Science Blog

Thursday th 3rd of August 2017

First observation of the hyperfine splitting in antihydrogen - 11:32

Why Facebook is so hard to resist - 11:32

The future of search engines - 11:32

Wednesday th 2nd of August 2017

Astronomers find that the sun’s core rotates four times faster than its surface - 15:52

Scientists Watch ‘Artificial Atoms’ Assemble into Perfect Lattices with Many Uses - 15:52

For white middle class, moderate drinking is linked to cognitive health in old age - 15:23

Condemned prisoners prefer formalwear at executions - 15:23

Getting therapeutic sound waves through thick skulls - 15:23

Early gene-editing success holds promise for preventing inherited diseases - 15:22

Simulating the quantum world with electron traps - 15:22

Misfolded form of pancreatic protein could induce type 2 diabetes symptoms - 15:22

New optical device could help detect drugs, bomb-making chemicals and more - 08:32

Study finds link between gum disease, cancer risk in older women - 08:32

Food fight: Children’s temperaments help predict dinnertime struggles - 08:32

Puzzling pockets of rock deep in Earth’s mantle - 08:32

Automatic image retouching on your phone - 08:32

Tuesday th 1st of August 2017

Netflix’s ’13 Reasons Why’ Linked to Suicidal Thoughts - 08:02

Blood test: Scientists crack code of chronic fatigue syndrome’s inflammatory underpinnings - 08:02

An Earth-like atmosphere may not survive Proxima b’s orbit - 08:02

Methane-eating bacteria in lake deep beneath Antarctic ice sheet may reduce greenhouse gas emissions - 08:02

Light-Activated Catalyst Grabs CO2 to Make Ingredients for Fuel - 08:02

NASA Finds Moon of Saturn Has Chemical That Could Form ‘Membranes’ - 08:02

Researchers uncover genetic gains and losses in Tourette syndrome - 08:02

Monday th 31st of July 2017

Heavier Asian Americans seen as ‘more American,’ study says - 11:02

Large supply of methane found beneath Antarctic Ice Sheet - 11:02

Loss of Arctic sea ice impacting Atlantic Ocean water circulation system - 11:02

Biomarkers may lead to promising diagnostic tool for Alzheimer’s - 09:02

Projected precipitation increases are bad news for water quality - 09:02

New imaging technique overturns longstanding textbook model of DNA folding - 09:02

NSF-funded supercomputer Stampede2 forges new frontier in advanced computing - 09:02

Diet rich in tomatoes cuts skin cancer in half in mice - 09:02

Making batteries from waste glass bottles - 09:02

How electric vehicles could take a bite out of the oil market - 09:02

Sunday th 30th of July 2017

Upcoming Asteroid Flyby Will Help NASA Planetary Defense Network - 11:52

Researchers take on the role of tooth fairy to better understand autism - 11:52

Scientists discover new magnet with nearly massless charge carriers - 11:52

Faster-acting antidepressants may finally be within reach - 11:52

Hunger-controlling brain cells may offer path for new obesity drugs - 11:52

Transparent, flexible solar cells - 11:22

Sticky when wet: strong adhesive for wound healing - 11:22

Immune system may mount an attack in Parkinson’s disease - 11:22

eMission control: Technology, science, policy crux of the matter - 11:22

Friday th 28th of July 2017

Using science to combat illegal wildlife trade - 11:02

New surgical strategy offers hope for repairing spinal injuries - 11:02

‘Missing lead’ in Flint water pipes confirms cause of crisis - 11:02

Dementia: New substance improves brain function - 11:02

Trigeminal nerve stimulation shows promise for management of traumatic brain injury - 08:32

Biochemists link synthetic compound to hunger-hormone production - 08:32

Scientists use new data mining strategy to spot those at high Alzheimer’s risk - 08:32

5 Things to Know About Rattlesnakes and Their Babies - 08:32