Science Blog

Monday the 8th of September 2014

Whale sex: It’s all in the hips - 10:30

Dietary recommendations may be tied to increased greenhouse gas emissions - 09:00

Shutting the door on Gateway Hypothesis - 09:00

Scientists apply biomedical technique to reveal changes in body of the ocean - 09:00

A good thing? 3-in-1 facial plastic surgery can be safe for the aged - 09:00

Bacteria from bees possible alternative to antibiotics - 09:00

Reacting to Personal Setbacks: Do You Bounce Back or Give Up? - 08:30

Two Big Ten Universities Work to Develop Environmentally Friendly Lawns - 08:30

Sun-powered desalination for villages in India - 08:30

New find: UV light can turn oncogene into source of skin cancers - 08:30

Should scientists handle retractions differently? - 08:30

Researchers turn to plants to help treat hemophilia - 08:30

Friday the 5th of September 2014

How To Thrive Through Close Relationships - 13:00

‘Disease in a dish’ approach could aid Huntington’s disease discovery efforts - 12:30

The yin and yang of overcoming cocaine addiction - 10:00

Use of dengue vaccine may cause short-term spikes in its prevalence - 10:00

California blue whales rebound from whaling, first of their kin to do so - 10:00

Research finds no association between wearing a bra and breast cancer - 09:30

Banked blood grows stiffer with age, study finds - 09:30

Near-extinct African amphibians ‘invisible’ under climate change - 09:30

Caffeine therapy for apnea of prematurity does not have long-term harmful effects on sleep - 09:30

News media losing role as gatekeepers to new ‘social mediators’ on Twitter - 09:30

Nature or nurture? It’s all about the message - 09:00

Ozone Pollution in India Kills Enough Crops to Feed 94 Million in Poverty - 09:00

Thursday the 4th of September 2014

T. Rex times seven: New dinosaur species is discovered in Argentina - 10:30

Study Reveals Evidence of Multicentury Drought - 07:02

Stanford scientists reveal complexity in the brain’s wiring diagram - 07:02

Icy Aquifers on Titan Transform Methane Rainfall - 07:02

Avian Flu in Seals Could Infect People - 07:01

To clean air and beyond: Catching greenhouse gases with advanced membranes - 07:01

Scientists Make Diseased Cells Synthesize Their Own Drug - 07:00

Wednesday the 3rd of September 2014

Polyester clothes stink after exercise; cotton, not so much - 19:00

NIH-led scientists discover HIV antibody that binds to novel target on virus - 19:00

Widely used depression drug associated with dental implant failure - 19:00

Doing makes you happier than owning – even before buying - 07:30

Key to pathogenic slime uncovered - 07:30

Television content affects snacking behavior - 07:30

Breast cancer patients with bilateral mastectomy don’t have better survival rates - 07:30

New drug promises relief for inflammatory pain, especially for some Asians - 07:30

Workplace courage: more process than personality - 07:30

Humiliation tops list of mistreatment toward med students - 07:30

Estrogen increases cannabis sensitivity - 07:30

Chiller training means more conservatve doctors — and that’s a good thing - 07:30

Tuesday the 2nd of September 2014

Over-the-counter pain reliever may restore immune function in old age - 11:10

Research hints at why stress is more devastating for some - 07:30

Discovery reveals how bacteria distinguish harmful versus helpful viruses - 07:30

Single laser stops molecular tumbling motion instantly - 07:30

Electric Current to Brain Boosts Memory - 07:30

Cannabis withdrawal symptoms common among teens - 07:30

Blacks more feared, but shot less quickly in ‘deadly force lab’ - 07:30