Science Blog

Monday the 9th of November 2015

Who’s the ‘enviest’ of them all? - 04:31

Biologists piece together history of deadly fungus - 04:31

Wednesday the 4th of November 2015

Being mom’s favorite may not be good for your psychological health - 12:00

Researchers discover mystery virus that causes tremors in piglets - 10:30

Brain stimulation limits calories consumed in adults with obesity - 10:30

New blood vessels may explain Parkinson’s symptoms - 10:30

Scarlet is the new black: Fever making a comeback - 10:30

Gene linked to lung cancer and tumor formation - 10:00

System automatically converts 2-D video to 3-D - 08:30

As menopause approaches, fluctuating estrogen increases sensitivity to stress, depression - 07:30

National Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month: Improving the Security and Resilience of the Nation’s Grid - 07:30

EPA, California Notify Volkswagen of Additional Clean Air Act Violations - 07:30

Next generation engineering algorithms help protect the evolving smart grid - 07:30

Tuesday the 3rd of November 2015

Researchers Can Trigger Production of Oxygen-Carrying Blood Cells on Demand - 22:30

Buried in ash, ancient Salvadoran village shows images of daily life - 17:00

How depressive thoughts persevere, interfere with memory in people with depression - 17:00

Endurance expert: Drugs could help ‘lazy’ people exercise - 17:00

Diamonds may not be so rare as once thought - 17:00

What the [beep]? Infants link new communicative signals to meaning - 11:30

90% of Skin-Based Viruses Represent Viral Dark Matter - 11:30

Less ice, more water in Arctic Ocean by 2050s - 11:30

Scientists map source of Northwest’s next big quake - 11:30

Early contact with dogs linked to lower risk of asthma - 11:30

Study: Blood vessels store, secrete key blood-clotting protein - 11:00

Oil-Based Pesticides Most Effective at Killing Contents of Brown Widow Spider Egg Sacs - 10:30

Forgotten but not gone: West Nile virus impacts greater number of bird species - 10:30

Quiet ‘epidemic’ of drugs, alcohol and suicide has killed half a million middle-aged white Americans - 10:30

Cloudy with a chance of molten rain - 10:30

California’s early release of prisoners proving effective so far - 10:30

New genetic risk marker for late-life depression - 10:00

New book details the scientific search for a planet — before Albert Einstein halted the quest - 08:30

The solution to faster computing? Sing to your data - 08:00

Monday the 2nd of November 2015

Regeneration faded as most four-legged vertebrates evolved - 18:30

Low-fat diet not most effective in long-term weight loss - 18:30

Desalination gets a graphene boost - 16:00

Cracking the problem of river growth - 16:00

Researchers Build Nanoscale Autonomous Walking Machine from DNA - 13:00

Internet too slow? You may be paying too much to save a few seconds - 11:00

Sleepwalkers feel no pain, remain asleep despite suffering injuries - 11:00

Magnetic cell sensors let scientists to track cells and interactions within them - 10:30

Sleep interruptions worse for mood than reduced overall amount of sleep - 10:30

Banning E-Cigarette Sales to Minors Spurs Conventional Smoking - 10:30

Black Hole Has Major Flare - 10:30

Uncovering the secrets of ice that burns - 08:00

Bugs collected on rooftop for 18 years reveal climate change effects - 08:00

Could self-disseminating vaccines cut off emerging infectious diseases at source? - 08:00

Vitamin D pill a day may improve exercise performance, cut heart disease - 08:00

Friday the 30th of October 2015

NASA study: Mass gains of Antarctic Ice Sheet greater than losses - 18:00

Since We’re on the Topic of of Pumpkins … - 15:30

Making cars of the future stronger, using less energy - 12:30