbon Than Expected as Climate Warms - 10:11

How zebrafish recover from blinding injuries - 10:11

Attention Earthlings: Help Wanted in Finding a New Planet - 10:11

Paleontologists find fossil relative of Ginkgo biloba - 10:11

New Materials Could Turn Water into the Fuel of the Future - 10:11

I come in peace: engaging with life on a flat Earth. - 09:12

Friday the 10th of March 2017

Machine learning advances human-computer interaction - 16:31

High-intensity aerobic training can reverse aging processes in adults - 16:31

Poor sleep in early childhood may lead to cognitive, behavioral problems in later years - 16:31

Finding better treatments for tuberculosis, the computer is mightier than the mouse - 15:01

Spontaneous Pneumothorax and air travel in BHD Syndrome - 08:32

Illinois researchers create first exact model for diffusion in magnesium alloys - 03:32

The Bees’ Scented Secrets - 03:32

Thursday the 9th of March 2017

Could Fast Radio Bursts Be Powering Alien Probes? - 17:51

The Life and Times of Zero-Day Vulnerabilities and Their Exploits - 08:01

Saving victims of deadly toxic mushrooms - 08:01

Chemical Used to Detect Alzheimer’s Extends Roundworm Lifespan - 08:01

Wednesday the 8th of March 2017

Dental plaque DNA shows Neandertals used ‘aspirin’ - 15:41

A New Era for Physics? With Creation of New Form of Matter, a Time Crystal, It Just Might Be - 15:41

Probiotic found in yogurt can reverse depression symptoms, UVA finds - 14:02

Researchers find neurological link between religious experiences and epilepsy - 14:02

Massive rogue waves aren’t as rare as previously thought - 14:01

Researchers take big step forward in nanotech-based drugs - 10:01

Aging in place could save money, benefit health outcomes in public housing for the elderly - 10:01

No evidence immigrants displacing U.S. workers - 10:01

PTSD Risk Can Be Predicted by Hormone Levels Prior to Deployment - 10:01

Antidepressant side effects reported more by patients with panic disorder - 10:01

Reusable sponge soaks up oil, could revolutionize spill cleanup - 10:01

New Study Shows Americans are Having Sex Less Often - 10:01

Tuesday the 7th of March 2017

Vision, not limbs, led fish onto land 385 million years ago - 17:01

Can data analytics help you fill out a March Madness bracket? - 16:01

Rainy day germs: A light rain can spread soil bacteria far and wide - 13:32

‘Black swan’ events strike animal populations - 13:32

Snake bit? Chemists figure out how to easily and cheaply halt venom’s spread - 13:32

Breakthrough discovery may make blood test feasible for detecting cancer - 13:02

Making energy storage so simple it’s boring - 13:02

Mercury in Hawaiian bigeye, yellowfin tuna rising - 09:41

Bumblebees’ smelly feet help determine where to find lunch - 09:41