Science Blog

Thursday the 13th of November 2014

Depression, overwhelming guilt in preschool years linked to brain changes - 08:00

Errors in single gene may protect against heart disease - 08:00

A Piece of the Quantum Puzzle - 08:00

Fighting crime through crowdsourcing - 08:00

Wednesday the 12th of November 2014

Single molecular switch may contribute to major aging-related diseases - 11:00

Altered milk protein can deliver AIDS drug to infants - 09:00

Oral cancer-causing HPV may spread through oral and genital routes - 09:00

Bilingual brains better equipped to process information - 09:00

Atomic timekeeping, on the go - 08:30

Months after IED blasts, vision may fade - 08:30

Combining forensic art and technology to catch criminals - 08:30

Facial structure predicts goals, fouls among World Cup soccer players - 08:30

Study Blocks Multiple Sclerosis Relapses in Mice - 08:30

Hope for those with social anxiety disorder: You may already be someone’s best friend - 08:30

Tuesday the 11th of November 2014

Study: Baby boomers will drive explosion in Alzheimer’s-related costs in coming decades - 16:31

Why ‘I’m so happy I could cry’ makes sense - 12:30

Studylooks at role of microbes on infectious disease of frogs - 08:30

Study Offers New Clue into How Anesthesia Works - 08:30

Reducing Food Waste and Saving Money at Thanksgiving - 08:30

Archaeologists discover remains of Ice-Age infants in Alaska - 08:30

Hospital workers wash hands less frequently toward end of shift - 08:30

Multiple models reveal new genetic links in autism - 08:30

Too many people, not enough water: Now and 2,700 years ago - 08:30

The cat’s meow: Genome reveals clues to domestication - 08:00

Monday the 10th of November 2014

New materials yield record efficiency polymer solar cells - 11:00

Study identifies pre-symptomatic markers for hemorrhagic viruses like Ebola - 11:00

‘Darting’ mice may hold clues to ADHD, autism and bipolar disorder - 11:00

Global ‘tree of life’ study shows insects ruled Earth 400M years ago - 10:00

Frozen Food: Love It or Let It Go? - 09:30

Google Wants to Search for Cancer – Inside Your Body - 09:30

Researchers provide first peek at how neurons multitask - 09:30

Outsmarting the airlines on price could get harder - 09:30

Friday the 7th of November 2014

No junk: Long RNA mimics DNA, restrains hormone responses - 08:00

New drug for common liver disease improves liver health - 08:00

Hubble Surveys Debris-Strewn Exoplanetary Construction Yards - 08:00

Grocery byproduct feed proves effective as energy supplement in cattle - 08:00

Integrative medicine relieves pain, anxiety for cancer inpatients - 08:00

Gut bacteria: How genes determine the fit of your jeans - 08:00

Denying problems when we don’t like the political solutions - 08:00

Canine distemper: For tiger populations, a new threat - 08:00

Genes influence types of microbes in human gut - 07:30

Researchers grow norovirus in human cells - 07:30

Pregnant women with PTSD more likely to give birth prematurely - 07:30

NZ’s moa exterminated by low-density human population - 07:30

Oxytocin levels in blood, cerebrospinal fluid are linked, study finds - 07:30

New research lights the way to super-fast computers - 07:30

Thursday the 6th of November 2014

FACT SHEET: Emergency Funding Request to Enhance the U.S. Government’s Response to Ebola at Home and Abroad - 11:30

Study shows direct brain interface between humans - 11:30

Chlorine Makes a Comeback - 11:30

More scientists burnishing reputations by using social media - 11:30