Science Blog

Sunday th 9th of July 2017

FDA approves new treatment for sickle cell disease - 10:42

Message to fellow Americans, earthlings: Stay the course on emissions-reduction, please! - 10:42

Hot new imagery of wintering bats suggests a group behavior for battling white-nose syndrome - 10:42

What’s On Your Skin? Archaea, That’s What - 10:42

Friday th 7th of July 2017

Diabetes increasing at alarming rates in sub-Saharan Africa - 11:02

Dissolvable Device Could Make Closing Surgical Incisions a Cinch - 11:02

A cosmic barbecue: Researchers spot 60 new ‘hot Jupiter’ candidates - 11:02

Drug restores cells and memories in Alzheimer’s mouse models - 11:02

Algorithm diagnoses heart arrhythmias with cardiologist-level accuracy - 11:02

Drinking Alcohol While Pregnant Could Have Transgenerational Effects - 11:02

Neutrons run enzyme’s reactivity for better biofuel production - 11:02

Wednesday th 5th of July 2017

A protein that may have the potential to fight off frailty as we age - 10:32

Blood of SIDS infants contains high levels of serotonin - 10:32

New Studies of Ancient Concrete Could Teach Us to Do as the Romans Did - 10:32

Vegetable coloring agent may suppress inflammation - 10:32

Mass Extinction Triggers Golden Age of Frogs - 10:32

Early-Life Pain May Lead To Obesity Risk, Especially In Females - 10:32

Recreating interstellar ions with lasers - 10:32

Tuesday th 4th of July 2017

Why our eyes blink spontaneously? - 12:22

Popular heartburn drugs linked to higher death risk - 12:22

Ensuring carpoolers are compatible is key to ridesharing success - 12:22

DNA of early Neanderthal gives timeline for new modern human-related dispersal from Africa - 12:22

Gigantic crocodile with T. rex teeth was a top land predator of the Jurassic in Madagascar - 12:22

High-fat diet in pregnancy increases breast cancer risk over generations in animal study - 12:22

Monday th 3rd of July 2017

Physicists Put New Spin on Computer Technology - 11:52

NASA plans to test asteroid deflection technique designed to prevent Earth impact - 11:52

Decreasing height, increasing arthritis risk evolutionarily advantageous for humans - 11:52

Wonks create scorpion-milking robot - 11:22

Cheap drug clomiphene is most efficient option for treating unexplained infertility - 11:22

There’s no conflict between culturally identifying with the parents’ homeland and Sweden - 11:22

Quantum probes dramatically improve detection of nuclear spins - 11:22

Nationwide study of U.S. seniors strengthens link between air pollution and premature death - 11:22

Break the law — with some style — and you may get away with it, for a while - 11:22

‘Climate-smart soils’ may help balance the carbon budget - 08:22

‘Brain training’ app found to improve memory in people with mild cognitive impairment - 08:22

Tree rings pinpoint eruption of Icelandic volcano to half a century before human settlement - 08:22

Sunday th 2nd of July 2017

Seasons and Sefton - 12:02

NIAID scientists identify cause, possible treatment for life-threatening gut condition - 11:32

New Measurement Will Help Redefine International Unit of Mass - 11:32

Are you a Mosquito Magnet? - 10:32

Bringing bacteria’s defense into focus - 10:32

Trump not elected by the working class, researchers say - 10:31

Saturday th 1st of July 2017

Renewable car tires from trees, grass - 08:42

Bioengineers Improve Diabetes Monitor’s Versatility, Durability - 08:42

‘Eelevator’ project gives American eels a lift - 08:42

Friday th 30th of June 2017

Stiff vessels, low blood flow in the brain forewarn of dementia - 15:02

New system enables 88x speedup on common parallel-computing algorithms - 15:02

Does yoga promote or prevent injury? - 13:32

Loneliness contributes to self-centeredness for sake of self-preservation - 13:32

Tiny nano-motors are driven by light - 13:32