National Geographic

Thursday th 26th of May 2016

Now Is the Best Time to Spot the Space Station - 14:30

Hundreds of Greek Artifacts Are on the Move - 14:30

Wednesday th 25th of May 2016

The First Official Climate Refugees in the U.S. Race Against Time - 16:50

The Illegal Pet Trade Is Wiping Out Indonesia’s Birds - 16:50

A Road Trip Down Memory Lane - 16:50

Neanderthals Built Mysterious Stone Circles - 16:50

12-Year-Old Wins Geographic Bee in Nail-Biter—How Would You Do? - 16:50

Elephants Brutalized in Religious Ceremonies in India - 16:50

Tuesday th 24th of May 2016

The Toxic Toll of Indonesia’s Gold Mines - 19:20

To Rescue or Not, That is the Question With Distressed Animals - 19:20

Watch Europe’s Highest Active Volcano Fill the Sky With Fire - 19:20

Last Week’s Caption Contest Winners - 19:20

Starfish Baby Boom Surprises Biologists - 19:20

Watch Deadly Black Mamba Snakes Tie Each Other in Knots - 19:20

How Nile Crocodiles Are Bigger and Badder Than Alligators - 19:20

Monday th 23rd of May 2016

Brazil Seeks to Save Isolated Amazon Tribe Threatened by Loggers - 21:30

Crocodiles and Palm Trees in the Arctic? New Report Suggests Yes. - 21:30

South Africa Just Lifted Its Ban on the Rhino Horn Trade - 21:30

Watch Fuzzy Albatross Chicks Saved From Rising Seas - 21:30

17 Surprisingly Cute Photos of Turtles - 21:30

This Week’s Night Sky: See Mars and Jupiter Compete - 21:30

What Is Your Cat Trying to Tell You? Vets Weigh In - 17:35

Human Remains in Jungle Likely Belong to Missing Adventurer - 17:35

This Volcano Is Spewing Ash Nearly Two Miles High - 17:35

Ivory and Hornbill Smuggling Attempt Foiled - 17:35

A Cougar's Thousand-Mile Quest to Find a Mate - 17:35

Saturday th 21st of May 2016

Week's Best Space Pictures: See a Supernova's Glowing Ghost - 03:01

Arctic Foxes 'Grow' Their Own Gardens - 03:01

See Mars at Its Biggest and Brightest in a Decade - 03:01

Tsunamis on Mars? Splashy Claim Raises Eyebrows. - 03:00

Friday th 20th of May 2016

Want Humans on Mars? Start With a Martian Space Station. - 07:01

U.S. Demand for Premium Gas Is Going Up. Why? - 07:01

Poachers May Drive These 7 Species to Extinction - 07:01

Thursday th 19th of May 2016

The Anthropologist and His Old Friend, Who Became a Jaguar - 08:40

TripAdvisor Criticized for Promoting Animal Cruelty - 08:40

Wednesday th 18th of May 2016

Can There Be Too Many Eagles? - 10:20

Wildfire Evacuees Tell Stories of Hope and Generosity - 10:20

In the Netherlands, Empty Prisons Become Homes for Refugees - 10:20

Rare Nilometer Found in Ruins of Ancient City - 10:20

Deadly Brain Disease Is Driving Swamp Birds Insane - 10:20

Tough Love: Male Parasite Stabs Female in Neck With Penis - 10:20

Tuesday th 17th of May 2016

This Week’s Night Sky: Watch a Parade of Planets - 12:50

See Long-Hidden Photos of China’s Cultural Revolution - 12:50

Watch Mount St. Helens Giving Birth to 'Baby Volcano' - 12:50

Chile's Record Toxic Tides May Have Roots in Dirty Fish Farming - 12:50

All Aboard Nat Geo’s Caption Contest - 12:50

Bison Calf’s Death Shows Dangers of People in Yellowstone - 12:50

Monday th 16th of May 2016

World’s Smallest Porpoise Is on the Verge of Extinction - 15:01

Pepsi Presents Old Faithful? Not So Fast, Says Park Service. - 15:01

Searching For a Son Swallowed by the Jungle - 15:01