Wednesday th 11th of June 2008

Are overconfident CEOs born or made? asks Management Insights study - 16:35

Investigators inhibit corneal inflammation - 16:35

Web site offers insiders' look at major employers - 16:08

Glaxo: 4M people tried diet drug since launch - 16:08

We've gotten smart: Movie's spy gadgets do exist - 16:08

Study Finds New Properties in Non-Magnetic Materials - 16:08

Phoenix Lander Has An Oven Full Of Martian Soil - 16:08

Get a Little Sun This Summer - It Could Help Save Your Life - 16:08

Study reveals rural, unmarried women at higher risk for depression - 14:56

Pigs raised without antibiotics more likely to carry bacteria, parasites - 14:56

Primary snoring in children impacts cardiovascular functioning - 14:56

Can you hear black holes collide? - 14:14

Study shows 3-month-olds are sensitive to emotional cues referring to objects in the world - 14:14

Children in non-English-speaking households face many health disparities, researcher concludes - 14:14

Moderate exercise can improve the sleep quality of insomnia patients - 14:14

The symbolic monkey? Token-mediated economic choices in tufted capuchins - 14:14

A blood substitute's effectiveness and safety addressed in large clinical trial - 14:14

Memory loss linked to common sleep disorder - 14:14

Sony develops new back-illuminated CMOS image sensor - 13:49

Fossils found in Tibet revise history of elevation, climate - 13:49

Researchers reveal insights into hidden world of protein folding - 13:28

GLAST Observatory in Orbit - 13:07

Low-Level Plutonium Sample Involved in NIST-Boulder Lab Incident - 13:07

Chemists Get Scoop on Crude ‘Oil` from Pig Manure - 13:07

Microwave Synthesis Connects With the (Quantum) Dots - 13:07

'Nanoglassblowing' Seen as Boon to Study of Individual Molecules - 13:07

Diamonds reveal deep source of platinum deposits - 12:42

Researchers find drugs being tested for Alzheimer's disease work in unexpected and beneficial ways - 12:42

From Canada to the Caribbean: Tree leaves control their own temperature - 12:42

Cambridge University Eco Racing solar car drive across Britain - 12:42

Whole proves to be mightier than the parts - 12:42

'N-variant' microchips could protect intellectual property, enable new services - 12:21

Brain imaging study illustrates how remedial instruction helps poor readers - 12:21

Bee species outnumber mammals and birds combined - 12:21

Taking the temperature of the no-fly zone - 12:21

Phantom parent molecule of important class of chemical compounds isolated for first time - 12:21

Need microRNA processing? Get Smad - 12:21

Disturbed rest, activity linked to mortality in older men - 12:21

Ancient cave linked to early Christians in Jordan - 11:56

US life expectancy tops 78 as top diseases decline - 11:56

Engineers search for fuel-saving big rigs - 11:56

Lawmaker says Chinese hacked Capitol computers - 11:56

Toyota says to produce new hybrid battery next year - 11:56

Single-horned 'Unicorn' deer is found in Italy - 11:56

Researchers identify biofilms that cause infections - 11:56

Latest research on allergies: Specific immunotherapy can help - 11:35

Do vaccines cause autism, asthma and diabetes? - 11:35

University of Florida professor designs plasma-propelled flying saucer - 11:35

What's mine is mine: Brain scans reveal what's behind the aversion to loss of possessions - 11:35

Study aims to improve sex education for deaf pupils - 11:35