Science Blog

Monday the 19th of September 2016

Microbes help plants survive in severe drought - 15:31

Hippocampus helps fill in the blanks of language - 15:03

Tree of life faces deep cuts from climate change - 14:11

Crowdsourcing sea change - 14:11

Study of Fatal Car Accidents Shows Medical Marijuana May Help Curb Opioid Use - 14:11

Jet fuel may be grown on iconic Aussie gum trees - 14:11

Sensory connections spill over in synesthesia - 11:31

Small molecules lead to a big change in reaction outcomes - 11:01

Robot boats: An autonomous fleet for Amsterdam - 11:01

Glutamate plays previously unknown role in neuromuscular development - 08:01

Gene therapy technique may help prevent cancer metastasis - 08:01

Layered metals show how nature’s ‘dislocations’ occur - 08:01

Smoke from 2015 Indonesian fires may have caused 100,000 premature deaths - 08:01

Sunday the 18th of September 2016

Drive-by monitoring for urban streetlights - 17:41

Bringing people together as scientists to save a zebra species - 11:01

Brain benefits of aerobic exercise lost to mercury exposure - 11:01

A first-ever study to train cats and their people for better health - 10:01

Saturday the 17th of September 2016

Closing in on high-temperature superconductivity - 15:21

Essential Mouse Genes Could Guide Human Precision Medicine - 15:21

Mosquito Preference for Human Versus Animal Biting Has Genetic Basis - 15:21

Friday the 16th of September 2016

Holographic Imaging and Deep Learning Diagnose Malaria - 15:01

Study: Just 45 Minutes of Art-Making Improves Self-Confidence - 11:11

Earthquakes, ‘Marsquakes,’ and the possibility of life - 11:11

New theory overcomes a longstanding polymer problem - 11:11

For first time, researchers see individual atoms keep away from each other or bunch up as pairs - 11:11

Squid and octopus can camouflage themselves but new research finds they are colourblind - 11:11

X-ray Detection Sheds New Light on Pluto - 11:11

Drunks compare their levels of intoxication to other drinkers, not to how much they’ve had - 11:11

Expressing the value of data science in an ROI framework - 10:41

Researchers embark on national landmark study of adolescent brain development - 10:41

Stanford research shows how wave dynamics and water flows affect coral reefs - 08:23

How rattlesnakes got, and lost, their venom - 08:23

Computing the ocean’s true colors - 08:23

Bats Use Second Sense to Hunt Prey in Noisy Environments - 08:23

Thursday the 15th of September 2016

UCLA researchers use stem cells to grow 3-D lung-in-a-dish - 16:01

Researchers reveal that magnetic ‘rust’ performs as gold at the nanoscale - 16:01

For-profit trade schools prove costly for disadvantaged black youth - 15:31

Levitating nanoparticle improves ‘torque sensing,’ might bring new research into fundamentals of quantum theory - 15:31

Salt’s secret success in ancient Chaco Canyon - 15:31

Strong case for seagrass in biodiversity analysis - 15:31

Virginia Tech to build on-campus Hyperloop test track - 12:21

New Fabric Uses Sun and Wind to Power Devices - 12:21

Atmospheric rivers come into focus with high-res climate model - 11:21

MRI Scanner Sees Emotions Flickering Across an Idle Mind - 11:21

Widespread Plastic Pollution Found in Great Lakes Tributaries - 11:21

New Poll: Most Americans Want Government to Combat Climate Change, But Divided On Paying For Solutions - 11:21

New survey shows PTSD is big problem, even for noncombatants - 10:21

Study Says the Largest Ocean Life is Under Threat of Extinction - 10:21

New research offers ‘critical insights’ for treating, preventing Alzheimer’s disease - 10:21

Major Prostate Cancer Study Supports Watchful Waiting - 10:21