Science Blog

Monday the 11th of May 2015

New Device Could Greatly Improve Speech and Image Recognition - 15:20

Psychotic hallucinations, delusions rarely precede violence - 15:20

Malaria parasite’s essential doorway into red blood cells illuminated - 10:50

Removing reflections from photos taken through windows - 10:20

Project seeks climate clues deep in Indonesian lakebed - 10:20

How key protein protects kidney and heart from injury - 09:50

The Chemistry of Waters that Follow from Fracking: A Case Study - 09:50

Method for determining possible stress marker in blood samples - 09:50

Research paper with 2,863 authors expands knowledge of bacteriophages - 09:50

Patients more likely to get HPV vaccine after electronic health record prompts - 09:50

Tapping the potential of undergraduate researchers - 09:50

Advanced viral gene therapy eradicates prostate cancer in preclinical experiments - 09:50

Researchers examine the dangers bubbling up from hookah steam stones - 09:50

Sunday the 10th of May 2015

Familiarity breeds empathy - 09:00

Justice intersects with research on federal review committee - 09:00

Partnership for finding particles - 09:00

Saturday the 9th of May 2015

Seeing gender - 08:00

Female Cystic Fibrosis Patients Need More Contraceptive Guidance - 08:00

Saving the digital record: Harvard Library safeguards material stored on obsolete formats - 08:00

Friday the 8th of May 2015

Plugging up leaky graphene: May enable faster, more durable water filters. - 07:30

Chemistry student in sun harvest breakthrough? - 07:30

Thursday the 7th of May 2015

Research shows sleep loss impedes decision making in crisis - 16:30

Neural stem cells massively turn into astrocytes in a model of epilepsy - 16:30

Measles may weaken immune system up to three years - 16:30

Near-atomic resolution of protein structure by electron microscopy - 16:30

Poetry Corner: Clouds of Broken Visions Lay in Wait - 11:00

Recipe for Flavorful Tomatoes: Heat Before Chilling - 10:00

NIH study solves ovarian cell mystery, shedding new light on reproductive disorders - 10:00

When the baby comes, working couples no longer share housework equally - 10:00

Ulcer-causing bacteria induces stomach stem cell growth in mice - 10:00

Using a shopping list may aid food desert residents - 01:40

Mobile tracking application may help users meet vitamin D requirements - 01:40

Fresh evidence for how water reached Earth found in asteroid debris - 01:40

How climate science denial affects the scientific community - 01:40

Study reveals why almost half of patients opt out of comprehensive cancer testing - 01:40

Researchers produce jet fuel compounds from fungus - 01:40

Wednesday the 6th of May 2015

Adjustable body temps help some fish swim faster, further - 16:00

Smartphone video microscope automates detection of parasites in blood - 14:30

Real stereotypes continue to exist in virtual worlds - 14:30

Researchers Reverse Bacterial Resistance to Antibiotics - 14:00

Fecal microbiota transplant cures C. diff, blocks multi-drug resistant pathogens - 13:00

Researchers explore how the brain separates our abilities to talk, write - 10:30

Fish oil may calm aggressive children - 10:30

Social network experiments create a tipping point to improve public health - 10:30

New form of DNA modification may carry inheritable information - 10:30

Physically experiencing scientific concepts aids comprehension of it - 10:30

Brain Chemical May Offer New Clues in Treating Chronic Pain - 10:30

Asteroid Crash Kicked Off Mega-Volcano in the Process that Killed Dinosaurs - 10:30

Newly Named Bacteria Help Honey Bee Larvae Thrive - 10:30

Punishments may guide behavior more effectively than rewards - 10:30