Science Blog

Friday the 19th of June 2015

Scientists Identify Progenitor Cells for Blood and Immune System - 08:30

Science Interrupted: How Young Investigators Must Sideline Science to Compete for Scarce Funding - 08:30

Sequential immunizations could be the key to HIV vaccine - 08:30

How do toddlers use tablets? - 08:30

High salt prevents weight gain in mice on a high-fat diet - 08:30

Study recommends ways to stem military sexual assault - 08:30

Thursday the 18th of June 2015

Recalling happier memories can reverse depression - 16:50

Novel botulinum toxin less dangerous than thought - 13:00

Musicians not only hear in tune, they also see in tune - 13:00

Wednesday the 17th of June 2015

Researchers Discover First Sensor of Earth’s Magnetic Field in an Animal - 10:20

Do social insects share brain power? - 10:20

The Low-Wage Quagmire - 10:20

Surprisingly Few ‘Busy Bees’ Make Global Crops Grow - 10:20

Viewing cat videos boosts energy and positive emotions - 10:20

What makes a math person? Interest, recognition are key factors - 10:20

Brain inflammation triggered by chronic pain linked to anxiety and depression - 10:20

Researchers successfully target ‘Achilles’ heel’ of MERS virus - 08:20

Tuesday the 16th of June 2015

What’s on the surface of a black hole? - 15:30

World’s thinnest lightbulb — graphene gets bright! - 08:30

Lack of sleep affects long-term health - 08:30

Hematite ‘re-growth’ smoothes rough edges for clean energy harvest - 08:30

Chimpanzees ‘get’ tools; bonobos not so much - 08:30

Brain injury patterns linked to post-concussion depression and anxiety - 08:30

Researchers identify gene for ’emotionally enhanced vividness’ - 08:00

Pneumonia found to harm DNA in lung cells - 08:00

Toothed whales have survived millions of years without key antiviral proteins - 08:00

Monday the 15th of June 2015

Small thunderstorms may add up to massive cyclones on Saturn - 16:30

Newfound groups of bacteria are mixing up the tree of life - 16:30

Rapamycin causes older rats to lose weight - 11:30

Leaving on a Biofueled Jet Plane - 11:30

Arctic Ocean rapidly becoming more corrosive to marine species - 11:30

FDA approves brain implant to help reduce Parkinson’s, essential tremor symptoms - 11:30

Love and money: How low-income dads really provide - 11:00

Vital genes in fat production found - 11:00

Polar bears aren’t the only victims of climate change - 11:00

Can researchers enhance the dental experience for children with autism? - 11:00

Underground ants can’t take the heat - 11:00

Researchers grind nanotubes to get nanoribbons - 11:00

Orange sweet potato reduces diarrhea in children - 08:30

How the hawkmoth sees, hovers and tracks flowers in the dark - 08:30

Good News for Combating the Spread of Norovirus - 08:00

Majority of adults favor ban on powdered alcohol - 08:00

Sunday the 14th of June 2015

Nearly half of African-American women know someone in prison - 10:00

Severely impaired stroke survivors regain arm function after intensive physical therapy - 10:00

Low birth rates can actually pay off in the U.S. and other countries - 09:30

Friday the 12th of June 2015

Regular soda, please: Hormone that differentiates sugar, diet sweeteners could exist in humans - 15:20

Re-examining the ‘first impressions’ adage - 15:20

Asian, European languages not so different under the hood - 15:20

Half of veterans who died from opioid overdoses also received benzos - 11:30

Interventions among healthy people save the most lives - 11:30