Science Blog

Sunday the 20th of July 2014

Genetic risk for autism stems mostly from common genes - 21:30

Hepatitis C cured in co-infected HIV patients - 21:30

New method for extracting radioactive elements from air and water - 21:30

Friday the 18th of July 2014

It’s complicated: Analyzing the costs, benefits of gene-modifying technology - 08:00

How cannabis causes paranoia - 08:00

In Search of Elusive Dark Matter - 08:00

Is the universe a bubble? Let’s check - 08:00

First Nations study uncovers grizzly bear ‘highway’ - 08:00

Gene links stem cells, aging and cancer - 08:00

Eye movements reveal difference between love and lust - 08:00

No evidence that California cellphone ban decreased accidents - 07:30

Discovery may make it easier to develop life-saving stem cells - 07:30

Antivirals underused, antibiotics overused in flu patients - 07:30

US reports first locally acquired chikungunya cases - 07:30

New answer to MRSA, other ‘superbug’ infections: clay minerals? - 07:30

Thursday the 17th of July 2014

Walking on All Fours Is Not Backward Evolution, Study Shows - 09:30

People in leadership positions may sacrifice privacy for security - 09:00

Living livers better for transplant - 09:00

The Medical Minute: Don’t skimp on shades this summer - 09:00

Scientists ID gene in fatal childhood inflammatory disease - 09:00

Young Americans more likely to attend college, less likely to smoke - 09:00

Certain arctic lakes store more greenhouse gases than they release - 09:00

One injection stops mouse diabetes in its tracks - 09:00

Scientists find way to trap, kill malaria parasite - 09:00

Are ants the answer to carbon dioxide sequestration? - 09:00

Calorie restriction with resveratrol key to kick-starting cell health - 08:30

Plant-based research improves hemophilia treatment - 08:30

Potassium Supplements May Help Diuretics Patients Live Longer - 08:30

Wednesday the 16th of July 2014

Marijuana Dependence Alters the Brain’s Response to Drug Paraphernalia - 12:30

Mutation Stops Worms From Getting Drunk - 08:30

Researchers Discover Why It’s So Hard To Grow An Extra Finger - 08:30

Do Daughters Cause Divorce? Maybe Not - 08:30

Do women talk more than men? It depends - 08:30

Skin Gel Stops Breast Cancer Growth Without Dangerous Side Effects - 08:30

Looking Back at the Jupiter Crash 20 Years Later - 08:30

DARPA Developing Implants to Help With TBI Memory Loss - 08:30

Ebola cases in West Africa reach 964, deaths top 600 - 08:30

Tuesday the 15th of July 2014

Brain responses to emotional images predict PTSD symptoms after bombing - 14:00

New Feathered Dinosaur From China Sheds Light on Dinosaur Flight - 14:00

Months before their first words, babies’ brains rehearse speech mechanics - 09:00

Neutering health effects more severe for golden retrievers than Labradors - 08:30

Study reveals how gardens could help dementia care - 08:30

New combo drug controls tumor growth and metastasis in mice - 08:30

The power of making amends: How conciliatory gestures promote forgiveness - 08:30

Physicians influence therapy decisions for prostate cancer patients - 08:30

New technique may transform hunt for antibiotics and cancer therapies - 08:30

Young women with sexy social media photos seen as less competent - 08:30

Pre-diabetes label ‘unhelpful and unnecessary’ - 08:30

Bothered by hot flashes? Acupuncture might be the answer - 08:30

Monday the 14th of July 2014

Proof: Parkinson’s Enhances Creativity? - 19:00