National Geographic

Saturday th 2nd of July 2016

NASA's Juno Mission Risks Daring Plunge to Reach Jupiter - 09:31

Friday th 1st of July 2016

Shark Gives Rare 'Virgin Birth' to Three Pups - 09:41

2 Weeks, 4 Deaths, and the Beginning of America's Fear of Sharks - 09:41

The Surprising Connection Between the Philippines and the Fourth of July - 09:41

What a Toilet Shows About Life During the American Revolution - 09:41

Unexpected Canada: A Different Side of the Great White North - 09:41

Thursday th 30th of June 2016

See a Firework-Shaped Galaxy and Jupiter's Incredible Aurora - 16:21

See Captivating Photos of Refugees in a Converted School - 16:21

Cecil the Lion Died One Year Ago—Here's What's Happened Since - 16:21

Remember the Ozone Hole? Now There's Proof It's Healing. - 16:21

Amazing Things We’ve Learned From 800 Ancient Skull Surgeries - 12:52

Watch Elephant Charge Famous Conservationist - 11:21

Is Iceland Really Green and Greenland Really Icy? - 11:21

Wednesday th 29th of June 2016

We Can Now Tell a Person’s Age Range From Crime Scene Blood - 16:51

Antarctica Could Lose Most of Its Penguins to Climate Change - 16:51

Love in the Time of Tarantulas: New Spider Shocks Scientists - 16:51

Whale Sharks Move in Mysterious Ways: Watch Them Online - 12:01

Rescuers Try to Save Giant Blue Whale Trapped in Fishing Gear - 12:01

Too Much Light at Night Causes Spring to Come Early - 12:01

Tuesday th 28th of June 2016

Watch These Videos of Exploration Jobs You Wish You Had - 14:11

Rare Dinosaur-Era Bird Wings Found Trapped in Amber - 14:11

Dead Cubs, Illegal Baiting Lead to Bear Hunt Suspension - 14:11

Monday th 27th of June 2016

The Last, Best Refuge for North America's Bees - 16:01

Auroras Make Weird Noises, and Now We Know Why - 16:01

This Week’s Night Sky: Watch Jupiter and Uranus Sparkle - 16:01

Hong Kong Starts Countdown to Ivory Trade Ban - 16:01

Sunday th 26th of June 2016

Rattlesnakes Lead 'Hungry, Horny, Gregarious' Lives - 19:01

'Horrific' First Amphibious Centipede Discovered - 19:01

Four Tons of ‘Plastic’ Discovered to Be Smuggled Pangolin Scales - 19:01

Saturday th 25th of June 2016

Romance of the Seas: Strange Mating Habits of the Seahorse - 21:01

Vintage Photos Show Daredevil Mountaineers - 03:31

Orlando Strong: A Community United After Massacre - 03:31

How an Obsolete Copy Machine Started a Revolution - 03:31

Before Stonewall: Four Other Significant LGBT Rights Sites - 03:31

Sea Turtle Recovering After Being Stepped on and Beaten for Selfies - 03:31

Stonewall: Celebrating Diversity in Our National Parks - 03:31

Why Brexit Freaks Out So Many Scientists - 03:30

Friday th 24th of June 2016

Photos Reveal Ship Damage to Coral Reef in Shark Sanctuary - 06:11

How Chili Condoms and Firecrackers Can Help Save Elephants - 06:11

Forest Fires Can Heat Up the Whole Planet - 06:11

Mysterious Great White Shark Attacks on Sea Otters Surge - 06:10

See Neptune Sprout a New Dark Spot - 06:10

Thursday th 23rd of June 2016

Peek Inside Cat Mummies With New X-ray Images - 08:20

Ancient Stars Unleashed a Space-Time Tsunami Felt on Earth - 08:20

Wednesday th 22nd of June 2016

One Expert’s Better Way to Save Elephants - 08:01

Emu Flees Raging Wildfire in Southern California - 08:01

This Strawberry Solstice Moon Is the Last for 46 Years - 08:01

Jaguar Paraded at Olympic Torch Ceremony Shot Dead - 08:01

Animals Gone Wild: Nature Gets in on National Selfie Day - 08:01

Brown Bears Use 'Human Shield' to Protect Their Cubs - 08:01