Tuesday th 10th of June 2008

Headphones damaging young Australians' hearing: survey - 07:14

Study shows how cocaine impairs fetal brain development - 04:14

New study reveals large scale conservation essential - 04:14

How the brain separates audio signals from noise - 03:49

Ethical implications of modifying lethal injection protocols - 03:49

Managing noncommunicable diseases in Africa: what can we learn from TB control? - 03:49

Arsenic and new rice - 03:49

Potential biomarkers for pancreatic cancer identified - 03:49

Healing through horses - 03:28

Forecast: Dead zone off La., Texas coasts to grow - 03:28

Conjoined twins separated in San Antonio - 03:28

AOL revamps online radio, adds CBS stations - 03:28

Mars lander scientists to try last soil shake - 03:28

Monday th 9th of June 2008

Uncovering the truth behind the largest marsupial to walk the Earth - 18:07

Scientists troubleshoot Mars lander - 18:07

Parents spending any part of the night with their infants report poor sleep - 17:21

ATV study to improve fit, safety among kids - 17:21

Reducing demand can lower electric bills, lessen chance of blackouts - 16:56

Has global warming research misinterpreted cloud behavior? - 16:56

Diabetes medication associated with slower progression of retina disease - 16:56

High-dose immunosuppressant drug may reduce disability in MS patients - 16:56

Domoic acid from toxic algal blooms may cause seizures in California sea lions - 16:56

New research refutes myth of pure Scandinavian race - 16:35

Morther's obesity a factor in newborn deaths for blacks, not whites, new study reports - 16:35

Excessive drinking and relapse rapidly cut in new approach - 16:35

Gene variation linked to earlier onset of Alzheimer's symptoms - 16:35

Combining radiation and surgery significantly improves survival for head and neck cancer patients - 16:35

Researchers show how the brain can protect against cancer - 16:35

Astronauts Check Out Japanese Robotic Arm - 16:14

OSU Scientist Uses Fiber Optics to Measure Water and Air - 16:14

Ancient laborer burial ground excavated near Rome - 16:14

Brightest X-ray Vision at the Nano-scale - 16:14

Researchers block transmission of malaria in animal tests - 16:14

Interfering with the Global Positioning System - 16:14

Men with vitamin D deficiency may have increased risk of heart attack - 16:14

Persistent man-made chemical pollutants found in deep-sea octopods and squids - 16:14

UVA researchers make pivotal breakthrough in alcohol addiction treatment - 16:14

Eating fish and foods with omega-3 fatty acids linked to lower risk of age-related eye disease - 16:14

Midlife smokers may have worse memory than non-smokers - 16:14

Good dental hygiene may help prevent heart infection - 16:14

Antibiotics can prevent wound complications of childbirth - 15:49

Outing the outliers: Strategy matches oncogene with subtype of prostate cancer - 15:49

'Man-made' Water Has Different Chemistry - 15:49

Thinking ahead: Bacteria anticipate coming changes in their environment - 15:49

'Report cards' don't reflect preventable bypass deaths - 15:49

AT&T to take earnings hit from iPhone subsidies - 15:28

Promising advances in islet cell transplants for diabetes - 15:28

New catfish species named for museum mail supervisor - 15:28

Researchers use carbon nanotubes for molecular transport - 15:28

Apple unveils new iPhone with faster Web, GPS - 14:42