Science Blog

Monday the 16th of March 2015

New antibody therapy dramatically improves psoriasis symptoms in clinical trial - 07:30

New technology may double radio frequency data capacity - 07:30

Tablets increase neck strain 3-5 times, says ergonomics study - 07:00

Prescription for living longer: Spend less time alone - 07:00

Genetic basis of rosacea identified by researchers - 07:00

Many paths to degeneration for neurons - 07:00

Better breakfast, better grades - 07:00

Blood pressure drug protects against symptoms of multiple sclerosis in animal models - 06:40

Friday the 13th of March 2015

Boosting a natural protection against Alzheimer’s disease - 13:50

Why exercise magnifies exhaustion for chronic fatigue syndrome patients - 13:50

Listening to classical music modulates genes that are responsible for brain functions - 13:50

Invasive species use landmarking to find love in a hopeless place - 13:20

So just how do those motor oil additives protect your engine? - 13:20

New Mercury surface composition maps illuminate the planet’s history - 13:20

Common herpes medication reduces HIV-1 levels, independent of herpes infection - 13:20

Nearly 70 percent of evangelicals do not view religion, science as being in conflict - 13:20

New evidence that increasing economic inequality rises out of political partisanship - 13:20

Researchers unlock the mysteries of wound healing - 13:20

Thursday the 12th of March 2015

Scientists shrink ants to study mechanisms that control DNA expression - 11:31

Researchers solve the mystery of the dancing droplets - 11:31

Neanderthal jewelry? Discovery sheds light on predecessors’ cognitive abilities - 11:31

Some of our genes are foreign, and not from our ancestors - 11:31

Stop the presses! Flatulence could be used to diagnose diseases - 11:31

Sea monster was largest animal on Earth - 11:00

Yoga could cut lessen prenatal depression - 11:00

Engineers create chameleon-like artificial ‘skin’ that shifts color on demand - 10:30

Raising minimum age to buy cigarettes to at least 21 would reduce smoking and save lives - 10:30

Understanding loneliness through science - 10:30

Wednesday the 11th of March 2015

An injectable polymer could keep soldiers, trauma patients from bleeding to death - 10:55

Beating bird wings generate electricity for data collector - 10:55

Look, something shiny! How color images can influence consumer - 10:55

How parents may help create their own little narcissists - 10:55

Youth suicide rate in rural areas is nearly double the rate in cities - 10:55

March Madness brackets: Flipping a coin is your best bet - 10:55

New Long-Term Earthquake Forecast for California - 10:55

Scientists ID brain site for stress role in binge drinking - 10:55

Build your own Siri: An open-source digital assistant - 10:55

The corrugated galaxy — Milky Way may be much larger than previously estimated - 10:55

Tuesday the 10th of March 2015

Study shows connection between key autism risk genes in the human brain - 11:00

Popular origami pattern makes the mechanical switch - 11:00

One fractal quantifies another, mathematicians find - 11:00

First look at hospitalized Ebola survivors’ immune cells could guide vaccine design - 11:00

Endangered Flying Squirrel Relegated to Living on Sky-Islands - 11:00

DARPA Robotics Challenge Features Disaster-response Tasks - 11:00

Physical labor, hypertension and multiple meds may reduce male fertility - 11:00

Being ‘laid off’ leads to a decade of distrust - 11:00

Microbial soil cleanup at Fukushima - 11:00

Fading orange-red in Van Goghs paintings - 11:00

Monday the 9th of March 2015

Controlling mothers add to anxiety risk for young children - 10:20

Antidepressant could reverse heart failure - 10:20