Science Blog

Thursday th 18th of May 2017

Scientists Engineer Disease-Resistant Rice Without Sacrificing Yield - 18:01

Warm-bloodedness possibly much older than previously thought - 11:02

Love hormone is released during crises - 11:02

Studies link healthy brain aging to omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in the blood - 10:32

Opioid use before knee replacement surgery results in worse pain outcomes for patients - 10:32

Biomarkers in saliva could show early Alzheimer’s - 10:31

NASA mission uncovers a dance of electrons in space - 10:31

Wednesday th 17th of May 2017

Quantum Biology and the Frog Prince - 14:11

The secrets behind T-rex’s bone crushing bites: 8,000lbs of crunch - 08:31

Nonprescription use of Ritalin linked to adverse side effects - 08:31

Microbial fuel cell converts methane to electricity - 08:31

Scientists Sequence Genome of Snail That Spreads Parasitic Worm - 08:31

Internet of Things: Status and implications of an increasingly connected world - 08:31

Tuesday th 16th of May 2017

How scientists turned a flag into a loudspeaker - 10:32

Making brain implants smaller could prolong their lifespan - 10:32

Leaving segregated neighborhoods reduces blood pressure for blacks - 10:31

Weekly steroids strengthen and repair muscles - 10:02

Key to ‘superbug’ antibiotic resistance discovered - 08:32

Venom becomes more potent as brown snakes age - 08:32

Humans rely more on ‘inferred’ visual objects than ‘real’ ones - 08:32

Monday th 15th of May 2017

Study: New blood test is more accurate in predicting prostate cancer risk than PSA - 15:32

New eye drops replace shots for treating age-related blindness - 15:32

Study expands understanding of how the brain encodes fear memory - 15:32

Stem cell transplants may advance ALS treatment by repair of blood-spinal cord barrier - 09:01

Market pressures and inadequate production are hampering access to essential antibiotics - 09:01

Unborn rays traumatized when their mothers are captured - 09:01

Invention produces cleaner water with less energy and no filter - 09:01

Personality may change when you drink, but less than you think - 09:01

Saturday th 13th of May 2017

Bacteria living in marine sponge produce toxic compounds found in man-made products - 20:02

Fossil ‘winged serpent’ is a new species of ancient snake - 20:01

New tool could help predict, prevent surging waters in flood plains - 20:01

Physics may bring faster solutions for tough computational problems - 20:01

Friday th 12th of May 2017

Scientists Identify Biomarkers to Guide Hormone Therapy for Prostate Cancer - 18:31

National assessment overstates public access to safe drinking water in Bangladesh - 18:31

New lung ‘organoids’ in a dish mimic features of full-size lung - 18:31

Hospital ‘superbugs evolved from an ancient ancestor - 15:11

Thursday th 11th of May 2017

New understanding of superconductor’s 'normal' state may open the way to solving longstanding puzzle - 23:02

A novel antibiotic treatment inspired by our immune system - 23:02

Tamoxifen protects against obesity-related metabolic disorders - 05:32

Six-legged livestock — sustainable food production - 05:32

African lions face same threats as extinct Ice Age ancestors - 05:02

Study beefs up support for brain cells that control protein hunger - 05:02

Fish should figure in to fate of nation’s aging dams - 05:01

Pet dogs help kids feel less stressed, study finds - 05:01

Wednesday th 10th of May 2017

Oldest buckthorn fossilized flowers found in Argentina - 14:42

Lasers Make Sound Waves That Reveal Live Views of Organs in Action - 14:41

Biologists identify key step in lung cancer evolution - 14:41

MIT researchers develop new way to clear pollutants from water - 14:41

Neurobehavioral Effects Found in Children Exposed to Flower Pesticides - 14:41

First Large-Scale Population Analysis Reinforces Ketamine’s Reputation as Antidepressant - 14:41