Tuesday th 24th of June 2008

NAE identifies messages for improving public understanding of engineering - 14:35

Major progress in technology needed for 25 percent renewable energy use to be affordable - 14:35

Yahoo stock rebounds on reports of Microsoft talks - 14:35

Extension has tomato-handling tips for consumers - 14:35

Therapy Preventing Brain Damage in Cardiac Arrest Patients - 14:14

Microchip is helping restore vision to the blind - 14:14

High intensity training helps heart patients - 14:14

Marine organisms could hold the secret to reducing cancer - 14:14

Laser surgery probe targets individual cancer cells - 14:14

World weather expert says El Nino, La Nina outlook mild - 13:49

Phoenix Lander Prepares for Microscopy, Wet Chemistry on Mars - 13:49

Breakthrough for schools now possible - 13:49

Researchers develop neural implant that learns with the brain - 13:28

Argonne's Hard X-ray Nanoprobe provides new capability to study nanoscale materials - 13:28

Study uncovers how Ritalin works in brain to boost cognition, focus attention - 13:28

Genomics of large marine animals showcased in the biological bulletin - 13:28

New cardiovascular score developed to improve heart attack and stroke detection - 13:28

Hidden facial cheek fat compartments are key to youthful appearance - 13:28

Alzheimer's disease as a case of brake failure? - 13:28

The truth about drug innovation - 13:28

Bird watchers, space technology come together in Montana State University study - 13:28

Kodak to buy back $1 billion in shares - 13:28

American Airlines set to test in-flight Web access - 13:28

Singaporeans biggest online spenders: survey - 11:35

Newly identified role for 'power plants' in human cells could lead to targeted therapies - 11:14

Cosmetic surgery procedures to exceed 55 million in 2015, ASPS study predicts - 11:14

Millennials' medspa influence - 11:14

New blood clot guidelines for pregnant women - 11:14

Accuracy of ultrasound screening in pregnancy: Effects of examiner and device quality unclear - 11:14

Nokia to buy rest of Symbian, free its software - 11:14

Cellular annoyance - 10:49

Pharmacists as educators can improve asthma outcomes - 10:49

Anti-inflammatory drug blocks brain plaques - 10:49

Blue light used to harden tooth fillings stunts tumor growth - 10:49

Cooperative system could wipe out car alarm noise - 10:28

Floridians believe global warming will have dangerous impacts on the state - 10:28

'Directed thinking' increases time spent exercising - 10:28

Religious beliefs significantly tied to national political participation - 10:28

Individual trading positively related to future returns - 10:28

Firm location determines equity issuance - 10:28

Assessing domestic violence in custody disputes critical to assure safety in parenting plans - 10:28

Governors with greater institutional and personal powers more active in foreign relations - 10:28

'Neglected infections of poverty' in US disable hundreds of thousands of Americans annually - 10:28

Overcrowding and understaffing in hospitals increases levels of MRSA infections - 10:28

Russian businessmen book spaceship rides: report - 07:49

Astronomical clues point to eclipse in Homer's 'Odyssey' - 07:49

World must manage water carefully: experts - 07:49

How did the universe begin? - 07:49

Atlantic trees will be affected the most by climate change on the Iberian Peninsula - 05:56

Binge drinking due to ‘copying` behaviour - 05:35