Science Blog

Saturday the 18th of October 2014

Invading worms cause the body to shut down defenses - 09:30

Superconducting circuits, simplified - 09:30

Rapid agent restores pleasure-seeking ahead of other antidepressant action - 09:30

Thursday the 16th of October 2014

New front in war on Alzheimer’s, other protein-folding diseases - 19:00

Criminologists Try to Solve Murder Mystery: Who Will Become a Killer? - 16:30

Adenosine can melt ‘love handles’ - 11:30

‘Nature’s comedian’ the lemur enjoys an informative trip to the toilet - 11:30

NASA Study Finds 1934 Had Worst Drought of Last Thousand Years - 11:30

Rare genetic disease protects against bipolar disorder - 08:00

Moon saw volcanic eruptions in geologically recent times - 08:00

Wednesday the 15th of October 2014

Positive subliminal messages on aging improve physical functioning in elderly - 16:30

Heroes don’t deliberate before they act - 16:30

Astronomers Spot Faraway Uranus-Like Planet - 11:30

Team treats high blood pressure with plants - 11:00

‘Hush-Puppy’ device rewards dogs for quiet time - 11:00

New catalyst could improve biofuels production - 11:00

House fly genome reveals expanded immune system - 11:00

Study proves biodiversity buffers disease - 11:00

Rise of the Machines - 11:00

Earth’s magnetic field could flip within a human lifetime - 11:00

Early childhood neglect associated with altered brain structure, ADHD - 11:00

Obesity accelerates aging of the liver - 11:00

Antioxidant found in grapes uncorks new targets for acne treatment - 11:00

Tuesday the 14th of October 2014

Pentagon: Climate Change a ‘Threat Multiplier,’ Could Sow the Seeds for Instability - 11:00

Another Thing to Worry About: A Neurotic Personality Increases the Risk of Alzheimer’s - 10:30

Getting sharp images from dull detectors - 10:30

Scientists create new protein-based material with some nerve - 07:30

Mars One (and done?) - 07:30

Memories of pain during childbirth tied to intensity rather than length of labor - 07:30

Light-activated drug could reduce side effects of diabetes medication   - 07:30

Teenage baseball pitchers at risk for permanent shoulder injury - 07:30

Sonic Hedgehog causes DNA damage, child brain tumors - 07:30

Ultra-fast charging batteries that last 20 years - 07:30

Monday the 13th of October 2014

Crocodiles are Sophisticated Hunters - 13:30

Drug may prevent development of invasive bladder cancer - 13:30

White Slavery May Have Been Far More Common Than Previously Believed - 13:30

Shift to mass transit could save more than $100 trillion - 13:30

Single gene links susceptibility to rare infections with predisposition to autoimmune disease - 10:00

Solid nanoparticles can deform like a liquid - 10:00

Want whiter teeth? Fruit mixture is not the answer - 10:00

Scientists sniff out unexpected role for stem cells in the brain - 10:00

FDA approves first combination pill to treat hepatitis C - 10:00

Tailored flexible illusion coatings hide objects from detection - 10:00

Impact of mental stress on heart varies between men, women - 10:00

A new land snail species named for equal marriage rights - 10:00

Scientists create a ‘smart’ lithium-ion battery that warns of fire hazard - 10:00

Swallowing frozen, encapsulated feces could cure C. difficile - 10:00

Sunday the 12th of October 2014

Gut microbe to blame in anorexia, bulimia? - 08:30

Saturday the 11th of October 2014

Mobilization of Latino Voters May Determine Control of U.S. Senate - 13:30

Sepsis Sniffer Generates Faster Care - 13:30