Science Blog

Monday the 13th of October 2014

Scientists create a ‘smart’ lithium-ion battery that warns of fire hazard - 10:00

Swallowing frozen, encapsulated feces could cure C. difficile - 10:00

Sunday the 12th of October 2014

Gut microbe to blame in anorexia, bulimia? - 08:30

Saturday the 11th of October 2014

Mobilization of Latino Voters May Determine Control of U.S. Senate - 13:30

Sepsis Sniffer Generates Faster Care - 13:30

Friday the 10th of October 2014

Big pharma has withdrawn from antibiotics. Should research universities step in? - 11:00

Leaky, Star-Forming Galaxies Help Us Better Understand the Universe - 10:30

Modified vitamin D shows promise against pancreatic cancer - 10:30

Scientists discover a ‘good’ fat that fights diabetes - 10:30

‘Baby rattle’ molecules show quantum properties of H2O and H2 - 10:00

Mechanism that repairs brain after stroke discovered - 10:00

Examining the language of terrorist propaganda - 10:00

Thursday the 9th of October 2014

Hunger Games: How the brain ‘browns’ fat to aid weight loss - 21:30

Rapid interventions key to preventing Ebola outbreak - 21:00

Low birth rates can actually pay off in the U.S. - 21:00

An Apple a Day May Keep the Pounds Away - 21:00

Bittersweet News for Dieters: Grapefruit Really Helps - 19:00

Elephant ‘Radar’ Can Detect Rain 150 Miles Away - 17:00

Harvard scientists claim giant leap against diabetes via stem cell production - 15:30

Decreased ability to identify odors can predict death - 15:30

Dark matter half what we thought - 12:30

Drinking decaf coffee maybe good for the liver - 12:30

NASA Parachute Engineers Have Appetite for Destruction - 08:30

The cichlids’ egg-spots: How evolution creates new characteristics - 08:30

Community justice court associated with lower rearrest rates - 08:30

Hospital patients are not washing their hands - 08:30

Drug used for another disease slows progression of Parkinson’s - 08:30

Researchers ID epigenetic changes caused by binge drinking - 08:00

Origin of ‘Ocean of Storms’ on Earth’s Moon - 08:00

Dengue fever vastly underreported in India - 08:00

Wednesday the 8th of October 2014

Slime-producing molecules help spread disease from cats to sea otters - 08:00

Natural selection can produce orange corn rich in provitamin A - 08:00

Noncitizens face harsher U.S. prison sentences compared to citizens - 08:00

Small spills at gas stations could cause significant public health risks over time - 08:00

Enterovirus advice: Don’t panic. Wash your hands. - 08:00

Clear Skies and Water Vapor Found on Exoplanet - 08:00

Metal Made Like Plastic May Have Big Impact - 08:00

Swirling Cloud at Titan’s Pole is Cold and Toxic - 08:00

FBI Releases Study on Active Shooter Incidents - 08:00

High Blood Pressure Breakthrough - 07:30

Found lurking in public databases, type-2 diabetes drug passes early test - 07:30

Frankenstein and the Institutional Review Board - 07:30

H7N9 flu vaccine study shows adjuvant is essential - 07:30

Wealthy parents increased spending on children during recession - 07:30

Tuesday the 7th of October 2014

Sugar linked to memory problems in adolescent rats - 11:30

Toddlers regulate behavior to avoid making adults angry - 11:30

Back off: Female chimps stressed out by competing suitors - 11:30

Potty training before age 2 linked to increased risk of later wetting problems - 11:30

Physicist turns smartphones into pocket cosmic ray detectors - 11:30

Probiotics protect children and pregnant women against heavy metal poisoning - 07:30