Science Blog

Tuesday the 7th of April 2015

Using sound waves to detect rare cancer cells - 10:00

Price of cancer drugs varies widely based on who’s paying - 10:00

Sun experiences seasonal changes - 10:00

Novel therapeutic procedure helps stroke patient recover three-dimensional vision - 10:00

No evidence power lines accelerate Alzheimer’s, ALS - 10:00

Contaminants also a threat to polar bears - 10:00

Gotcha! Ultra-realistic robot proves there’s more than 1 way to scare a fish - 10:00

New robotic vehicle provides a never-before-seen look under Antarctica - 10:00

Monday the 6th of April 2015

Study hints at spontaneous appearance of primordial DNA - 18:00

Study points the way toward producing rubber from lettuce - 11:30

Better sensors for medical imaging, contraband detection - 11:30

Fielding more female candidates helps political parties gain votes. - 11:30

New USDA ‘FoodKeeper’ App: Your New Tool for Smart Food Storage - 11:30

Endangered tortoises thrive on invasive plants - 11:30

Multiple sclerosis patients could benefit from brain boost study - 11:30

Inning limits don’t prevent MLB pitching injuries - 11:30

Metformin, resveratrol target the gut to lower blood sugar — in obese or diabetic rats - 11:30

Some docs reluctant to prescribe anti-HIV preventative - 11:30

Cold, callous and untreatable? Not all psychopaths fit the stereotype - 11:30

Tricky spider can change color to blend in when hunting - 11:00

Vetter test for acute kidney injury in children - 11:00

Sunday the 5th of April 2015

Hubble finds phantom objects near dead quasars - 17:30

Science and medicine have a ‘publication pollution’ problem - 17:30

Can light therapy help the brain? - 17:30

Friday the 3rd of April 2015

Frustrated magnets — new experiment reveals clues to their discontent - 13:30

Camera chip provides superfine 3-D resolution - 13:30

Studies find $1 test using gold nanoparticles outperforms PSA screen for prostate cancer - 13:30

Better actionless than action-taking to deal with frustration - 11:30

Gender difference in moral judgments rooted in emotion, not reasoning - 11:30

Can typos help diagnose early onset Parkinson’s? - 09:30

Cigarette Smoke Makes Superbugs More Aggressive - 09:30

A Bunny’s Tale: Protecting New England Cottontail Habitat on Cape Cod - 09:30

Exploring the unknown frontier of the brain - 09:30

Subtle discrimination is easier to acknowledge when self-esteem is high - 09:30

Cancer genes turned off in deadly brain cancer - 09:30

Michael Collins: “I could have been the last person to walk on the moon” - 09:00

Thursday the 2nd of April 2015

Born during a drought: Bad news for baboons - 11:30

A Robot Chemist, at Your Service - 11:30

Major New Research Project to Study How Tropical Forests Worldwide Respond to Climate Change - 11:30

Researchers improve efficiency of human walking - 11:30

Polar Bears Unlikely to Thrive on Land-based Foods - 11:30

Ants’ intruder defense strategy could lead to better email spam filters - 11:30

Type II Diabetes Patients Gain Weight While Taking Common Medication, And Researchers Know Why - 11:00

Circulating tumor DNA in blood can predict recurrence of the most common type of lymphoma - 11:00

Experimental Ebola vaccine safe, prompts immune response - 11:00

Wednesday the 1st of April 2015

Physician recommendations result in greater weight loss - 11:00

Chronic loneliness in older adults leads to more doctors’ office visits - 11:00

‘Exploding head syndrome’ affects more young than thought - 11:00

Natural nanocrystals shown to strengthen concrete - 11:00

Folic acid may help elderly weather heat waves - 11:00