Tuesday th 10th of June 2008

Woolly-Mammoth Gene Study Changes Extinction Theory - 14:42

Web of possibilities: Researcher finds new avenues for social research online - 14:42

Study: Quick responses to influenza outbreaks reduces illness and death - 13:56

Video game technology may help surgeons operate on beating hearts - 13:35

EU pushes open-source standard as 'smart business' - 13:14

Scientists identify a key regulator of DNA mutations - 13:14

Industrial dye holds the key to advancing spintronics - 13:14

'Cursus' is older than Stonehenge - 13:14

'Saucy' software update finds symmetries dramatically faster - 13:14

'Addicted' cells provide early cancer diagnosis - 12:49

NASA Plans to Visit the Sun - 12:49

The cause of all hereditary sensory and autonomic neuropathy type II cases has been established - 12:49

'HiCy' drug regimen reverses ms symptoms in selected patients - 12:28

Physical activity -- not just a 'walk in the park' - 12:28

Detective astronomers unearth hidden celestial gem - 12:28

Permafrost threatened by rapid retreat of Arctic sea ice, study finds - 12:28

Researchers develop better X-ray nanomirrors - 12:28

GLAST ready to go - 12:07

Prevalence of pre-cancerous masses in the colon same in patients in their 40s and 50s - 12:07

Managing symptoms by mobile phone may revolutionize cancer care for young people - 11:21

Delayed sleep phase syndrome linked to irregular menstrual cycles, premenstrual symptoms in women - 11:21

Unique drug combination may hold the key to reversing Type I diabetes - 10:56

Essential dental treatment safe for pregnant women, says study - 10:56

Study finds virginity pledges may help postpone intercourse among youth - 10:56

Engineer develops detergent to promote peripheral nerve healing - 10:56

Dartmouth launches network security study - 10:56

Researchers discover gene linked to adult-onset obesity - 10:35

Scientists work to stop chocolate going the way of George Clooney - 10:14

A call for standardized measurement of outcomes in depression treatment - 09:49

CT lung cancer screening no cure-all for smokers - 09:49

Fat mass and obesity assoicated genes increased risk of disease in Mexican-Americans - 09:49

Farmers who plant -- or replant -- after June 20 may see yields drop by half - 09:49

Taking a cue from breath fresheners, researcher develops new method for taste testing - 09:49

NY AG: 3 net providers to block Web sites with child porn - 09:49

Rare behavior shows species adaptability - 09:49

Hubble's sweeping view of the Coma Galaxy Cluster - 09:28

Common bowel problem linked to chili pepper pain receptor - 09:28

QBI neuroscientists make Alzheimer's disease advance - 09:28

New research links smoking and body mass index to hearing loss - 09:28

Study shows intensive glucose control reduces serious complications - 09:28

New study shows belly fat may affect liver function - 09:28

Mercury contamination found in stranded Victorian dolphins - 09:28

Gender affects reaction to HIV-prevention materials - 09:28

MLB teams with greater circadian advantage are more likely to succeed - 09:07

Prenatal drug exposure linked to sleep problems in children - 07:35

Liquid Crystals Slow Light Pulses to a Snail's Pace - 07:14

Last minute work for shuttle before hatches close - 07:14

Tomatoes pulled off shelves amid salmonella scare - 07:14

Japan's NEC offers to repair defective computers - 07:14

Polish baby born 15 times over drink-drive limit - 07:14