National Geographic

Sunday th 15th of May 2016

Here's Why 'Birdbrain' Should Be a Compliment - 17:30

Death of One of World's Biggest Sharks Causes Outcry - 17:30

Saturday th 14th of May 2016

Why Life Is So Tough for Sea Turtles - 19:50

Friday th 13th of May 2016

The Campaign to Eliminate Hell - 22:00

Watch Divers Find Sloth Fossils in Underwater Cave - 22:00

Stone Knife and Mastodon Bones Point to Earlier Arrival of First Americans - 22:00

Week's Best Space Pictures: Smoky Trail and Solar Streamers - 22:00

Watch Moose 'Playing' Wind Chimes - 22:00

Famous Grizzly Bear ‘Back From the Dead’—With a New Cub - 00:31

Will Zimbabwe Sell Off Its Rare ‘Painted Dogs’? - 00:31

Millions of Orchids Are Blooming in an Abandoned Iron Mine - 00:31

China May Shelve Plans to Build Dams on Its Last Wild River - 00:31

Arctic Warming Is Shrinking This Adorable Shorebird - 00:31

Busting the Myth of Friday the 13th and the Knights Templar - 00:31

Mysterious Mounds in South America Are Likely Worm Poop - 00:31

Huge Prairie Reserve Expands With Purchase of Historic Ranch - 00:31

Thursday th 12th of May 2016

Canadian Wildfire Threatens Key U.S. Oil Artery - 01:40

When the Government Kills Wolves, the Public May Follow Suit - 01:40

World’s Oldest Space Pebbles Found in Australia - 01:40

Experts: Teen's 'Discovery' of Maya City is a Very Western Mistake - 01:40

Watch Clever Birds Solve a Challenge From Aesop's Fables - 01:40

Wednesday th 11th of May 2016

On the Ravaged Trail of Canada’s Monster Fire - 06:31

A NASA Telescope Just Doubled Its Haul of Known Exoplanets - 06:31

This Free Feast for 5,000 Was Made From Food Waste - 06:31

Tuesday th 10th of May 2016

Who Needs Males? Self-Cloning Females Heal Faster - 22:30

Pablo Escobar's Escaped Hippos Are Thriving in Colombia - 07:10

Roll Up to This Week’s Caption Contest - 07:10

In Egypt, Debate Rages Over Scans of King Tut's Tomb - 06:10

10 Bold Pictures of Bison, the New U.S. National Mammal - 06:10

This Week’s Night Sky: Catch the Moon Cruising by Jupiter - 06:10

Monday th 9th of May 2016

Rare Seal Pups Stranded on Shrinking Arctic Ice - 08:00

Sunday th 8th of May 2016

Without These Women, 'Man' Would Never Have Made It to Mars - 06:30

Photos of a Dictator's Peaceful Downfall, 30 Years On - 06:30

Making Booze With Rare Animals Sends Man to Prison - 06:30

Saturday th 7th of May 2016

Luxembourg Boldly Goes Into Asteroid Mining - 19:30

Schooled: Animals That Teach Their Young - 08:00

For Mother’s Day, 12 Too Cute Pictures of Animal Moms - 06:30

Luxembourg Boldly Goes Into Asteroid Mining - 06:30

Friday th 6th of May 2016

Ancient Reptile Ate Like an Underwater Lawn Mower - 17:30

4 Incredible Videos of Animals With Superpowers - 17:30

Military Labs Are Too Careless With Deadly Diseases: Report - 14:30

Meet the Cobots: Humans and Robots Together on the Factory Floor - 13:30

Stone Age Mother Found Cradling a Child in Shared Grave - 12:30

Watch a Live Feed From the Deepest Part of the Ocean - 11:30

Meet the Cobots: Humans and Robots Together on the Factory Floor - 11:30

Week's Best Space Pictures: A Magnificently Bulging Galaxy - 10:30

Rare Pink Dolphins Hang On in Urban Harbor - 06:30

Creative Things to Do With a Dead Body - 06:30

For Mother’s Day, Nat Geo Photographers Honor Their Moms - 06:30

Thursday th 5th of May 2016

Watch the Surprising Moment a Humpback Whale Feeds Near Shore - 18:31