Tuesday th 16th of December 2008

Is holiday giving an obligation? - 14:21

A low dose of caffeine when pregnant may damage the heart of offspring for a lifetime - 14:21

Study links ecosystem changes in temperate lakes to climate warming - 14:21

Genes involved in antibiotic resistance vary within a species - 14:21

Pitt researchers create non-toxic clean-up method for potentially toxic nano materials - 14:21

Both theories about human cellular aging supported by new research - 14:21

Dark Energy Found Stifling Growth in Universe - 14:21

Real-time gene monitoring developed - 14:21

Study suggests warmer temperatures could lead to a boom in corn pests - 13:56

Researchers discover new way men can transmit HIV to women - 13:56

Seeing the unseen with 'super-resolution' fluorescence microscopy - 13:56

Aging brains allow negative memories to fade - 13:56

Evolutionary roots of ancient bacteria may open new line of attack on CF - 13:56

A catalyst for families: Experts comment on importance of Christmas dinner - 13:56

Hottest Stars in Delicate Embrace by Spiral Arms - 13:56

Call Stephen Michnick a gene grammarian - 13:56

'Don't drink and ride': Improving subway safety - 13:56

Study of placenta unexpectedly leads to cancer gene - 13:14

World fertilizer prices drop dramatically after soaring to all-time highs - 13:14

Researcher refining synthetic molecules to prevent HIV resistance - 13:14

Cookie cutter in the sky: Seeing the shape of material around black holes for first time - 12:51

K-State engineers helping develop energy-harvesting radios - 12:51

Economists: Ancestral history explains roots of income inequality - 12:51

Abused women seek more infant health care, study finds - 12:51

Researchers identify new anti-tumor gene - 12:51

Researcher identifies possible genetic causes of borderline personality disorder - 12:51

A sparkling spray of stars - 12:51

Scientists fool bacteria into killing themselves to survive - 12:51

Girls have superior sense of taste to boys - 12:50

New satellite data reveal impact of Olympic pollution controls - 12:50

Semiconductor revenue to fall again next year: Gartner - 12:14

Nation's first face transplant done in Cleveland - 12:14

First fuel-handling facility in the Galapagos earns environmental certification - 12:14

Solving a 300 year old geology problem using kitchen materials - 09:56

China reports bird flu outbreak - 09:56

Study reveals antidepressants most common medication for Australian women - 09:35

Fast, cheap melamine detector duo will outfox dairy frauds - 09:35

Researchers eye clean energy possibilities along Portuguese coast - 09:35

Australia OKs Facebook for serving lien notice - 09:35

Over 2T tons of ice melted in arctic since '03 - 09:35

Voriconazole: A highly potent treatment for fungal infections - 09:35

New study 'pardons' the misunderstood egg - 09:35

New method of scoring IQ tests benefits children with intellectual disabilities - 09:35

Oregon's Rogue River Basin to face climate-change hurdles - 05:49

Researchers revisit male bisexuality - 05:49

Toshiba to slash memory chip output due to supply glut - 05:28

In breezy Britain, wind farm cooperatives take off - 05:28

Obama unveils climate change team - 05:28

About 90 percent of all email is spam: Cisco - 05:28

SCRABBLE maker Hasbro drops lawsuit over online word game - 05:28