Science Blog

Tuesday th 13th of June 2017

Mice can’t ‘tune out’ stimuli, mimicking sensory hypersensitivity in humans - 07:42

Low-income renters pay a high, and hidden, price for city parking requirements - 07:42

Mind Over Muscles: How the Brain Hinders Individual Muscle Control - 07:41

Why moms risk their life to protect their children - 07:41

‘Big Food’ companies have less power than you might think - 07:41

Monday th 12th of June 2017

Epigenetic changes at birth could explain later behavior problems - 11:02

Long after ’80s farm crisis, U.S. farm workers still take own lives at high rate - 11:02

Vegetarian diets almost twice as effective in reducing body weight, study finds - 11:02

Promiscuous salamander found to use genes from three partners equally - 11:02

Volcanic ‘plumerang’ could impact human health - 11:02

Study identifies potential biomarker for Alzheimer’s disease - 11:02

New computing system takes its cues from human brain - 11:02

Sunday th 11th of June 2017

WHO’s Essential Medicine List updated, with new guidelines on how antibiotics should used - 06:52

Mussels Add Muscle to Biocompatible Fibers - 06:52

Spicing up diet of transition dairy cows may be good for their health - 06:52

New process may lead to vaccine for schistosomiasis - 06:52

Like microbeads, microfiber clothes when washed put oceans at risk - 06:52

Overriding the Urge to Sleep: Group of neurons helps us stay awake when it matters - 06:52

NASA Finds Evidence of Diverse Environments in Curiosity Samples - 06:52

Friday th 9th of June 2017

Stink-eye, other expressions likely originated as survival mechanisms - 07:02

Rising sea levels will boost moderate floods in some areas, severe floods in others - 07:02

Researchers Uncover New Instruction Manual to Repair Broken DNA - 07:02

Nanoparticles and Magnets Offer New, Efficient Method of Removing Oil from Water - 07:02

Where climate change is most likely to induce food violence - 07:02

New ultrathin material for splitting water could make hydrogen production cheaper - 07:01

Thursday th 8th of June 2017

Increased risk of ozone loss over the United States in summer - 08:42

Student-developed algorithm takes aim at neurodegenerative disease - 08:42

Collateral Damage from Cosmic Rays Increases Cancer Risk for Mars Astronauts - 08:42

Chronic Pain Linked to Increased Risk of Dementia in Study of Older Adults - 08:42

Pregnancy diet high in refined grains could increase child obesity risk by age 7, - 08:42

Neuroimaging technique may help predict autism among high-risk infants - 08:42

Increased Sea Ice Drift Puts Polar Bears on Faster Moving Treadmill - 08:42

Home blood pressure monitors inaccurate 70% of time - 07:41

Researchers image quasiparticles that could lead to faster circuits, higher bandwidths - 07:41

Feared by drug users but hard to avoid, fentanyl takes a mounting toll - 07:41

Celestial boondocks: Study supports the idea we live in a void - 07:41

Emergency medicine in space: Normal rules don’t apply - 07:41

Why are so many people getting cancer? - 07:41

Wednesday th 7th of June 2017

Drinking diet beverages during pregnancy linked to child obesity - 07:52

Air: taken for granted or until causing major personal upheaval, air appears to matter little - 07:22

Many rape victims experience involuntary paralysis that prevents them from resisting - 07:22

Excessive exercise may damage the gut - 07:22

Using genetics to make best use of wind and solar in electrical systems - 07:22

Tuesday th 6th of June 2017

Best-ever infrared maps of super-luminous galaxies - 22:21

Living long and living well: Is it possible to do both? - 22:21

New low-cost material for lighting and diagnostics produces white light imitating sunlight - 17:21

Researchers explain mystery of ‘banging’ galaxy clusters - 16:52

Hiding in plain sight: new species of flying squirrel discovered - 16:52

New evidence reveals source of 1586 Sanriku, Japan tsunami - 16:52

Starving Prostate Cancer With What You Eat for Dinner - 16:52