Science Blog

Monday the 28th of November 2016

Ancient enzyme provides insights into modern-day metabolism - 14:31

Wives with a Romantic View of Marriage Are Less Likely to Volunteer and May Lead Husbands to Volunteer Less, Too - 14:31

Study Shows How Epilepsy Drugs Block Brain’s Electrical Signals - 14:31

NIH Funds Clinical Trial to Test Device That Heals Wounds With Ultrasound - 14:31

It takes less than a second to tell humans from androids - 13:01

Ice atop lakes doesn’t necessarily freeze the life down under - 13:01

High-Altitude Archaeology Uncovers Earliest Evidence of Potato Consumption - 13:01

Even after having ‘read a book,’ one still judges it by its ‘cover’ - 13:01

Actually, Men and Women Don’t Communicate Differently, at Least In Writing - 13:01

Bringing genes back from the wild for rapid crop improvement - 11:31

Creating the ‘Model Human’ to Practice Surgery - 11:31

Gene mutation linked to early onset of Parkinson’s disease in Caucasians - 11:31

Study finds cause of visual impairment in astronauts - 11:31

Can you hear the corn grow? Yes! - 11:31

New drug limits and then repairs brain damage in stroke - 11:31

Depression in young people affects the stomach, anxiety the skin - 11:31

Upward Mobility Boosts Immunity in Monkeys - 11:01

Consuming high amounts of saturated fats linked to increased heart disease risk - 11:01

West Antarctic ice shelf breaking up from the inside out - 11:01

New method for analyzing crystal structure - 11:01

Sunday the 27th of November 2016

Big Data for Big Animals: Part 3 - 19:51

Tolerating distress: why is it so difficult to quit smoking? - 19:51

Black-White Earnings Gap Returns to 1950 Levels - 13:01

Saturday the 26th of November 2016

Potpourri: A valley ‘view’ on weather, temperature, air-quality reporting and one other thought - 23:51

How thinking about behavior differently can lead to happier Fetal Alcohol Spectrum families - 11:31

Miniature WiFi device supplies missing link for the Internet of Things - 11:01

A new technique for structural color, inspired by birds - 11:01

New clues emerge in 30-year-old superconductor mystery - 11:01

Study finds talk therapy for civilians with PTSD effective for military - 11:01

Flat faults, like Cascadia, spark giant quakes - 11:01

Friday the 25th of November 2016

X-Rays Capture Unprecedented Images of Photosynthesis in Action - 13:51

DoD, Army Ramp Up Cybersecurity Measures With New Initiatives - 13:51

NASA Saturn Mission Prepares for ‘Ring-Grazing Orbits’ - 13:51

$4.7 million to better harness large data for social, behavioral, economic sciences research - 13:51

Scientists Trace ‘Poisoning’ in Chemical Reactions to the Atomic Scale - 13:51

Practice testing protects memory against stress - 10:31

Reduction in Saharan dust plume led to more monsoons 11,000 years ago - 10:31

Power Poses Don’t Help and Could Potentially Backfire, Penn Study Shows - 10:31

Zika-bearing mosquitoes quickly invade and adapt to new environments - 10:01

For platinum catalysts, a tiny squeeze gives a big boost in performance - 10:01

The science of friction on graphene - 10:01

A Circle of Life - 08:01

FLCN haploinsufficiency leads to lung fibroblast dysfunction in patients with BHD syndrome - 08:01

Thursday the 24th of November 2016

Big Data for Big Animals: Part 2 - 14:31

Endangered Australasian marsupials are ancient survivors of climate change - 10:01

A new perovskite could lead the next generation of data storage - 10:01

Most winter boots are too slippery to walk safely on icy surfaces - 10:01

Thinning and retreat of West Antarctic glacier began in 1940s - 10:01

Nobel Laureate develops drug to prevent food allergies - 10:01

In and around the home, hitting a ‘home run’ on air quality matters - 01:51