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Monday the 9th of January 2017

Progesterone may be key to preventing recurrent miscarriage - 17:01

Why high-dose vitamin C kills cancer cells - 17:01

Short-lived greenhouse gases cause centuries of sea-level rise - 17:01

Transfusions of ‘old’ blood may harm some patients - 16:31

Appendix may have important function - 16:31

How a moon slows the decay of Pluto’s atmosphere - 16:31

Genitourinary injuries challenge returning US servicemen - 16:31

Older adults with arthritis need just 45 minutes of activity per week - 16:31

Illinois team advances GaN-on-Silicon technology toward scalable high electron mobility transistors - 13:31

Researchers design one of the strongest, lightest materials known - 11:01

Hydropower in China impacts the flow of the Mekong River - 10:31

Mediterranean is the fountain of youth, study claims - 10:31

Natural tooth repair method, using Alzheimer’s drug, could revolutionize dental treatments - 10:01

Mayo Clinic researchers identify new potential treatment for cancer metastasis - 10:01

Heartburn pills in pregnancy may be linked to childhood asthma - 10:01

Where is heavy air pollution in Beijing from? - 10:01

Bilingualism may save brain resources as you age - 10:01

Sunday the 8th of January 2017

Why the rat pack don’t do drugs - 17:01

Friday the 6th of January 2017

Risk of long-term disability in older adults who visit the ED - 09:31

Worms have teenage ambivalence, too - 09:31

How memories shape our perception of the present - 09:31

Astronomers Discover Powerful Cosmic Double Whammy - 09:31

Patterns of Biomarkers Predict How Well People Age, Risks of Age-Related Disease - 09:31

New study finds 1 in 5 US gun owners obtained firearm without background check - 09:31

A Synthetic Thread - 05:01

Thursday the 5th of January 2017

Surprising At-Risk Group for Skin Cancer: Non-heterosexual black male teens - 18:41

Arctic sea ice loss impacts beluga whale migration - 18:41

Research Sheds New Light on High-Altitude Settlement in Tibet - 18:11

Captured on video: DNA nanotubes build a bridge between two molecular posts - 18:11

Buzzing the vagus nerve just right to fight inflammatory disease - 11:01

New microscope chemically identifies micron-sized particles - 11:01

New therapeutic agent proves more effective treatment for advanced prostate cancer - 11:01

Animal study shows harmful effects of secondhand smoke even before pregnancy - 11:01

Radar reveals meltwater’s year-round life under Greenland ice - 11:01

Tiny grazers may be the new hope for Caribbean reefs - 11:01

Females seeking a sex partner can tell whether males experienced stress during adolescence - 11:01

Foods rich in resistant starch may benefit health - 09:01

Acid suppression medications linked to serious gastrointestinal infections - 09:01

Pollutants in the Arctic environment are threatening polar bear health - 09:01

Mothers’ lack of legal knowledge linked to juvenile re-offending - 08:31

Global warming hiatus disproved — again - 08:31

More power to ya: More renewable energy on the way to more people - 01:31

Wednesday the 4th of January 2017

Cosmic source found for mysterious ‘fast radio burst’ - 14:21

Mother’s Touch May Extend to Brain Development - 14:21

People Aren’t The Only Beneficiaries of Power Plant Carbon Standards - 14:21

Sleep quality and emotions affect opioid addiction recovery - 14:21

Research reinforces role of supernovae in clocking the universe - 14:21

Gun violence is a ‘contagious’ social epidemic - 11:21

Tapping into long-lived sound waves in glass - 11:21

What Do Google Search Queries Reveal About Brand Attitudes? - 11:21