National Geographic

Tuesday th 19th of April 2016

Clean Energy: The Future is Here - 11:10

Beavers Returning to Sweden's Capital Can Be a Dam Nuisance - 07:30

Enter National Geographic’s Photo Caption Contest - 07:00

Monday th 18th of April 2016

Snake Myth Debunked Thanks to New High-Speed Video - 17:10

This Week’s Night Sky: See Jupiter’s ‘Water World’ Moon - 16:10

What Killed the Dinosaurs? Science Has Had Some Wild Ideas - 14:40

Animals Rule Chernobyl 30 Years After Nuclear Disaster - 14:10

No, Those Aren't Male Lions Mating. One Is Likely a Female. - 11:40

Controversial Railway Splits Kenya’s Parks, Threatens Wildlife - 07:41

How Wild Animals Are Hacking Life in the City - 07:41

Buzz Aldrin Hates Being Called the Second Man on the Moon - 06:40

Sunday th 17th of April 2016

Ecuador's Deadly Earthquake in Pictures - 11:30

Seized: 100 Endangered Sharks Sold for Food - 07:00

Saturday th 16th of April 2016

What’s Your Favorite Extinct Species? Scientists’ Top Picks - 07:30

The Western World’s Largest Coal Company Declares Bankruptcy - 03:11

These People Have a Mind-Bending Way to Navigate - 03:11

Is the New $100 Million 'Starshot' for Real? - 03:11

Feeling Overtaxed? The Romans Would Tax Your Urine - 03:11

10 Intimate Photos for Dolphin Day - 03:11

Snake Wine and Other Wild Souvenirs to Avoid - 03:11

In the Empty Arctic, How to Get the Job Done? With a Drone. - 03:11

How Much Do You Know About the Real ‘Jungle Book’ Animals? - 03:11

Warming Threatens the Great Barrier Reef Even More Than We Thought - 03:11

Inky's Daring Escape Shows How Smart Octopuses Are - 03:11

Week's Best Space Pictures: A Cosmic Spider Creeps Into View - 03:11

Everest Climbing Season Begins - 03:11

Quiz: What's Your Yellowstone Spirit Animal? - 03:11

These Beautiful Creatures Spend Their Entire Lives in Darkness - 03:11

Sacred Volcano in North Korea May Be Waiting to Blow - 03:11

In This Town, a Staggering Number of People Attempt Suicide - 03:11

Watch a Big Alligator Eat a Smaller One - 03:11

See the Devastation Caused by the Recent Earthquakes in Japan - 03:11

Tuesday th 12th of April 2016

The Forgotten Soviet Space Shuttle Could Fly Itself - 14:00

A Colossal Snake Dies Under Mysterious Circumstances - 11:31

Scientists Are Watching in Horror as Ice Collapses - 10:01

Monday th 11th of April 2016

Water Wars Threaten America's Most Endangered Rivers - 23:50

New U.S. National Monument Is First To Honor Women’s Equality - 18:10

Nice Shot! How One Photographer Captured an Iconic Image in Grand Teton - 16:10

This Week’s Night Sky: Watch Mars Reverse Its Tracks - 15:11

This Will Be the Biggest Dam-Removal Project in History - 14:10

Iraq Is Turning Saddam Hussein’s Palace Into a Museum - 10:50

This Snake Pretends to Be a Spider—and Catches a Bird - 08:00

Sunday th 10th of April 2016

Tiger Numbers Rise for First Time in a Century - 14:00

Law Enforcement Officer Fatally Shot by Suspected Poacher - 06:50

Saturday th 9th of April 2016

It's Almost Tax Day: Here's How Nature Files Its Taxas - 07:20

The Troubled Minds of the Rich and Famous - 06:50

15 Majestic Views That Made a Photographer Move to Wyoming - 06:50

Friday th 8th of April 2016

201 Years Ago, This Volcano Caused a Climate Catastrophe - 18:14

Climate Change Is Making Your Allergies Even Worse - 16:46

Week's Best Space Pictures: Mars Rover Spots Dust Devil - 16:46