Science Blog

Monday th 26th of June 2017

1 billion suns: World’s brightest laser sparks new behavior in light - 16:52

Most families in low-income countries don’t have soap at home - 07:32

Anti-epilepsy drug restores normal brain activity in mild Alzheimer’s - 07:32

Study examines gun policy preferences across racial groups - 07:32

How do genes get new jobs? Wasp venom offers new insights - 07:32

Sunday th 25th of June 2017

Lessons from a Tsunami Could Help Protect Seabirds in the Face of Rising Seas - 12:22

How insulin in the brain may suppress the subjective feeling of hunger - 12:22

Following a friend leads to unsafe driving behavior - 12:22

Exploring the potential of human echolocation - 12:22

How the climate can rapidly change at tipping points - 12:21

Saturday th 24th of June 2017

Near instantaneous evolution discovered in bacteria - 10:32

Seismic Oil Exploration Kills Krill at Far Higher Rate - 10:32

Study strengthens case for heart benefit in chocolate - 10:32

Atomic imperfections move quantum communication network closer to reality - 10:32

Increased risk for autism when genetic variation and air pollution meet - 10:32

More democracy through mathematics - 10:32

Friday th 23rd of June 2017

NASA’s Webb Telescope Gets Freezing Summertime Lodging in Houston - 13:32

Tech generates origami patterns for any 3-D structure - 12:32

Mars rover Opportunity on walkabout near rim - 11:32

Chatter in the Deep Brain Spurs Empathy in Rats - 10:42

Puppy Love - 07:32

Pollinator extinctions alter structure of ecological networks - 07:32

Gene editing reverses Huntington’s in mouse model - 07:32

Microbe generates extraordinarily diverse array of peptide - 07:32

Oral Plague Vaccine Helps Reduce Outbreaks in Prairie Dog Colonies - 07:31

Researchers Find New Mechanism for Genome Regulation - 07:31

Thursday th 22nd of June 2017

High fat diet reduces gut bacteria, Crohn’s disease symptoms - 18:32

Popular prostate drug linked to serious side effects - 18:02

Physicists settle debate over how exotic quantum particles form - 17:32

When farmers must pay for groundwater, they cut use by a third - 17:32

In Obesity Fight, Does the Leptin Emperor Have Any Clothes? - 17:32

Quantum Computing Initiative Seeks Machine 10,000x Faster Than Classical Computers - 17:32

How eggs got their shapes - 17:02

Researchers explore why those with autism avoid eye contact - 17:02

How grandparents’ experiences can affect our genes - 17:02

Research suggests sexual appeals in ads don’t sell brands, products - 17:02

The world’s largest canary - 12:42

Frequent sexual activity predicts specific cognitive abilities in older adults - 12:42

The Curious Case of the Warped Kuiper Belt - 07:52

HIV-positive women with cytomegalovirus likelier to pass virus that causes AIDS to infant - 07:52

Seattle’s $15 minimum wage not costing jobs, says new report - 07:52

Trash-picking seagulls poop tons of nutrients - 07:52

Eating your feelings? The link between job stress, junk food and sleep - 07:52

Researchers uncover genetic gains and losses in Tourette syndrome - 07:52

Paracetamol during pregnancy can inhibit masculinity - 07:52

Wednesday th 21st of June 2017

Can Yoga Reduce Your Risk Of Cancer? - 11:22

Common water treatments could damage DNA - 11:22

Scientists solve mystery of unexplained ‘bright nights’ - 11:22

Illegal wildlife trade growing on the dark web - 11:22

Marriage makes men fatter, shows new research - 11:22